BillO declares Trump CONSERVATIVE and DEFENDS HIM through entire interview with Ted Cruz!

Tonight BillO played the part of Trump’s surrogate during his interview with Ted Cruz. Before the interview had even begun he had already declared that Trump is a conservative, but not as ‘right wing’ as Ted Cruz. I made sure to include that part in the clip below.

He brings on Ted Cruz after this and then argues with Cruz after he points out Trump’s plentiful donations to left-wing politicians. BillO defends Trump, saying it was just part of doing business for him (sound familiar?). But even when Cruz pointed out Trump’s donations to Hillary’s presidential campaign, BillO still continued to defend Trump asserting the same Trumpaganda.

Of course Cruz handled himself very well, but BillO’s persistence in defending Trump was quite frustrating.

Watch for yourself:

It’s sad to say, but Cruz got a much fairer interview with CNN tonight. You can watch that here.

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