BillO goes NUCLEAR on Al Sharpton, accuses him and other race hustlers of wanting ‘lynch mob justice’ in Ferguson

BillO says he came back from vacation because he was so upset about how the shooting of Michael Brown was being reported in the media. And you could see his fury in his expressions tonight as he took the gloves off and went after Al Sharpton.

He showed video of Sharpton and even gave the mantra that is being chanted by Sharpton and other race hustlers, “no justice, no peace”. But BillO says the only justice they want is “lynch mob justice”:

That is why there is an investigation, and a grand jury and a trial process. But to the race hustlers officer wilson is already guilty. They have convicted him. Their slogan is “no justice, no peace.” I guess that’s lynch mob justice. Because those people will never accept anything other than a conviction of murder in this case. They don’t really care what happened. They want officer wilson punished…

But officer wilson is entitled to the presumption of innocence that we all have under our constitution, something Al Sharpton will never give him because Sharpton only cares about his own self-aggrandizement. And if he has to stoke racial hatred to get that, that’s what Sharpton will do.

You may not agree with everything BillO says in this monologue, but it’s one of the best I’ve heard him deliver in a long time.


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