BillO: I had to interrupt Sarah Palin – she wouldn’t answer the question

Bill O’Reilly wonders if his audience understands why he interrupts his guests so much, as he contends he does it when they refuse to give direct answers. For his example he uses a recent interview with Sarah Palin where she got upset that he interrupted her:

It’s interesting to me that Chris Wallace seems to think that his and Bill’s audience (that would be us) view these interruptions in a partisan way. I for one like tough questioning, even of people I like because I get a sense of how they react under pressure. In regard to Palin’s interview, she really didn’t answer the question directly as she gave a more “everything’s on the table” kind of answer and then diverted to something she else thought was important. And I didn’t think BillO’s interruption was all that intrusive but I do realize with a delay it can probably be frustrating.

That being said, sometimes newscasters like BillO want a specific answer too soon and don’t allow enough time for their guest to answer the question and that of course annoys me. BillO and Hannity are bad about that.

As a side note, and I’ve said this before, I wish Republicans would give more straight answers and quit fearing the very biased MSM. It would certainly raise their credibility.

(via Mediaite)

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