BillO: Palin’s numbers dropping because she won’t answer my questions

BillO strikes again, suggesting that Palin’s numbers are dropping among independents because she’d rather give a speech than directly answer his questions:

“The same thing’s happening with Sarah Palin. Her favorability amongst Republicans and Independents has dropped four points in a month. And the reason I think it’s dropping is because she’s not engaging. Y’know, when I had her on this program, I asked her some specific questions, she didn’t want to answer them, she wanted to give a speech.”

This is the second time BillO has taken a swipe at Palin after she chided him for interrupting her. I don’t believe that his correlation theory for her declining poll numbers is correct and attributing it to her giving more of a ‘ball park’ answer to his question seems a bit much. Besides, she hasn’t even declared her candidacy and polls don’t really matter right now. All of this will change if she announces and begins to campaign.

What seems fairly clear to me though is that he is using his bully pulpit to get back at her for that little comment she made a few weeks ago.

(via Mediaite)

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