Black pastor changes mind, now voting for Obama again

Rev. Emmett Burns, the black pastor that told his congregation that he would stay at home and not vote for Obama has completely changed his position on the matter:

Somebody got to him and I’d love to have been a fly on the wall to hear the conversation that changed his mind. Sounds like ‘black president’ had a lot to do with it.

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126 thoughts on “Black pastor changes mind, now voting for Obama again

  1. I agree with the Pastor. The gay marriage issue is a reason to change your mind about voting again for Obama. Simply put, this issue proves Obama will say or do anything, which includes FLIP-FLOPPING all the way around, and then deny it.

  2. Just like a gay or lesbian relationship that can not produce a child, It is doomed to IMPLODE. Coincidentally so is the Obama socialist adm… Just like Greece. Everybody taking and nobody giving is a failure, it sooner or later SELF DESTRUCTS. France has a 75% income tax. France is imploding and their economy is non-existent. What say you LIberal Loons.

  3. Please post on here the names of those black pastors who are supporting Obama besides Emmet Burns. I also would like email addresses if you have them. I want to write them and to try to get others on my blogs to contact them. BTW the other one that supports him is on TBN – T.D. Jakes. We need to boombard them with emails, calls etc. to call to question their betrayal.

    BTW, It is not just Romans, it also includes Jude 1:7,10 and other places.

    Please do this for me and I will get on the blogs and twitter, FB etc.

  4. Romans 1:32

    “Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.”

    He’s black, his congregation is black, and Obama is (1/2)black, that’s all the information needed for this guy to make his decision.

    This man has little if any conviction if he did he just sold out (and I bet he didn’t even get his 30 pieces of silver.)

  5. Saw this last night andI was a little pissed at Orielly because he had this guy on the ropes when the pastor agreed with Romney on the Marriage issue and the the Abortion issue, and then he started stumbling around when Orielly questioned why he could not support Romney and just stopped short of saying is was a RACE thing in my opinion.

  6. I made this (apparently) prophetic comment yesterday…Mr Burns proved me right.

    “…when it comes to politics, these days, hypocrites abound both inside and outside the church. They will abandon God at the drop of a hat if doing so will obtain for them some short-sighted gain. In the end, it [the gain] will accomplish absolutely nothing.”

    When it comes to choosing between immediate security and eternal security, a fool will always choose the former over the latter.

  7. Maryland is the California of the east coast Progressive movement under the stellar leadership of Martin O’Malley. O’Malley and Obama are joined at the hip marching the people into the abyss. Ego O’Reilly missed the connection of the dots:
    The AFL-CIO of Maryland supports the legalization of marriage for same-sex couples. The NAACP-Baltimore, SEIU 1199 of Maryland, Equality Maryland, ACLU of Maryland, Progressive Maryland, and Human Rights Campaign also were members of the broad and diverse coalition to pass marriage for same-sex couples.
    More reading for “The not so fact checked Factor”

  8. This is a good example of someone who sold their soul to the devil. Not to mention the their credibility. How could parishioners continue to worship at this anti-christian church is beyond me.
    As one blogger pointed out, the wrath of God will be upon us soon.

  9. forever the racist, poor black me, whites were alway’s their but I’m black oh woe is me.
    Apostate Creep, serving the flock to the secularist owned by Satan on the winds and bound by the obama chains .
    None are so blind as those who will not see.

    in the masters service

  10. Homey’s don’t be throwin’ one of their own under da bus. Unless Jesse or Al tell them to.

  11. Surprise! Suprise! Suprise!
    I think A.Sharpton and J.Jackson and Wright, set in the back row of his church, like wolves outside the gate, ready to pounch on the first sheep who tries to get out of the fence to find a real Christian Shepard, who would protect the flock from such animals as these.
    Let’s hope the flock in this Apostate Church will move to a new pasture, this one has the Liberal amthrax poisoning coming from the pulpit.
    figuratively speaking.

    Tea Party Patriot
    May The Living God whos name is Jehovah, lead them to the only light that brings salvation, and that light is not obama, but the Christ of God.

  12. There is 50% unemployment in the black community with the18-25 age range and the reverend’s think that obama has the correct economic plan? the point is, obamunist is black, and they will vote for him. Plain and simple

  13. The man decided he and his family wanted to live. Democrats don’t play small ball.

  14. Luke 17

    1 He said to His disciples, “It is inevitable that stumbling blocks come, but woe to him through whom they come! 2 “It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea, than that he would cause one of these little ones to stumble. 3 “Be on your guard!

    Rev. Burns is toast.

  15. Rev Burns has already used this same illogical reasoning to vote for Oblama the first time in order to ignore Oblama’s pro-abortion position. this is pathetic to watch

  16. Flip …….. Flop …….. what is new …. no spines no back bones….. just floppy fish …..

  17. Yeah, this was a very weird interview. I saw it live. What impressed me was that the pastor’s arguments were clearly very anti-gay-marriage, but yet — when asked — he stated that he had “changed his mind” and would be supporting Showbama despite then repeating his arguments against gay marriage. Quite the theological loser.

    1. Wow! Just Wow!!

      Truth is coming out….

      Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.

  18. Let’s look at the reasoning behind this sudden reversal. In reality, it’s both illogical and appalling and this so-called pastor needs to REPENT and ask God to forgive him for his wishy-washy pandering to a black president, who for all intents and purposes, is in bed with the devil and leading America down the path of decline and ruin even as we speak.

    Emmett Burns should be ashamed of himself. The Bible in James 1:8 says that “a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.” His previous noble position to distance himself from an immoral president is now undone by his sudden reversal and appalling decision to once again support and vote for a man who is considered a heretic of Christianity. Homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible.

    1Corinthians 6:9 “Do you not know that the unrighteous and the wrongdoers will not inherit or have any share in the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived (misled): neither the impure and immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor those who participate in homosexuality” [Amplified Bible] Obama’s endorsement of same sex marriage is in direct contradiction to the teachings of the Bible. By endorsing Obama, Emmett Burns has endorsed the sin of homosexuality. He is in danger of incurring the wrath of God because he has essentially endorsed the “sin” that Obama supports by his endorsement of Obama. And since he has apparently also told his congregation to continue supporting Obama, he is also leading his flock astray and God will judge him accordingly for his betrayal of the cloth.

    James 4:4 says: “whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.” Emmett Burns has decided to stick up for an immoral president and deny Jesus Christ who died on a cross for the sins of mankind. He should resign from his position as pastor and leave the ministry altogether because he is causing enormous harm to the cause of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for that matter all of Christendom.

    Joshua 24:15 “choose you this day whom you will serve.” You can’t have it both ways Emmett.

  19. You know, all joking aside – God is not mocked without consquences. I’ve heard so much outright blasphemy over the last few months that I can’t help but think of the destruction Israel has wrecked upon itself each time they ignore God’s Words. I can only pray that God’s grace continues to shine on our nation. I fear though, our time is short and our chances becoming fewer.

  20. You know, all joking aside – God is not mocked without consquences. I’ve heard so much outright blasphemy over the last few months that I can’t help but think of the destruction Israel has wrecked upon itself each time they ignore God’s Words. I can only pray that God’s grace continues to shine on our nation. I fear though, our time is short and our chances becoming fewer.

    1. I completely agree, but I don’t know how much more His justice can sleep. When one considers the choices we now face to be our next “leaders” I have to wonder if His justice is begining to be paid out?

  21. Jesse Jackson is envious. What a masterful piece of extortion. Great set up ‘Rev’. Absolutely textbook. Hope you made a killing.

  22. Oh shut up dude with that convoluted excuse! I never believed you in the first place. Take your twisted, fake religion and continue taking poor people’s “tithes” while you ride around in style. Barack Obama doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t care about the fact that black on black crime is rampant. He doesn’t care that unemployment is highest among blacks. You just let him continue to take you for granted. Hey Mr. PH.D, where is your brain?

  23. The Rev. Emmitt Burns, PHD (Piled Higher and Deeper) “I’ve heard from my base” through their emissary the Honorable Marion Barry, former Mayor of Washington D.C. and star in a major T.V. video, that my thinking needed to be tweaked a bit and I realized that with the right ‘lubricant’ it could be much smoother.

    Hope you’re swallowing my verbal justification with all those fancy words and flowing incomprehensible phrasings. I’m being truthful.

  24. Easily to see that Emmett Burns vote will not be because of the conduct of his character, or 0b0s’ either.

  25. Wow! This is ridiculous. I hope Black Americans can see through this BS even coming from the Rev. himself.

  26. Its been said, before, and for those that haven’t heard it, I’ll paraphrase it, here: liberals are liberals, before they’re anything else. They’re liberals before they’re Americans, liberals before they’re ethnic identities, they’re liberals before whatever religion they have. This punk is not a man of God; he’s no more that, than Wright is. I said there’d always be someone willing to sell out Jesus for a few sheckels, politics, or maybe 30 pieces of silver. Obama, even with the most cursory examination, is no more a Christian than Elijah Mohammed. His every belief runs counter to everything the Bible teaches, and yet people flock to him, falsely proclaiming he’s a “brother in Christ”. Even an idiot on this website said something to that effect.

    The personality cult of the DNC has completely degenerated and devolved into the lowest common denominator: a socialist, racial identity personality cult. Its all about Obama, just as it was all about Clinton, and later on, it’ll be all about somebody else. Whatever the cult leader says, goes. His word, now, has become greater than that of the word of God, Himself, and now we have demonstrable proof of this. The current cult leader has declared the Bible ‘unenforceable’…

    …unless its being used to buttress his own political positions, whatever it may be at any particular given time.

    …the cult leader has declared life does not have any particular value, until he deems it so…

    …that his own gospel should be spread throughout the world.

    …and that God has no place, here.

    As another saying goes, ‘every time you point the finger at someone else, there’re 4 more pointing back at you’. Blacks, like Samuel Jackson the violent criminal, crackhead and militant racist…

    …are only to eager to call Republicans and Conservatives (not necessarily the same thing, but Jackson’s probably to high to understand that) “…racists…”, and yet you see its the cultists the DNC that vote for people, sheerly based on the color of their skin. He’ll probably call black Conservatives (like me) ‘sellouts’, and yet I vote for people based sheerly on their adherence to the Constitution, and how much I believe they have the best interests of the nation, in mind. He’ll vote for someone, just because he’s black. They’ll call George W. Bush a racist, and yet totally gloss over DNC cult tagalongs like Louis Farrakhan, doing his black Hitler impression. They’ll completely ignore the racism that Obama says in his own voice, in his own audio books, about how much he despises white people. They’ll somehow claim we endorse violence, and yet they’ll patently avoid asking the “Occupiers” what political party they’re part of. They claim the Conservatives and Republicans are out to hurt people (especially ethnic minorities) by destroying the economy, to spite Obama, then they’ll turn around and say they don’t even support Obama’s stupid policies, because it affects their own profits: the only thing they really care about.

    Now, we have black pastors that exhibit all the negative behavior of people like Samuel Crackson, coupled with the un-Godly desire to politically promote a man that has no love for God, whatsoever, anywhere in him. This should serve as a graphic lesson as to the character of the average, black liberal, as well as the DNC.

    1. My head is spinning reading all of that…every word truth and yet still it doesn’t penetrate the leftist mindset. You are so right, if he ever had a heart to be a man of God, he proved he is NOT!

    2. 2Th 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
      2Th 2:12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

      there is a time when they will not be able to turn away and all the truth in the world will seem like gibberish to them….note C.S. Lewis last book in the Cro.of Narna…at the end the Dwarfs were unable to except the truth even when beckoned by Aslan Himself…i think you will see a lot more of this as the end draws nearer…

    3. This is so true.

      An apple tree can only bear apples. If it is producing lemons then there is a problem with the tree which should not be called an apple tree as a result.

      “By their fruits, we should know them…”

  27. Did Obama and crew have the mighty ole checkbook out again….this is so sad…He just keeps on keeping them down on the farm…Obama has no decency, period!

  28. If this man accepts what GOD does not AND he preaches from the good book I would seek another place of worship. I could not in good conscience support this pastor. If gays want to be together I can’t stop them BUT they should not redefine marriage. Just call it something else!

  29. IMO, its racism. No matter what this POTUS says or does it will be ‘rationalized away’ by those sharing the same common physical features. Blacks are just as racist as anyone else… racism is a human failing.

  30. Seriously… would any of you attend a church where the pastor condoned gay marriage?

    Talk about apostate churches… they’re selling their souls to win a few political points. The Lord will have a few choice things to say to them when the time comes. Be a God pleaser, not a man pleaser. Shame on them.

    1. I thought the same thing. Embarrassing! Another example of Obama and his followers spitting in GOD’s face!

    2. Nope. God has given each of us as a believer the Bible to guide us and the Holy Spirit for discernment. It’s our responsibility to live His will accordingly.

      That said, I believe those who choose to take the title of Pastor have an even greater responsibility to be sure they are living according to His will – and will be judged very harshly if they are a wolf instead of a Shephard.

  31. He doesn’t see a conflict with voting for dear leader who is not only a champion of same sex marriage, but also infanticide and the most anti life dear leader ever? He can be true to his Biblical faith yet still vote for someone who has openly mocked Christians, who mocks the Bible, who doesn’t understand who Christ is, who is anti life, a marxist muslim sympathizer and pro gay? OK. That’s between you and the Lord pastor, but I have to say, it saddens me more and more to see so many pastors who would chance to lose their souls to gain favor for a temporary dictator. God help you people survive if you ever end up living under the Antichrist’s rule- the way you’re acting, you might as well be the first in line to receive your mark.

    That was a quick turnaround- so yeah, I’d like to know who got to him.

        1. I’m sure privately they already did. That’s why he had to come back. Funny how he came back so quickly, but had no real reason why he did. Well, not so funny.

    1. The Bible says that in the last days there would be a great falling away….this man will stand before a Holy and Just God and give an account for every soul that will perish with him because of his love of this world over the love of God….unless…unless he repents, obeys the Gospel and begs his parishoners to follow suit. There will be much more required of him then those he leads to hell.
      We should feel heart break for him…………..I’ll try and muster that up….God help me.

      1. I know what you mean. I do pray for him and his family, but I hope in the heart that the Lord looks at, it’s not empty. Hard, so hard to pray for people such as this, but yes, we have to.

  32. This guy (Strike that) This Man of God would in clear conscience vote for the anti-christ, if he was a Democrat, especially a black one. But if he was a Repubic, He would have an Epiphany.
    The church used to be the hope of Earth, now I fear.
    I hope the antichrist doesnt see this, now he knows how to get the black vote.

  33. Somebody just dropped a big chunk of change in the collection plate.

    Not surprising. Tough thing leaving the plantation.

    1. Then Emmett Burns gave the money in the collection plate a toss in the air and said God take all you want I will settle for what hits the floor.

    1. I’m pretty sure I heard some while back that the Federal government was preventing States from purging their voter lists…….but lets pretend that there’s really no reason to.

  34. I wonder…..
    I wonder…..
    Wright was given an offer of $150,000 to be a whore.
    What do you s’pose this guy sold his soul for?

    1. Nothing, I’d bet. Someone just had to remind him that he was advocating for voting against a black person, and that was more than enough. Black unemployment is through the roof under Obama, liberalism has destroyed every inner city in the country, but that doesn’t matter: racial solidarity comes first, second, and third.

  35. Yeah, it was never off the table. What can they do to Blacks that they haven’t already done? Up the unemployment numbers, increase their abortion rate, drive them further into the entitlement society? And still 95% will vote for Obama. Why? Because he’s black. ‘Nuff said.

  36. it is hard to leave the Plantation….once a slave always a slave….just a different Master………The Demoncraps…..

    1. yup they are going to buck dance and shine shoes all the way to the polls to vote for obi and the demorat gods

      here is buck dancing

      1. he he ….if they can get up off the couch…thats a lot of work…you actually have to move lol

  37. If Barack Obama overturned the 15th Amendment, black Americans would still vote for him. It pains me to say this, but there isn’t anything Obama could do that would cost him the black vote.

        1. I really think he could make Holocaust jokes and still get most of the Jewish vote. I was talking with my mother the other day about Gov. Palin, and she said (I paraphrase), “It’s amazing… it’s like we’re inhabiting a different universe. The picture you paint of this woman bears no relation to everything I know about her.” No kidding.

        2. Jews in America, minus those actually from Isreal or that escaped the Holocaust, have no connection to their brothers and sisters in Isreal. They don’t see it as their land and for the most part I’d say they were ‘cultural Jews’

      1. That’s absolutely correct. As a secular Jew living in NY, with most of my family here, and with Jewish coworkers, I can tell you with great certainty that most Jews would vote for Obama no matter what he did. They get their information from the NY Times, CNN, 60 Minutes, and the like — they think the Tea Party is extreme and they buy every single misrepresentation and lie the MSM/Democrat Party complex puts out. That hidden LA Times tape could come out, and it could show Obama applauding suicide bombing, and still most Jews would find a reason why this did not mean what it plainly did. Believe me, it is the same across the land: at family get-togethers on the holidays, there might be frustration expressed about Obama, however, that will be followed up by “… but the *Republicans*… blah blah blah extremist blah blah blah Christian fundamentalists blah blah blah George Bush blah blah blah outlawing abortion”, etc. Almost always, there is one (on rare occasion two) a relative who knows what is going on, but the rest are basically lost causes. It’s infuriating, it’s comical, it’s… don’t get me started, man… 😛

        1. You’re correct on that assessment. My family is just that liberal and clueless for the same reasons, misinformation.

    1. No, he’s a sellout! I hope that the congregation ask him to step down because he no longer represent the views of that church.

      1. Actually, he said he changed his mind AFTER speaking with his congregation, who apparently are in support of gay marriage.

        1. You know just because he this minister has a PH.D does not make him right. Everyone knows that same-sex marriage goes against natural law and Black America needs to reject these ministers and Obama by refusing to go down a path clearly that clearly goes against most it not all Biblical teachings. We know Obama is a pseudo- intellectual who will do and say anything for money and a vote. But, these ministers need to be very careful when going down this sadistic path with Obama because I know they will lose credibility which is vital to a congregation. Moreover, it is really worth losing principles for an unprincipled, corrupt, and unethical President like Obama? The answer is a decisive and emphatic NO! Moreover, Hell NO!

          1. I’d say that the congregation has decided to just forget the God of the Bible and Jesus, who died for their sins, and worship at the altar of the great reptile who sits in the Oval Office. It’s all about this life, after all, isn’t it? Who cares what God says when we have god in our midst to tell us what to think.

            Apostates, one and all. May they find a rock to hide under at the Second Coming of Christ, for all the good it will do them. And may they repent of their wickedness before it’s too late.

              1. Because is spelled b-e-c-a-u-s-e, not cos.

                Your comment displays a lack of Biblical knowledge. Read the Gospels, the Book of Romans, Ephesians, Galatians, and other New Testament Epistles.

                The Jews of the day demanded of Pilate, Roman governor of Judea, that he put Jesus to death because they accused Jesus of blasphemy for claiming to be the Son of God. Pilate was not “intolerant,” but rather he was pushed into the decision by the demands of the people of Jerusalem.

                “Intolerant” is a term employed by liberals of today seeking to impose their own standard of what is and is not acceptable since they have no use for Biblical standards of right and wrong.

        2. His congregation politically supports “the black guy”, and that is all there is to it. Obama could support puppy dog appetizers and they’d all support it just to continue [to justify] their support for Obama based only on race.

          1. Some people vote based on economics, race, equality etc.

            For some people race of the President may over-ride their religious conviction or homophobia. The President can support gay marriage all he wants, he won’t be able to make it a reality without the support of the public and congress. Only the supreme can do that so it makes no difference in the end.

        3. He is supposed to lead his congregation, not just agree with them. I think it sounds like the Chicago THUG machine (ie the Obama administration) has gotten to him! They rule by intimidation and they could not allow this man’s announcement that he was going to stay home in November, based on principle, to stand, particularly in the black community!

          1. His congregation pays him $$$. So if he wants to continue $$$, he better hold the line.

            I hate that he changed his mind, but I can respect it.

            He seems to be honest about it.

      2. Sa_________y what!, I can’t believe it that he changed his mind!! I was afraid of this, I’m guessing he got a phone call from the President, the President’s staff, or some other pastors opened up a can of persuasion. NOTICE, he couldn’t even LOOK STRAIGHT into the camera! What happened to the fear of the Lord? When Jesus threw out the money changers, he didn’t come back a week later and say, “man I over reacted and I really didn’t mean to say and do what I did”! Back to making excuses for the President and back on the “Blind leading the blind trail” I am upset, do these people even read the bible? You don’t vote for someone because of the color of their skin, but by their integrity, which this president has none! Also, the content of their character and he’s void of that too. I’m appalled, now we got pastor’s flip flopping! Moses told the people of God, who’s ever on the Lord’s side stand over here! Who’s report are we going to believe? Pastor Ememt Burns, God’s word says,… Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness , but rather reprove them. I’m disappointed in your decision to back track your statement, it is a let down to the Christian community and causing confusion to the younger generation, God is not the author of confusion.

        1. I hear ya! The problem is that many of these Miniters are listening to Obama and he is leading them down a road to hell. This man has no morals and we see that when he lays whenever it is convienent. This is troubling because the religious leaders in the Black Community have a great deal of influence on the parishers. But these reliigious leaders are going against religious teachings nd this is shameful. So the younger generation must learn to think for themselves and not be pulled in by leaders who have really shown where thier real loyalties lie: not with Biblical teachings btu with a lying President.

          1. That’s so true! Although I am African American, I consider myself an American period. I am from a large family , who came from the deep south and both of my parent’s shared with me all the horrible things that had to deal with in the South and it was the Democrats who were in office, I haven’t forgotten that. Also I like history, I read a lot and let God do the filtering:) My parent’s never poisoned us with racism, so when I turned 18, voted for Ronald Reagan, I made my own decision based on my understanding of right and wrong even-though I wasn’t a Christian at the time. I am upset with minister who are in the lime light, that people have a lot of respect for. I called a few, that are very popular and asked them why they have not spoken about this situation, some made excuses!, I even called pastor Emmet Burns who at the time, condemned President Obama and I’m sadden but not surprised by his sudden flip flop. I thought that this would have been the warning light that would have awakened most black American people, but most people have let their lamps grow dim and refuse to look through the light shinning, revealing and exposing the darkness right in front of them! It’s God who they need to look to (Psalms 121) and not this lying President!Every opportunity I get, I talk with my adult children and my grandchildren, I always taught them to be fair, strong , honest and not be ashamed to voice their opinion, especially when asked, thank God that they listen to their heart. This President, runs the White House like a bunch of Mafia racist brats with a blank check! That’s why I refuse to roll over, although a lot of people believe that kay sur rah sur rah ( whatever will be, will be!) But I’m going to fight the fight of faith and try to be a light and this world. God have mercy on us! Thank You, “Marketcomp!”

            1. Just know that you are not alone here! On RS we are from different backgrounds and races but of same or similar ideology. Black Americans are so blinded by race that they cannot see when they have been played! I mean anyone, and I do mean anyone who listens to an adulterous, Jessie Jackson, and a race bater, Al Sharpton, have given up their moral values a long time ago and this is troubling for Black Americans. You can chalk it up to lack of education but many in my family did not have college degrees and only a few graduated high school but they know biblical teachings and understand that particular aspects of life, such as homosexuality, is just illogical and flat wrong regardless of how the intelligentsia tries to spin it. So when the Prez comes out in support of gay marriage now it’s acceptable and we are suppose to ignore an essential and important part of biblical teachings, which coincides with natural law, that homosexuality and modern-day same-sex marriage is acceptable? This is ridiculous! That’s like saying its OK to still or commit adultery and when we all know that both are clearly and absolutely wrong under any circumstance. But leave it up to the intelligentsia and they can manage to nuance any biblical teachings and have many believing that its right when we know it’s wrong, like the Obamas! We have to reprogram and reject this idiocy. I am not a democrat and feel the way you do about the dems running the South during Jim Crow era in their efforts to hold back and entire race of people because the color of thier skin and their own insecurities. By the way, I still consider Clinton the first Black President. At least we know he was born in Arkansas! 🙂 Keep the faith!

    2. I would love for some of these interviewers to ask the “race voters” “So what components of the President’s platform do you most support and why?”

      I bet 75% would have no clue

      1. “Well I like that thing in front of him with the round picture, you know the thing between his two clear flat screens. And that thing he stands on that makes him look big, I like that too”

      2. You know they’d say something vague about the rich getting richer or something they heard from the lamestream.

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