Black Trump supporter STABBED in Portland, CNN withholds the facts, says COPS tear gassed ‘peaceful’ protesters

In the all-night riot and battle with police in Portland from last night into this morning, there was plenty of violence. If you read CNN’s report, you’ll think it was the police who were out of control. And you definitely won’t know who stabbed who.

“One person was stabbed in downtown Portland early Saturday morning, police said, after another night of protests saw tear gas used on the crowd,” opens a CNN report posted on Saturday. “The crowd” it says.

Here’s that “crowd” in case you missed it.

Let’s keep reading.

About 11 p.m. local time, people began shaking a fence while other people shot fireworks over it. Police then “attempted to disperse the crowd using various munitions,” the statement reads.

Federal agents also began a more forceful response to push the protesters back. Bright flashes and smoke filled the air along with the sounds of loud explosions.

“Shot fireworks over it” is how they put it. Shot fireworks AT THE COPS more like.

They say “a more forceful response”, putting it on the cops again.

Go on, CNN. Keep talking. We dare you.

Live video feeds showed federal agents dispersing tear gas and flash bangs from behind the heavy metal fence set up as a barricade between the justice center and protesters.

Remember what actually happened while you’re reading this ridiculous account.

Here’s some barbecue sauce for ya.

Before the tear gas was released, a CNN team saw a large crowd of peaceful protesters chanting “Black lives matter” and waving the flashlights on their cell phones in the air while listening to speeches.

Just flat out lying about what precipitated the tear gas. The “peaceful” protesters waving flashlights was HOURS earlier, CNN.

So, what about the stabbing? Andy Ngo has the story. Not to mention, the actual guy who was stabbed.

So there is video, there are eyewitnesses, there’s the actual victim account, and there’s a police report. White ANTIFA rioter stabs Black Trump supporter. That’s what happened.

Here’s what CNN said.

At around 2:30 a.m. local time, police received a report of a stabbing at Southwest 5th Avenue and Southwest Salmon Street, at which point medics on the scene provided first aid to the victim, who was then taken to a hospital by ambulance, PPB said.

One suspect was taken into custody and the investigation into the incident is ongoing, the PPB statement reads.


Enemy of the people? Y’all, I used to think it was irresponsible to say that. But the evidence is in. The prosecution rests. CNN is not for America. They’re against it.

Here are the specific reporters who put together this piece of propaganda, and I’m supposin’ they’re very interested in feedback:
Lucy Kafanov, Leslie Perrot, Jay Croft, and Artemis Moshtaghian.

By the way, here are a couple of sample tweets from CNN’s intrepid “news” reporters.

Next time y’all are wondering whether the right exaggerates about CNN’s sick bias, just remember this.

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