Black Twitter is absolutely obliterating Shaun King with brutal and hilarious mockery

Black Twitter is so mercilessly mocking Shaun King that his name was trending number ONE in the United States today.

So what happened is that a black Instagram influencer by the name of “Brother Nature” got beat down in a pizza stop. He was upset that people recorded it but nobody helped him.

Apparently the guy who did it posted the video, and people are accusing him of just doing it for the clicks:

And that’s where Shaun King swooped in with his Liam Neeson impression to act like he’s gonna save the day:

Well Black Twitter went wild on him because he’s been accused of cheating money out of these causes in the past. And it’s pretty hilarious:

I mean, that’s his reputation now. And when Black Twitter tags a supposed “black activist” as a scam artist, there ain’t no comin’ back.

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