Blatant racism and bigotry within the NAACP – UPDATE: Racist woman resignsUPDATE: See new update.

via I really wonder how many black people really feel this hatred toward white people, so much so that it would keep them from fully helping a white farmer who is losing his business. According to Malik Shabazz, she certainly can’t be racist because she’s just fighting against the oppression that white farmer has over her. Yeah…uh huh.

I tell you though, the way she uses the words “his kind” when referring to taking the white farmer to a white lawyer, hoping that ‘his kind’ (white lawyer) will help him (white farmer), is quite disturbing and reminds me of the kind of hatred borne in those who refused to desegregate – or those who burned crosses. How is she any better than those she hates?

But notice her moment of enlightenment, when she realizes it’s not about racism so much, but rather it’s about class warfare. The haves vs the have nots.
Kinda like going from the KKK to Marxism. What a change! Hope and change! Wow.

UPDATE: Shirley Sherrod, the woman in the video above, resigns after she was exposed by Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government earlier today. While I don’t think that was the intention, I don’t think she had much of a choice. The intention was to expose the double standard of the NAACP by calling out the Tea Party for tolerating racism, while it does the very same thing! Oh, I’m sorry, I almost forgot. Black people can’t be racist. So I guess there is no double standard now is there…

UPDATE: I have a new verdict. Check it out here.

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