Blinken won’t rule out negotiating legitimacy with the Taliban, won’t comment on Biden leaked transcript, is told he needs to RESIGN

In testifying before the House today, Secretary Blinken wouldn’t comment on the leaked transcript of Biden trying to get the former Afghan president to pretend, for the sake of narrative, that they were beating the Taliban:

Blinken also wouldn’t rule out granting support or ‘legitimacy’ of the Taliban government, saying if they want the US to recognize their legitimacy or give them support, they must allow for free travel:

In his opening statement, Blinken stated that they still expect the Taliban to keep good on it’s promise to ensure freedom of travel:

None of this would be necessary if our Coward-in-Chief hadn’t run from the Taliban like a little girl. He surrendered to them and has now put himself and the US in the worst position ever, which is trusting a horrible terrorist organization will keep their word. It’s really unbelievable when you think about it. Worst president ever.

Blinken also lied about Trump’s negotiations with the Taliban, presenting a false choice once again:

As we pointed out before, the deal Trump made with the Taliban was contingent on them making peace with the Afghan government, otherwise there was no deal. It’s a complete lie to suggest Biden had to stick to Trump’s deal. But that’s what this administration does best is lie.

This whole thing was a disaster from beginning to end and Lee Zeldin sums it up very well, telling Blinken he needs to resign over all of this:

UPDATE: I knew there was a clip I left out. Blinken suggested that around 60,000 of the Afghans they brought to the US were not part of their SIV program:

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