BLM in Minneapolis: “I don’t want to say that we need to go start killing all white folks, but maybe they need to feel the pain and the hurt”

Ami Horowitz went to Minneapolis this week to interview BLM protesters before the guilty verdict was reached in the Derek Chauvin trial and he got an earful of anger and hate. Not aimed at him, of course, but aimed at white people in general.

There were two girls at the who even went as far to say that killing white people in a civil war context would be justifiable because “maybe the need to feel the pain that we’ve been feeling for years.” It’s unbelievable. (h/t: GWP)


Everyone Ami interviewed yesterday said they agreed with burning down the city, even if they didn’t themselves want to participate. Which they were probably saying to keep from incriminating themselves. But it was striking that they all felt burning down the city was an appropriate response to a verdict they didn’t agree with.

Several also wanted to do away with due process and the court system entirely, saying there didn’t need to be a trial and that Chauvin just needed to be convicted as is. Some even believed that street justice would have been appropriate for Chauvin.

And of course there’s the two girls musing about killing white people.

Seriously, can you imagine a country run by these people who believe that killing white people equals justice? They are so filled with lies and hatred that something akin to the Rwandan genocide happening here doesn’t sound all that far fetched. And that’s crazy, but that’s where it feels like we are now.

Watch the video for more…

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