BLM mob threatens reporter to STOP filming them or they’ll break his camera

A Star Tribune reporter was in Minneapolis tonight filming the BLM mob as they marched, when they began threatening him if he didn’t stop filming:

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this. Remember when two mobsters from Black Lives Matter in Wisconsin beat up a gay Democrat who was on their side for filming them? They want to destroy the city without consequences, so they are bullying some of these reporters to stop filming them.

And in this case it worked, sadly:

I don’t blame this reporter or any reporter for backing off. It can be very scary when a soulless mob begins to target you.

I just have one question for the mobsters and the media. If all these ‘protests’ so peaceful, then why do these BLMers resort to these tactics? Why are they so afraid of being caught on camera just peacefully protesting? It can’t be because they might be seen with Black Lives Matter and lose their job or something. Because society has embraced the movement. Companies everywhere have made supporting BLM a part of their business.

No, the reason is what we mentioned earlier. They want to burn and pillage and not get caught; they want to destroy without being destroyed. They are cowards who can’t actually make a compelling case for their destructive, marxist movement, so they lie about cops and use violence and force to cower people into submission. It’s despicable and if it doesn’t get stopped, the mob will come for all of us.

(By the way, the photo at the top was from a video he shot a couple hours earlier. I don’t know if these are the people who eventually threatened him or not. Just pointing that out to avoid confusion.)

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