BLMers, leftist media claim police tasered black man and he died falling off bridge — but here’s the video proof they are WRONG

It’s tough being a cop anywhere with the radical leftist media.

Over the weekend, a London man died after a confrontation with police.

Now before getting into the details, I want you to read this from the Independent and then watch the video and see what you think about their description:

A man has died after he was Tasered by police and fell from Chelsea Bridge into the River Thames.

Officers were called to reports a man was armed with a screwdriver and shouting at the location just after 9am on Saturday.

The IOPC, the police watchdog, said the man aged in his early 40s had died in hospital, and that an independent inquiry was under way.

Footage posted to social media reportedly of the incident shows a man in a confrontation with police.

An officer fires a Taser at him and he falls to the floor before attempting to get up. He is then Tasered a second time and also a third time as he tries to pull himself up from the road.

The man then gets to his feet, runs away from the officers and hurdles a barrier before falling into the Thames. An RNLI crew was scrambled to rescue the man and he was rushed to hospital, where he died.

Met Police confirmed the man’s family have been informed of his death.

Now here’s the video and an explanation by Andy Ngo:

In my estimation the London police did nothing wrong here. They tased the combative man first because he was brandishing a screwdriver and threatening them with it. After dropping the screwdriver due to the taser, the man recovers and lunges at police again as one of them attempts to handcuff him. After being tased a second time, the man recovers and still refuses to submit. It’s hard to tell if he was indeed tased a third time, but he clearly runs to the bridge and jumps off.

The Independent saw this same video and still made it sound like the officers did something wrong, claiming the man was trying to ‘pull himself up off the road’ and then ‘fell’ off the bridge after being tasered. It’s despicable framing, because the man attempting to fight the officers while resisting arrest. And he ended up jumping off the bridge himself to evade police. It’s horrible that it ended up this way, but the officers did nothing wrong here and don’t deserve to be smeared this way.

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