Bloomberg campaign TROLLED by bizarre prank that is now TRENDING on Twitter

OK, so try to follow me on this one it’s a little weird.

There’s a weird story out on social media that the Bloomberg campaign put out this really dumb video of people singing in support of his presidential run, and then fired the guys that made it when it turned out to be an embarrassment.

So the campaign tried to get out the word that this isn’t from them:

So now they’re pretending that they were fired from the campaign:

And the other guy “quit” from a campaign he wasn’t really on:

Then he posts this “proof” that the thing was orchestrated:

But I mean, anyone can just type that out.

And now people are tweeting under the hashtag as if it actually happened and they are outraged:

And now it’s trending:

Soooo. That’s happening. Pretty clever. And pretty funny. Will it make any difference at all? Likely not. The only way this gets bigger is if the Bloomberg campaign stupidly responds. Then it becomes a huge news story. If they ignore it, it’ll just be a stupid curiosity that died on Twitter….

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