Blue check blames TRUMP supporters for Capitol attack before ID, finds out she’s wrong, then BLAMES THEM AGAIN ANYWAY

This is a one thousand percent PERFECT example of everything that the left ever says or does. They make an assumption and accusation that’s wrong, then find out they’re wrong, then just stick with it anyway! It’s how they do EVERYTHING.

In this case, it’s a brand new account with stock photos for the profile images, somehow verified even though Twitter says verification of accounts is closed, who is a doctor and just happens to be a leftwing activist go figure. And when the attack on Capitol Police happened she managed to have a worse take than Ilhan Omar. That takes EFFORT, y’all.

First, she says that Trump “insurrectionists” are attacking.

Then, as we know, it turns out the killer is a follower of Louis Farrakhan, of the Nation of Islam.


“Earlier I made a tweet, in my misjudgement claiming today’s attack on the Capitol was done by Trump supporting insurrectionists,” the freshly minted blue check tweeted. “This wasn’t the case, however Trump and his supporters have denigrated the sanctity of the Capitol building and laid the ground work for future attacks”

Then she followed that with a direct accusation anyway. “If Trump supporters didn’t storm the Capitol on January 6th, today’s attack would have never happened,” this genius wrote.

“Trump is responsible,” she said. “Republicans are responsible.”

Even when we’re not to blame, we’re to blame. I’ve never heard a better and more in tune example of left wing “thought” in all my years.

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