Bob Beckel smears military for “attacking Obama”, accuses them of TREASON

The Five ran a segment today on the military members who are risking reputation to voice their concerns about how the Obama administration is endangering national security with these political leaks. And of course leftist hack Bob Beckel twisted it and smeared the military members involved, accusing them of alleging that Obama is intentionally putting the military in harm’s way, going further to call “attack” on the president was almost treasonous.

As the segment came to an end, Bob then said this:

If I were them – I assume they are out of the military now – they ought to take their benefits and go home.

That earned a sharp rebuke by Kimberly Guilfoyle, telling Bob how inappropriate and disrespectful that was, that he was also making inaccurate accusations. Beckel responded that he was “happy to make them”.

Bob Beckel just sunk to a new low.

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197 thoughts on “Bob Beckel smears military for “attacking Obama”, accuses them of TREASON

  1. Bob Beckel is a stain on the show’s credibility and he should never bad mouth the military who are currently melting in120+degree temps with 60-80 pounds of uniform on their bodies, not counting the weapon. Bob feeds off his own bitterness or bile and says what he pleases with no obvious regard to what may bounce back and smack him. I would really like to see someone who can see someone else’s point of view, only his.

  2. did Bob ever serve in the military, i am sure he is a draft dodging lib tard that takes his freedoom of speech for granted. Go snort some more coke you loser Bob your a piece of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Beckel is not “rite brite.” He got bopped around one time to many by his drunk of a father. It may be that Beckel’s father was conservative. Beckel gave his soul to hell a long time ago, it seems. I was hoping he would see the Truth, but it seems he is blind to the truth and will not look around as to what is really going on. Bob is loyal to the wrong people and these people are liars and deceivers. Bob has fallen for it lock, stock and barrell. He is spending the last part of his life for people who are trying to destroy this country.

  4. Bob Beckel seems to be making unintelligent comments towards the Americans who care about the lives of our military. Including those in the armed forces. The truth should not be covered up. What is Bob Beckel trying to hide by bad mouthing our military who are trying to save lives. He should be ashamed of himself.

  5. Attention deficit disorder…afflicts more politicians and media than ever before. Special operators were a small, tight knit ‘community’. I was part in the 70s to present. After being almost disbanded under Carter, until Desert One, it became the ‘ticket puncher’ job. All of a sudden there were ‘experts’, however, those who gave their lives, families, health remain part of a brotherhood. There is nothing that will ever break the Tip of the Spear. A fat civilian commentator who has a well paying career based on the lives of others needs to be taken seriously. His ilk will only grow as time passes as each generation is weaned on his ‘truths’, and those who serve are downsized.

  6. Consider the source! Beckel is nothing more than an old worn out political hack. His brain (very obviously) has been fried by decades of addiction to drugs and alcohol. We the taxpayers have paid numerous times to dry him out, but it never works – Beckel is big fat ugly (inside and out) toad without the intelligence of a toad.

  7. After Bob B.’s second ‘foul mouth’ slip, I wrote to Fox and I will not be watching The Five if he is on. When he is ‘on vacation?’, I like watching The Five. I also include Alan Combes in my ‘No Watch Fox’.

  8. After Bob B.’s second ‘foul mouth’ slip, I wrote to Fox and I will not be watching The Five if he is on. When he is ‘on vacation?’, I like watching The Five. I also include Alan Combes in my ‘No Watch Fox’.

  9. Bob is the gift that keeps on giving. WE need him on the panel to PROVE how radical and out of touch liberals are to the WORLD.

  10. Ya you go Bob I want to see your fat butt say that to the seals faces. Anyone who would take anything this fat ex druck and druggie says seriously needs more help than he does. He always sits on that show telling how he was so proud of his drug years or least he acts like he is. Of course he fits right in there with our druggie president. Both have very few brain cells left. I love how Bob talks like he can just kick everybodys butt. What I really feel sorry for is his kids who have to sit there and see there dad defend his abuse of drugs and booze during his life then has the nerve to talk about others. What a loser, Fox needs to can his big fat butt. While they are at it get rid of that racist Geraldo as well.

  11. I stopped watching The Five because I cannot stand Beckel’s vile attitude. He can’t debate his differences with the others. He has to call names because it is his only defense.

  12. I’ve also wrote to Fox and asked that he be removed from the Network. There is one mistake in this article. The columnist stated that Beckel sunk to a new low. Bob Beckel has alway been this despicable. Why would Fox think it’s a good idea to put this fat worthly POS on national TV. He represents NO ONE watching Fox. Please join me in a movement to rid the planet of Bob Beckels!

  13. Beckel trashed Bush every chance he got, and now suddenly he’s worried about “disrespecting the President of the United States” any time anyone says anything negative about the Imam in Chief.

    I get so disgusted by him and by Sean Hannity every time Hannity says what a nice guy Beckel is. Nice guys don’t talk like he does.

    Beckel is a liberal hack who half the time doesn’t know the facts and the other half the time knows the facts but lies about them because he’s an evil Marxist troll.

    Open invitation to Bob Beckel: I, small-time blogger and “uneducated” conservative will debate you anywhere, any time, on any current political topic. And whip your foul-mouthed Beltway butt.

  14. I won’t even watch this show because Bob Beckel is on it. I don’t find him even mildly amusing.

  15. I like the commentators and entertainers on Five. However, when I turn it on and see that Bob Beckel is part of the group, I switch to the Fox Business News. I can’t accept his vulgar demeaning comments.

  16. I like the other commentators but as of today, if I turn it on an Bob Beckel is on the Five, I switch to the Fox Business news.

  17. This man takes his liberties for granted, and Thinks and I repeat the word Thinks that Freedom is in Perpetuity as does obama and his crew. They Think that because its not right there happening in their own front yard or in their house that “it won’t happen to them”, as they have yet to be in any of the Combat Boots of any of our soldiers, and for them to understand what it means to this day We Hold These Truths to our Country our Constitution is Nothing More Than Treason!

  18. Dear Mr Beckel. I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution when I joined the armed forces and I have done so to the best of my ability to include places where the enemy didn’t just shoot off their mouths as you have a tendency to do. There was no expiration date on that oath! My faith in this country extended to protecting it and people like you that lived under its sovereignty regardless of their race, creed, political persuasion, or as in your case, biased, and hateful arrogance. Your comments, as usual, reflect the contempt you have for anyone that fails to share your pervasive, “Hurray for my side” ignorance. If I may just for a moment stoop to your level, I have two words for you: Jennie Craig. Now, how about just sit down and shut up!


  20. Bob Beckel is a useless liberal puppet. He will carry the water for his liberal gods until the cows come home. It is hard to believe that anyone could be so ignorant or stupid to simply spout the same old liberal mantra day after day after day. He needs to stay off the tv circuit and get a real job an try to be a productive citizen instead of a leach.

  21. This wanna bee needs his ass kicked. He’s used to bullying the ladies and Hannity. He lets his wide girth lull him into a feeling of false security like he’s some bad ass. Which he is not. He’s an alcoholic and a drug addict.

  22. Obama is the one who is committing treason. Did you ever see how he salutes the military as he leaves his plane? Very unaccomodating salute. AND he is cutting back our defense bill at the most crucial time in our country’s survival against terrorism.

    1. I notice that everytime. Problem is, he never served his Country………well THIS Country anyway. So that salute does not come naturally to him.

      The disrespect he shows makes me sick!

  23. TREASON?! That would describe the LEAKS and LEAKERS, Beckel boy.

    These men are all retired, and they did NOT divulge top secret, sensitive, or secure information. Also, as they are retired, they have the RIGHT, as outlined under the First Amendment, to speak out against these heinous leaks, as well as to speak for those who cannot: the active military and other US intelligence personnel and their families, not to mention those overseas who HELPED US.

    Beckel is a disgrace. He is a sexist (watch the segment last year when Sarah Palin was on), a bigot, a loud-mouth who CANNOT control his tongue (how many f-bombs have you let out on LIVE TV, Bobby-boy?!).

    Fox – please suspend him…..indefinitely.

  24. More evidence that Fox is slowly morphing into a liberal joke among those who left all the other shows because they had so many pukes on their staffs. Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, Alan Colmes, Geraldo, Obama’s mug on numerous occasions EVERY DAY, and on and on. If Fox Bleeped off all Bob’s F-Bombs, the show would only be a 1/2 hour show. I doubt if he was ever in the military because nobody would want to be in front of him if he had a gun. They would always be worrying about getting shot in the back.

  25. Treason?… An alcoholic, POS, Beckle is’nt qualified to carry a piss bucket for the men and women that clean these folks uniforms much less attempt to discuss their accomplishments and Patriotism! He believes he must trash American Heros to Protect his punk As$ Canidate for the highest office in the world? He is despicable and must GO!! The young Turks have a spot for him now that the Bozo over there is gone. There he can spew his puke at a place where it can be appreciated… along with the other 8 viewers!!!

    Note to Mark Levin: Time to disavow the trash, personal friend or not, he crossed the line!

  26. Bob, isn’t it comforting to know that a veteran can hear you say that, be mightily offended and yet you don’t fear for your life? Every single one of us is a better man than you and that includes our women.

    Jerk !!!

  27. Why is fox news putting up with this ultra liberal progressive. Who spews hate every chance he gets, and uses profanity to push home a point.
    Judge Andrew Napolitano was ousted from his show by Fox for doing far less then what Bob Beckel has done. This I don’t understand!
    We conservatives need to send a message to Fox to get rid of this jerk and send him packing to MSNBC where his hateful and illogical rhetoric will be welcome.

  28. Now this offends me beyond sanity! The f word does not make me so angry. It is time for Beckel to be gone! Dispictable person!!!!

  29. I hardly ever watch the five because I can’t stand beckel. I mean so much that even watching to look at Guilfoyle, Tantaros and Perino doesn’t trump him. What a piece of garbage. I didn’t even watch the clip. He wouldn’t last an hour in this mans army. Treason, they only person close to committing treason is bo and his unconstitutional ways of ursurping the Congress when they don’t agree with him. Pure garbage.

  30. I watched the original segment. Keep in mind that this comes from someone who has “never served.” He has no standing in any argument, present or past, concerning our military. I think Fox would be better served with one of their other left leaning hosts than Beckel. He reminds me of the bar room loudmouth that always starts a fight. If that’s sobriety, then Beckel missed something at AA.

  31. What I heard is that, tired of Valerie jarred mommy-ing President pencil Neck the first three times the hit set up was reaching perfection, Pannetta got Obama to agree that the next time the possibility went over 51% likelihood of success, the decision to go could be made in HIS absence by one of the generals if okayed by Pannetta.

    Obama, caught between sucking his thumb and clinging to Valerie’s dress and the world of men, agreed to the arrangement. Valerie was not let in on this deal. The understanding was that, if the op went wrong, the Obamanoid could blame the failure on the General.

    Went to conditions on May 5 indicated that success was possible, the General called a go, Pannetta agreed, then sent for the ridiculous President, spending another day on the golf course.

    The reason why Obama was still dressed in his golf clothes is that they SS took straight from the 8th hole to the situation room to prevent .the bed wetter from conferring with Valerie.

    The reason his was sitting on the floor is that no one really gave a shit whether he was in the room of not.

    At this point in the story of this foul slime, anyone who support this yellow coward moron is a traitor. That’s just my book.

  32. Man I hate that guy. I’d like to drag him into the back alley and kick his ass to Timbuktu.

    No one believes that Obama is making the leaks in order to put the soldiers’ lives in danger. However, getting positive PR in the press is top priority and any collateral damage is worth it. The same thing with “Fast and Furious”, except in that case dead Mexican bodies were wanted.

    Obama is the most dangerous man in the world right now….and the most corrupt in my view.

  33. “Swift Boating.” The leftoids still seem to think that the haughty John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) was some kind of hero because he put himself up for three Purple Hearts for Band-Aid wounds.

  34. Kimberly you can rest peacefully–I believe there are many OPS out here who have
    your back—Beckel tread carefully on our friend

  35. So Beckel thinks it’s a good idea to trash people who are experts at blending in, making people disappear, then disappearing themselves….

    LOL, good luck with that.

  36. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the segment, but please tell me one of those other people on the panel took him to task and defended our military? And tell me which one just finally decked that pos.

  37. He may draw viewers but at the same time Bob (the blob) Beckel is sending many viewers away, me included. I no longer watch FOX News and will not as long as Beckel, Williams and Powers, etc are on FOX. It is way past time to tell everyone on the left to GO TO HELL! Why does anyone on the right watch anyone on the left???? Our dollars make these cable channels run. Enough of us write FOX maybe they will get the idea that we will make sure their viewership goes way down. No appeasement whatsoever for those on the left. We are at war. We must annihilate the left. Take no prisoners.

  38. what a drunken fat-fuck, suspender-wearing piece of garbage. He’s just scared because he knows that those who know how to handle a rifle are on the right side of history. What a piece of garbage. Please, someone give this fat-fuck my address.

  39. i thought this,” has been”, was banned from fox for his f-bombs? what a joke this country is becoming with these idiot’s allowed too reign free!!

  40. Beckel has no clue what treason is. No suprise. You can’t expect a liberal to understand anything in the Constitution.

  41. FOX! Get rid of that BECKEL or I won’t watch FOX any more. I’ll switch to FBN!!! I can’t stand this Boshewik Red Neck anymore -PERIOD-

  42. But it is okay when members of the military speak out against the war, George Bush or anything that supports the liberal platform…that’s not treason, huh Billy Bob???

    I think Bob is hitting more than just the bottle. He can take his “f**k yous” and go back home. Idiot.

  43. In all seriousness, is it possible this guy is hitting the bottle again with all he has said and done lately?

  44. I really like The Five. I DVR it in case I’m not home at 5 o’clock. But when I heard Beckel say that the Special Ops guys should take their benefits and go home, I immediately checked Beckel’s biography and found he was in college in 1968. That means he could have served in Vietnam if he had chosen that course. Some of us served, and the Spec. Ops guys served heroically. Beckel thinks they shouldn’t give their opinions of Obama’s actions that endanger the military.

    But you should, right Beckel, although you never served. You go take a hike. I want to hear guys who earned the right to talk about Obama’s boasts about Bin Laden and the half dozen leaks from the White House that puts our military in danger.

    1. I forgot the part when he turned to Miss Guilfoyle and said that the SP OPS men were close to treason. I loved Guilfoyle’s reaction defending true heroes. By the way, I’m sick of leftists’ referrals to the Swift Boat Officers. Everything they said about Kerry was 100% true. A Texas millionaire offered 1 million dollars to anyone who could disprove one word of their charges and no one has come forward to try. Read “Unfit For Command” and see for yourself. What a pack of losers, Gore, Kerry, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, and on and on. It sure isn’t the Democrat Party of grandpa’s day.

  45. I’m sure these leaks coming from Oblowme’s administration led to the deaths of those 30 American’s including 22 Navy SEALS from Team 6 in Afghanistan.

    Obama is a traitor, he sold American troops out for a Hollywood movie.

  46. As a veteran of the Korean War I deeply resent the leaks from Obama which caused deaths
    in our foreign service…This administration has shown nothing but disrespect for guys risking their necks to keep the likes of Michelle and Zero in opulence..Beckel is a huge disappointment if he sides with this sorry bunch of cowardly egos who want to capitalize on the deaths of the real warriors..Pox on him…

    1. I wonder when FOX is going to hire a veteran in stead of just running commercials about who other companies out to hire?

  47. Beckel sinks to a new low every time he opens his mouth. I’m glad I missed this show or I’dd probably be replacing a tv!

  48. I would like to see that fat a-hole talk that way face to face to these PATRIOTS. You got that booby, they’re patriots?! Not like you, some dumb as a rock invertebrate slithering along a sewer.

  49. I’ll bet you a dollar to a doughnut that Sweet Ol’ Bob (SOB) has NEVER served a day in the uniform of any of our military services……any takers?

    1. I heard him say that he did a “tour of duty” (his words) with the peace corp in the Philippines, I bet that was hard duty in the cathouses and bars. I am guessing, I was about 800 miles a little futher to the West about the same time, different type of duty I sure.

      1. Oh you can bet on it. That or he was off with the billy boys! We were at Clark 69-71 so I know exactly what you’re talking about. My dad was about 800 miles further to west all of 66, and was going in while we were at Clark, unbeknownst to me until a few yrs. ago. Glad I didn’t know back then.

      2. I guess the phrase “tour of duty” has a certain ring to it…maybe he thinks it gives him credibility while he’s slamming military personnel. He’s a loser in my book.

    2. He didn’t. I checked it out as soon as I heard him say that the Spec. Ops. guys should take their benefits and go home and then said they were close to treason questioning Obama. He worked for Robert Kennedy’s campaign in 1968 while in college. That means he was of an age for Vietnam, but he never served in the Armed Forces. Don, Reg. Army Infantry in the sixties.

      1. Not only didn’t he serve, he was well immersed in the anti-military movement in the late sixties/early seventies and defends it readily. He calls it ‘anti-war’. However, per my memory they had no problem spitting on, marching against and cursing at our vets coming back home after being drafted so I’m comfortable calling it anti-military.

  50. Why does this worthless leftist mutt Beckel even have a seat at the table of The Five?
    Oh yeah. . . a true example that puts the spotlight on the demagoguery of the left. . . I call that fair and balanced !

    1. FOX certainly isn’t what it use to be. I use to get upset , Pissed off, even tried talking myself into boycotting them for changing, BUT I had a better idea, watch the likes of Beckel, Sally Kohn, Allen Colmes and any other libs on FOX such as Shep Smith and his nutty crew of “LAWYERS” that hang out on his set for his complete show, this way I can keep an eye and ear on them and LAUGH at their hypocritical, pompous ass like foolish ideas and remarks. Remember the old saying, (not sure who said it first), “KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE, AND YOUR ENEMIES EVEN CLOSER” !

  51. His body language comes across almost like he could care less… Like he is on his way out or at least like he got a good butt chewing for his uncontrollable mouth.

  52. You know Beckel needs a Greyhound Ticket to The Looney Bin!! He is totally unhinged…HEY FAT BOY are those Suspenders attached at the BRAIN STEM??? You know Ailes….How much longer between the F-Bombs and the vicious words are they going to tolerate??? Okay I will be writing Fox as well…I have had with this Pillsbury Doughboy with a Foul Mouth….and Hannity stop telling people Beckel is a nice guy…HE IS A NASTY, PARTISAN HACK with the Manners of a Chicago Thug!! Oh yeah no wonder he loves Obama! Go Military!! I love the PAC of Military professionals coming out against Obama. Hey Beckel…the MILITARY IS SWORN TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION….not turn a blind eye to a PRESIDENT THAT HAS NO RESPECT OR REGARD FOR IT!! They work for us not the President!

  53. Why is joe biden’s brother still on fox, this guy is a loon, who has no respect for the sacrifice our brave men and woman of the military go through so that he can go out there and be free to ridicule himself every day, I am serious we have to start writing to fox to have this clown out of fox.

  54. No Bob. They are blowing the whistle on treason. Big difference. Aim your “treason” pop gun a bit higher.

    1. When she first came onboard I wasn’t impressed, but I knew she had been married to that idiot Gavin Newsom and figured she was just like him. A couple yrs ago she actually started sharing her values and she’s VERY conservative. I gained a whole new respect for her back then. She puts Beckel in his place whenever she needs to.

      1. I felt the same way. Until today. I’ll be tuning my ears a bit more closely to this young lady.

  55. Fox gives Beckel a platform to spew his venom night after night…
    I do not know but at a certain point it is no longer his fault but Fox’, they should be ashamed to give a voice to this vile POS!!!
    That is why I stopped watching TV, on one side you have the PRAVDA and the other spineless commentators….

  56. when you start making fun of our military like he did, shows what a commie pos you are.

  57. Amazing how Obama has no problem leaking information and endangering our national security – yet he will go to hell and back to make sure HIS college transcripts and personal records are SEALED!

    Edit: Sorry, I meant to post this on the previous thread. See what happens when I get all frustrated!!! 🙂

  58. Sorry gang, since I don’t watch the five I asked for Scoop to post it (not sure if that was the reason or not).

    We can all express our outrage here, but wouldn’t it be more effective to express our outrage at Fox? Here are the best contacts I could find. Let’s send them LOTS of e-mails! If anyone has better contact info, let us know.

    1. Almost everyday he has to apologize for something, and the sad part is that fox, doesn’t take it seriously by suspending him, or firing him, the only way fox is going to remove him is if the ratings go down, so I will do what I can, which is not watch.

  59. I so wish Fox would get rid of this big fat worthless pig. Actually get rid of this segment all together and bring back Beck.

  60. I could believe that obama didn’t release sensitive military information intentionally….that shows everyone how much obama doesn’t knows about our military forces. He really has no clue about military operations. He just doesn’t know anything about our great military and how he is jeopardizing military operations, military personnel, and their families with his carelessness.

  61. I think Beckel is having a breakdown and needs to be Jesse Jackson Jr’s III ‘s roommate at Mayo

  62. This was not the only thing Bob said on this show that offended me today on the show. He also would not chastise Biden for the “chains” remark that was said yesterday. Isn’t there anything he would think was wrong with any Democrat anymore? Biden’s remark was a new low for me, and I am wondering if this has torn apart this nation. I am tired of the race card being played so often recently.

  63. He’s like the wrassler who plays the “bad guy.” Somehow the ref isn’t looking, and he pulls something out of his trunks and hits the “good guy” with it.

    Fox’s audience will start looking like pro wrasslin’ soon. Half cardboard cutouts.

    I haven’t watched Fox in many months now. Over the the last five years I’ve gone from watching it daily to never turning it on at all. The only thing I can stomach is Red Eye, and that’s kind of irritating, really. (Except the “leg chair.”)

    1. I was a Fox News junkie from about 1998 until 2007 or so. I stopped watching O’Really, and Hannity a long time ago. I watched Beck when he was on, but since he left I haven’t watched much. Greta is the only one of the remaining bunch that I can stomach. Even though she’s a self professed liberal, it doesn’t show in her reporting.

      1. I can’t stomach any of them on Fox any longer, although I used to watch Fox all the time. Do have to disagree with you about Greta. Her bias is very obvious.

  64. Obama called President Bush unpatriotic, so why didn’t any of the five cast call Bob out on this?

  65. Please Scoop, I’m begging you…. I know this slime’s comments sometimes have made some chuckles and reinforce for those who might have wondered, just how much of an a$$ he is, but please, after this….. please don’t ever show this piece of crap in human skin ever again.
    Normally, I could care less what these “people” have to say, because it all goes in one ear and out the other anyway- but this is just too freaking much anymore. The dear dictator has done more to put our troops in harms way than anyone else in history, has done some mighty disgusting and I will say bordering on treasonous actions, apologizing to the enemy, giving aid to the enemy while our precious boys and girls are still over there and around the world in potential harms way….
    And this asshat has the stinking nerve to say those SEALS and others who have VALID concerns about leaks which have come from the white house, that THEY are the treasonous ones?! Woe to those who call evil good and good evil… please don’t show this evil jackwagon anymore, or at least until maybe he has a complete personality change.

  66. bob beckel and juan williams has their own out look on life they are honest in ther belives good people

  67. I’m tired of talking here, about that fat piece of horse crap. I’m contacting FOXNews, and letting them know, directly, how I feel as a military man.

  68. Since Beckel is starting to do these outrageous things on a daily basis, I’m starting to think it’s part of their programming (Cue to segment #4, Beckel says something, anything, insanely sick, Guilfoyle cries for the need to apologize, cut to commercial).

    I’m not watching The Five anymore, as it appears to be okay for this to go on. Let the ratings tell the story to Fox. The Five is starting to seem disjointed anyway, and usually breaks down into a jumble of chatter rather than any kind of discussion.

    Oh, how I miss Beck at 5:00. Just two simple letters turns a show from being informative into being disfunctional (Beck => Beckel).

    1. Just two simple letters turns a show from being informative into being disfunctional (Beck => Beckel). Extremely well said.
      And everything you said about the 5pm slot… right on
      We have some awesome people on this site … and you’re one of them… I enjoy reading your stuff… thanks for this.

  69. Bob Beckel is a devil worshiper (metaphorically speaking) . Did you see the darkness in his eyes at the end of the clip though?

  70. Hey Beckel, if there is another terrorist attack in this country, thank your lucky stars that our military will lay down their life to save you!

  71. As long as the FCC dosen’t fine Fox for his f-bombs that’s their business. But when this A-hole made the comment about the military, that was the last straw for me. I emailed Fox asking why they haven’t fired him yet. I wish you will do the same. Father of a Afghan., USMC combat vet.

    1. Land… no don’t…. keep him on. I’ve said it before… we need these vile scumbags on FOX to contrast with decent conservatives… to remind us constantly who Democrats really are and what they stand for. It motivates us to fight even more for conservatism so the country won’t completely fall into the hands of millions of Beckels. Beckel does his job wonderfully. We are not like them. They want to silence people they don’t like. We want their stupidity vented in full sunlight…. that’s the conservative response.

      Oh… and p.s. Obama’s not necessarily being subversive for the Marxist cause. He’s doing it for the Umma to advance the Muslim cause. He’s a crypto Muslim.

  72. Bob says,”The idea to suggest that the President of the United States would leak intelligence information and jeopardize people in the field is close to treason.”

    Well Bob, HE DID.

    Bob you can take those benefits and shove em up you’re ASS.

    1. I would say the act of leaking itself is treason, but I know, if caught, Obama would declare the leaked info as declassified material to protect himself and would get away with it.

      1. I’m so angry right now I have steam coming out of my butt.I read some comments on the other page when he had said it but until I actually watched this pig oink it out of his snout it didn’t fully register.I need to take a few before I reply or scoop will have an extremely legit reason to revoke my privileges.Sorry good friend.

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  73. Why rid of this guy and bring somebody in like Doug Schoen or Pat Caddell? At least they are sensible liberals!

    1. Because Caddell would just add a mist around what liberals really are. Not that I dislike Caddell… he’s very outspoken against the progressives in the Democrat Party. But Caddell is old-school Democrat… someone with creds and scruples… even if he did work for Carter. But having him on as a regular would leave the false impression of what Establishment Democrats are like.

      No… Bob Beckel is the new Democrat establishment type. Vile, unscrupuous, unethical, grossly ignorant and living in lala land.

      No… keep him where he is… out in the open. The contrast with the others is instructive to show what Democrats are.

      And btw… I have no respect for any Democrat now. The malfeasance and subversive and traitorous behaviour of this current administration and the radicals surrounding it should be a wake up call to any decent Democrat. So why are they not sounding the whistle? Because they are part of it. They are like the moderate Muslims whose dissenting voices are oh-so-non-existent. The same goes for Democrats. The contamination has thoroughly set in.

  74. In the first place, if I’m not mistaken Bobby-boy never served. So what would he know about military service or leadership. Answer not a damn thing. As to treason, this administration is rife with it. So STFU Bob. And FOX needs to dump that old weasel in file 13.

          1. Rush Limbaugh…..This will definitely drive the left bonkers, and will be one of the great pick-ups if Fox were to get him. What say you?

  75. I am glad I turned my television off. Why add to my electric bill when I can watch it here. They really should get rid of him. I have worked long hours the past few days but know he’s said the F word a few times.

    Does anyone know when Hume’s interview with Paul Ryan will be on?

    1. you can watch the interview here at rightscoop scroll to the bottom I think the whole interview was there.

  76. Scoop, love your curation choices, but am wishing we’d see less of Beckel’s stupid frothings.

  77. I wrote to them – Bob must go how many vile things willbe tolerated Fox News do something

    No mention of Stars Earn Stripes why what is Fox afraid of

    1. But from a business perspective this can draw viewers. This show has consistantly high ratings. He would be very difficult to replace. But it is getting to the point that FNC will have little choice but to discipline or fire him.

      1. Uh – Beck had higher ratings … What happened there? We cannot be “nice” to the left anymore. No. More. Beck had to go because he was telling the truth (imagine that!). When is this BIG guy gonna go? I will not watch this show because of him. He says he is a recovered alcoholic… You could have fooled me! You are changed 180 if you work the Steps – and towards a more kinder, gentle personality. HE IS A DRY DRUNK and a miserable human being. I definitely don’t want what he has!

        1. He has a larger paid audience than many cable shows still. Some nights he was the highest rated show even at the awful time of 5:00. HNL also had big ratings with him.

          But Beckel is interesting most of the time. He has to be part of the draw to this program. I almost never agree with him but he is entertaining. He would be hard to replace is all I am saying.

          I pay to watch Beck the only “TV” I pay for I do not get FNC, CNN or anything else hardly just the networks.

          1. You forget about the other FOUR people that have real heads on their shoulders on the Five. However, I do not watch them because of the most obnoxious person on Fox News- BOB BECKEL. Hearing he is supposed to be a recovering alcoholic explains some of this. Alcohol kills brain cells and his certainly are restricted if not absent.
            Why Fox tries to be Fair and Balanced is beyond my reasoning. We have All the other channels bending far Left, why can’t we have one straight Right? We all know you can’t trust news persons that slant the news. Give me the facts and I’ll slant them anyway I want, thank you!

      2. How about standing on principles

        Fall seven times, stand up eight.- Japanese Proverb

        Life is not about how fast you run
        or how high you climb
        but how well you bounce. – Vivian Komori

        Do not let what you cannot do
        interfere with what you can do. – John Wooden

      1. Stinks

        Fall seven times, stand up eight.- Japanese Proverb

        Life is not about how fast you run
        or how high you climb
        but how well you bounce. – Vivian Komori

        Do not let what you cannot do
        interfere with what you can do. – John Wooden

      1. I quit watching Fox too. Used to watch Hannity but can’t stomach all the rabid lefts’ rhetoric and their shrill rudeness. Never liked O’Reilly. Beckel is disgusting! That pathetic moron has a home to go to because of our military. Beckel owes these men, who risked their lives for this country, an apology.

      2. I watch the shows but I agree on O’Reilly he is always making excuse for the democrates. In the shows biginning years ago he was good but he turned to dang liberal for me. He is a closet liberal he tries to hide it but it comes out.

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