Boehner to Rush: Latest deal is 1.1 Trillion in cuts, 1 Trillion in debt increase

Earlier today Boehner called Rush to give him the details of the latest deal that will be offered to Obama:

First Round:

  • 1.1 Trillion in cuts – recommendations made by 6 members of each chamber, occurrence of cuts to be determined – cuts will be non-defense, real and not accounting gimmicks
  • 1 Trillion in debt limit increase
  • Will last until next April

Second Round:

  • There must be a vote on Balanced-Budget Amendment

Watch the segment for more details and analysis:


UPDATE: Changed to reflect that in the second round there must be a vote on Balanced-Budget Amendment instead of the Cut, Cap, and Balance.


UPDATE: Here is more detail on the Boehner plan from Fox News.

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