Boehner walks out on Obama debt limit negotiations

Ok this is the best news I’ve heard all week. Boehner has ended negotiations with Obama and won’t even take his calls anymore. He’s decided to only negotiate with the leadership in the Senate because he just can’t work with Obama anymore. This is Boehner’s letter to his colleagues (PDF) in the House explaining what happened.

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve gained respect for Boehner today. I’m not predicting the future on what he will do but it is important to applaud him when he shows his backbone against the Marxists in the White House.

Now, Obama decided to hold a press conference at a little after 6PM EDT to basically trash Boehner for leaving negotiations with the White House. He laid out details of their negotiations to spin it in a way that makes Boehner look like the bad guy. Of course, what would we expect? But instead of making you listen to excerpts from Obama’s press conference, I’ve got Mark Levin’s reaction to it instead where he cuts through the crap of what Obama said during the press conference:


He also had the amazing Rep. Jim Jordan on in the very next segment to discuss Obama’s press conference and the ludicrousness of Obama’s demands:

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