Bolton: America should never be in a fair fight, we should always dominate

This is exactly why I love John Bolton and one of the reasons I would have voted for him as president. He understands what makes the world safe and when it comes to spending levels, he believes we should invest more in defense because when we are at our strongest, the world is at it’s safest. Now don’t confuse that with nation building, which he is against. But when he’s said in the past that we need to get rid of the wasteful spending and then reinvest that money back in defense, he was serious. Because as he points out here, his philosophy is that America should never be in a fair fight, that we should instead always dominate.

Here’s the clip:

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72 thoughts on “Bolton: America should never be in a fair fight, we should always dominate

  1. What the heck did he say- “There’s no doubt there’s fraud…of course there is…it’s a government agency!” STOP RIGHT THERE.

    1. Oh yah, and Franklin Graham is a KKK Grand Dragon [rolling eyes]

      Winston, you can’t throw mud on the wall and expect it to stick every time.

      If this is what you’re talking about:

      Seems to me that Bolton is assuring the people of Iraq that America is putting forth efforts to help. Although admittedly I still don’t know the full purpose of this speech, my feeling is Bolton was there to reassure and nothing more.

      Now if you can provide further information about your accusation….please do!

  2. It really depends on what is meant by “cuts”. As long as the cuts don’t hamper the US from fulfilling it’s Constitutional roll of providing for the common defense of the US, then the cuts COULD (notice I said could and not should) be seen as being justified. The problem is and where I think the ex-Ambassador is wrong is labeling threats from one country against another country, a perceived threat, or some other treat concoction is somehow a “problem” that the US military has to deal with. Why? Where does it say in the Constitution that the US will come to the defense of an ally? By some estimates we have 370,000 troops on bases in over 150 countries other than the US. Are all these bases and troops needed to fulfill the Constitutional roll of the US military in providing for the common defense of the US? I don’t know; maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. I think we need to seriously take a look at the cost in lives, dollars, resources, etc. to the US and decide if it’s worth it anymore. I for one say it probably isn’t.

  3. You guys (and this whole site really) make me laugh. For all you pie-in-the-sky types who get teary-eyed at the thought of Bush/Cheney in office just remember that the biggest domestic assault this country ever endured happened on their watch. What’s that? It was really Clinton’s fault? OK, I’ll tell you what, how about I give that to you as long as you allow the current economy to be blamed on past Bush/GOP policies. Again? OK — you say that the last part of Bush’s tenure in the WH was marred by dirty, rotten Libtards running the Congress. I’ll let you have that too, as long as you admit that the GOP-Tea Party currently running the House has directly led to this country’s credit downgrade and economic malaise. Make up your mind, this guy Bolton is a lunatic. I dare you run him for Prez…the majority of this country will pass on this fruitcake and all of the contrarian positions most of the readers of this site embrace.

    1. What? Is this a joke? Are you joking?

      It took months to plan 9-11,what with Planning, recruiting, flight training school without take off and landing instruction, and the CIA and FBI not communicating to keep Billy’s butt safe. It took a lot longer to plan than the 8 months and a few days that Bush was in office. It also was in addition to many previous attacks by the Islamists including an attack on the World Trade Center. Clintons fault? He should have been aware of what was happening just as Bush should have been, but that wall of silence between the FBI and CIA, well it’s hard to have adequate information when the president’s administration mucked it all up.

      The economy went down and deficit went up about the same time Democrats took both houses and Pelosi said she was going drain the swamp in 2007. Look it up.

      Obama and the dirty, rotten Libtards (your words) have added a trillion dollars each year to the debt ever since Obama took took office, and until the beginning of this year had control of the executive branch and both houses, that means republicans had no power to do it. It’s not hard to figure out, think about it.

      Bolton is not running for president, settle down, don’t worry, there’s nobody in Washington that has any power that is willing to do their constitutional duty of keeping us safe. The fruitcake is already running the country having elected him three years ago.

      Thank you for making this argument so simple. Since you gave me most the points.

      Go back to sleep Rumpelstiltskin, There’s probably a tent in your local park.

      1. well said toon. May we just add a couple of things? Let’s not forget WHY we had the CIA and FBI not communicating. Jamie Gorelik anyone? Janet “let’s burn out the men woman and children” Reno’s assistant created that neato wall, so the feds couldn’t amass info on their slick chief who was too busy acting like an over hormonal schoolboy than a commander in chief.
        The same Gorelik who later sat in JUDGEMENT on the 911/commission, the same Gorelik who with a lot of other ex clintonistas who flocked over to fannie and freddie for some top paying positions and made off with millions before the meltdown.
        The same liberals (don’t like that term tards) who led by Bawny Fwank and Chris Dodd who basically said, “Everything’s cool! It’s those evil republicans who want more regulations so those poor people who make 20 grand a year won’t be able to afford a 450 grand house! Everything is fine, we don need no stinkin’ regulations!”
        All of this and more, on top of what Toon has said. Good grief, I’ve had it with these ignorant maroons.

        (Sorry Toon- don’t mean to vent on your comment 😉 And you certainly don’t need my spewing about it either.)

        1. I was trying to keep it simple for him, I’m sure he was already back to sleep by the time I commented. Nothing wrong with a little passion. 🙂

          1. I probably was asleep…it was late. But enough of the personal attacks, toon! I’m glad I found this site. Some of the bizarre comments (especially about Soros and the New Black Panther Party) are enough to make me re-evaluate my own “conspiracy-minded” beliefs. I mean, I don’t want to sound as crazy as some of the commenters on this blog!

            1. Why are you afraid to debate? You have a soft spot for Soros and the New Black Panthers? Are you afraid because you think I am white? I have friends both white and black and we discuss, even disagree on political subjects. Come on, lets debate. I promise no more sarcasm.

      2. toon, like your avatar…but your unwillingness to take the GOP to task for any failure of their discredited policies is asinine. I made it easy for you cause I already knew what you were going to say. All you wingnuts say the same thing every single time. The complete inability of the GOP and their zombie-like followers to take responsibility for ANYTHING is enough to discredit them in most sane people’s eyes.

        1. Erich, What a sense of humor you’ve got. The Tea Party, which was all about taking the government to task, was demanding that both the GOP and the Donkeys stop spending money that we don’t have, it was about not growing the government. I don’t think you’ll find a soul here that blindly supports the GOP. You didn’t argue the tenets of the GOP…oh wait , yes you did, with yourself…no matter, my friends here and I will agree with you if you use facts to back up your accusations. You are right though, conservatives all tend to say the same things, and we use facts to back them up.

          You came barging in here attacking and wildly accusing everybody and then ceding your own points. I think your kind of lucky you got even half of a reasonable response, you certainly didn’t deserve one. However being the caring, sweet, cuddly little fuzzball that I am, I am willing to let you come back and have a debate on the merits of democrats vs. republicans. I will agree to a fair criticism of the GOP if you will agree to acknowledge the democrats part in all of this.

          Lets start with what you have against the Tea Party….

    2. I was never a big fan of Bush (especially his last term) so I won’t rehash that stale month old bread, but what specific “GOP-Tea Party currently running the House” policies has led to the credit downgrade and econmic malaise?

    3. Do you have a brain? I’m sorry- it’s late and I’m crabby, but that is the most asinine comment I’ve read in a long time. Go learn some things, then maybe you’ll be taken a little more seriously.

      1. Reason doesn’t get very far with you guys. Hey, I stated my peace. You guys refuse to take responsibility for any failure in public policy that you promote. The GOP-Tea baggers currently in Congress won’t lift a finger to address any issues that might possibly help the economy because then it might make Obama look good. I’m not even an Obama fan but, come on!

  4. John Bolton is always the smartest man in the room. If only he could have gotten some support to run for POTUS he would have had my vote. He speaks the truth no matter what. Great American.

  5. Unfortunately, I think our military is going to be put on the chopping block more and more every year. Liberals will not give up social programs or reduce the size of government, and Republicans like Boehner make stupid deals that reduce conservatism in government and increase liberalism. Like the debt ceiling increase. Obama got his debt ceiling increase, didn’t get his tax hikes. Republicans didn’t get a balanced budget amendment but we did get a PROMISE to cut the budget by a small portion over the next 10 years…which is what the super committe was supposed to hash out the details over. Yet, the libs used it as an opportunity to demand the tax hikes instead of the cuts that were agreed to, which would give Obama a 100% win and conservatives a 0% win. Yet, the libs blame the Republicans because they switched the purpose of the committe from looking for cuts to looking for tax hikes. Anyone want to bet whether or not Boehner gives in and we don’t get our cuts?

  6. Aren’t we already the best? What military in the world can match our capabilities? Do any even come close? China may have numbers but we still have an overwhelming technological edge. Any massive troop movement they attempt on us will have to cross the Pacific Ocean, and that makes them easy targets for our military.

    1. That’s considering we have a CIC that gives a rats hairy behind what happens to America. bammy fights allies, not enemies.

    2. Yes, Brian, we are the best. A professional fighting machine the world has never sent he likes of.

      The issue (to me) are the silly “rules of engagement.” If the high command in WWII had told George S. that he couldn’t chase the enemy into a Mosque because it’s considered a “shrine” you’d of been able to hear him screaming in the US.

      Search & destroy; nothing left but rubble.

  7. Obo is a paper president. Why would anyone think he would want a strong military when he supports the islamists? This guy arrived via “The Trojan Horse” & needs to be run out on a rail. After being tarred & feathered.

  8. On the one hand, she cries that her poor wittle family supports the troops, and lost sooo many people, then on the other hand, says: ‘aren’t we giving them too much?’ Maybe if her grandfather had presidents like Bush and Reagan that had no problem with spending money on needed, state of the art and cutting edge equipment on the Army, Navy and Air Force, he wouldn’t’ve been gassed to death. I despise her, already. Anyone that says that we shouldn’t give the forces MORE equipment, than they immediately need, is a scumbag. Every piece of equipment is representing not only another situation the Soldier or Marine can survive, but a job (considering this equipment has to be manufactured by someone). Talking about cutting defense, in the face of China’s war BOOM, including their breaking into the drone market…

    …as well as trying to out Soviet Union the Soviet Union in establishing client states (those where people normally wear rags on their heads, in particular) is near traitorous. They’re developing stealth fighters, while we’ve CANCELLED our best, the F-22 Raptor, using, instead, the piss poor F-35 Lightning. Pakistan has developed stealth cruise missiles that are nuclear capable…

    …while Obama is attempting not only to eliminate our own nuclear arsenal, in order to give the Soviets the advantage, but endangering Israel’s (through Carter) and Britain’s, as well.

    Quite frankly, if I said that the next time a serviceman turned up dead, because of lack of superior equipment and weapons, and it was related to her, she might stop to think I’d just be wasting my time. She talks about her grandfather getting killed and all her other relatives in the military fighting, and it really doesn’t seem to mean crap to her. Like most civilians, military deaths mean nothing to her. Dying, apparently, is our job to her, and meaning deaths have is entertainment in the form of Spielberg/Matt Damon movies.

  9. We are in the same situation we were in 1936. FDR thought just cut all military spending and he did. When Japan struck Pearl Habor, we were the weakest army, in the world. Japan had absolutely no fear of us. Few understand the military, which takes years to train,and equip. WW2 we were lucky to have such distance between us and the enemy. Today, they can reach us in an hour. You can discuss it all you want, with OB in charge, we have lost any war, before it begins. i.e. you take anybody, with no military experience, make them commander in Chief, and the war is lost. The current POTUS race is a comedy. As Ob laughs, the GOP destroys itself. When I think of WW2, and the speaches Hitler made, and what he did, I must think there is no true history taught in this land. I knew a 50 year old hippie, who still thought riots were the only way to run a govenment. Sound familiar?

  10. That headline reminds me of something my Father once told me, “Never fight fair, the man that fights fair is the man bleeding to death in the gutter.”

  11. General George Patton

    “It is certain that the two World Wars in which I have participated would not have occurred had we been prepared. It is my belief that adequate preparation on our part would have prevented or materially shortened all our other wars beginning with that of 1812. Yet, after each of our wars, there has always been a great hue and cry to the effect that there will be no more wars, that disarmament is the sure road to health, happiness, and peace; and that by removing the fire department, we will remove fires. These ideas spring from wishful thinking and from the erroneous belief that wars result from logical processes. There is no logic in wars. They are produced by madmen. No man can say when future madmen will reappear. I do not say that there will be no more wars; I devoutly hope that there will not, but I do say that the chances of avoiding future wars will be greatly enhanced if we are ready.”

    1. What a great general. I wonder how WW2 would have gone, if we had not had Ike. FYI, Patton was stopped 3 times from surrounding the Nazis army. Even then, the media was controlling the news. I hope the reporter who reported the alleged slapping incident, suffered long.

  12. Liz MUST be a Lib.

    When you look around the world today….the last thing I’m worried about is saving the environment at the moment and or little insects and putting one red cent into any of that is short sighted to say the least.

    John is absolutely right. Considering what is now happening with Russia, China and the Mideast, Military is priority!!

    1. He [i]was[/i] on the team, Bush’s team. I don’t remember anything that he actually did when he had the opportunity. Why do you think it is going to be any different next time?

  13. Bolton is fabulous, but he’s riddled with common sense and understands proven policies….things the left is totally incapable of grasping, which simply staggers the imagination.

  14. If I were on the other side and Bolton walked into a meeting

    He would have an immediate edge based on intimidation

    As opposed to the “bow downer in Chief” who would walk in – bow and apologize first before starting the meeting

    The first impression is the most important

    Ronald Reagan always made that impression – Always had the edge

    Obama must go in 2012

  15. I love John Bolton….he MUST be in the new administration….Secretary of State.
    America must be number One…we were (and are) but Obama wants it the other way.
    Out with Obama!

  16. I agree with him here, and I’d love to see the next POTUS picking him for Sec. of Defense. People always complain about military spending, and the liberals always seem to pick defense when they actually decide to cut budgets.
    The federal government’s main purpose is for the defense of this nation and the people. There are plenty of other things which have no Constitutional role of the federal government which can be shut down or budget slashed.
    We don’t necessarily have to go to war or police anyone- all we have to do is let people know we’re strong militarily and we could kick some serious butt if we had to. That would be enough to keep some nuts quiet for a little while at least.

    1. I like your comments.

      Here is something that Cain has mentioned and that Rick Womick Rep from TN is under fire for advocating:

      1. Great link Cindy09 …

        At 52sec. –

        “… [Muslims] are commanded to lie to the infidels … it’s called taqiyya.

        “The question is, as a devout Muslim, do you really believe everything in the Sunna and the Qur’an?

        “… but, the problem I have, is, are you committing taqiyya?

        “Are you purposely lying to me to get by [to join the US military]?

        “… This is going on in our military. … ”

        – – – – – – – –

        Great comments by State Rep. Womick… he definitely knows “who” the enemy of America is.

        America needs more informed spokesmen like State Rep. Womick and US Rep. Allen West.


        1. Isrels’ security understand that and that’s their reason for individual profiling instead of our US groping procedure . Tagiyya maintain Isreal military with no Muslim recruit. excellent point Art, I support Wormic on this.

    2. As an “American born in Canada,” I marvel at your thorough understanding of our Constitution. Are you able/willing to teach classes in your area? You really impress me – repeatedly – in your knowledge of American Politics. Were you active politically in Canada? (I’m making huge assumptions based on your Username, so I apologize if I’m way off base.) But – consider me a fan 🙂

      1. Thank you very much Is_Sense, I appreciate your encourgement. I don’t know a whole lot, but I love to learn. I have taught the high school kids in our homeschool co op on government and the Constitution before and I do enjoy it. I was not really politically minded when I lived in Canada- I was old enough to vote once a couple of years before I left for the States, so for that election (Prime Minister) I did try and find out as much as I could about the candidates because I view the privilage to vote as an important one. I don’t know that I made the right choice then, but for my political views back then as now, it was the best choice I felt I could make. You’re not off base 😉 I was born and raised in Canada, but since moving to the States, I consider myself an American period. No hyphens for me. Thank you so much for your compliment. It’s a blessing! 🙂

    1. Dittos…

      Bolton for Sec. Def.

      And, what a beautiful lady.

      Was she being contentious… or did it just seem that way?

      Yeah, I know, ladies, the two don’t have anything to do with each other… but, we notice what we notice, that’s all.


  17. Basically President Reagans philosophy which eventually led to the downfall of the U.S.S.R. It’s times like the Carter years and our present appeasement oriented “commander in chief” that we, and the whole world, face potentially dire problems.

  18. Whoa – NEVER in a fair fight – ALWAYS dominate…

    All right, John Bolton.

    Whoever wins the Republican primary wreath, you gotta immediately, like, in a nanosecond, claim Bolton as your, our Secretary of State!!!

    Or, maybe V-POTUS?


    1. Bolton is great on foreign policy, but let’s not get carried away before we know what his domestic agenda would be.

      Bolton did say he supports the TSA groping procedures – he said they were necessary. I found this very disturbing. The right answer is to use behavorial profiling the way the Israelis do.

        1. I’m a Cain supporter and for all the criticism he gets for foreign policy, he has said he’d consult with guys like John Bolton. That’s a pretty good start!

        1. They don’t need to grope anyone. There’s no reason a search needs to be an invasive one carried out by some stranger. We put a man (men) on the moon and we can’t come up with a safe way to assure no one is hiding a bomb. Give me a break. We need profiling and a reasonable way to protect ourselves without looking in baby diapers and grandma’s bra.

    2. Yep, especially when the economy will take care of itself if you get the government out of the way, reduce road blocks to starting a business, reduce road blocks to operate, don’t look at business profits while licking their chops, etc. These are no-brainer things to do (in a very vague, general overview), and it can’t be done because of libs that get eyeballs the size of watermelons when they see someone with money they can steal from.

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