“Bolton is a man of the left” – Tucker Carlson has completely lost his mind over John Bolton [video]

Last night Tucker Carlson opened his show with am insane rant against John Bolton, trashing him as a “man of the left” and calling him one of the most “progressive” people in the Trump administration:

Here’s more from the Daily Beast:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson opened his primetime show Tuesday night by celebrating the ouster of National Security Adviser John Bolton, claiming that the hawkish neo-conservative was actually a “man of the left” and a progressive.

Carlson, who privately advised President Donald Trump earlier this year to ignore Bolton and not take military action against Iran, said that Bolton leaving the Trump administration was “great news for America.”

“Especially for the large number of young people who would have been killed in pointless wars if Bolton had stayed on the job,” the Fox News star added. “They may not be celebrating tonight but they should be.”

After highlighting a handful of Democrats and Republicans who criticized the president’s firing of Bolton, Carlson went on to recount the time he interviewed Bolton. Claiming Bolton practiced “selective amnesia” during their conversation, the Fox News host then said his interview with the now-former national security adviser revealed Bolton was a raging liberal.

“Rather than justify or even explain his own record, Bolton brags that he spent a lot of time on the job,” Carlson declared. “If you are wondering why so many progressives are mourning Bolton’s firing tonight, Bolton himself fundamentally was a man of the left.”

“There was not a human problem John Bolton wasn’t totally convinced could be solved with the elite force of government,” he continued. “That’s an assumption of the left. Not the right. Don’t let the mustache fool you. John Bolton was one of the most progressive people in the Trump administration.”

This rant isn’t just nonsensical, it’s hateful and malicious.

We’ve been following Bolton for years and there is hardly any truth to what Carlson said in this rant. It’s really quite disgusting and I don’t know how people who watch him are able to swallow this garbage.

It’s time for Fox News to dump Carlson and put someone more respectable in the 8pm spot.

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109 thoughts on ““Bolton is a man of the left” – Tucker Carlson has completely lost his mind over John Bolton [video]

  1. I totally agree that Fox News should dump Tucker. On a side note, our enemies were probably glad to hear that Bolton is out.

    1. Your last sentence is 100% TRUTH.

      Trump said Bolton wanted to “wage war with every nation” and the trumpsters lapped it up and belch it out on every forum.

      Ironically, those SAME trumpsters who attack John Bolton used to commend Trump on his “bullish approach” to our National Security.

    2. Our troops and American taxpayers are glad that Bolton is gone. Bolton is a dangerous idealogue, who never learns no matter how many mistakes. Remember. Bolton dodged Vietnam.

    3. They won’t dump Tucker. Most conservatives now admit the Iraq war was a disaster the neo-con interventionists are poison. Even Fox News doesn’t have many neo-cons anymore. All you guys have is this board.

  2. This is just strange – plus there are members of the staff writing these untruths and they need to go as well. Makes no sense.

  3. Carlson went on over the edge with this. No wonder I don’t listen to FoxNews any longer, but then I haven’t for a very long time.

  4. Agree completely, Scoop.

    Carlson’s insane rant reminds me of the post-WWII years in France, where you could get a man you disliked killed or imprisoned by claiming he was a collaborator. This is a Michael Eric Dyson-level garbage attack.

    But Carlson has always had the Ron Paul/Pat Buchanan problem when it comes to foreign policy. It’s isolationist, idealist nonsense. Sadly, that dangerous idealism has taken hold of a lot of the right.

  5. Carlson is a libertarian who is only good on economic issues and goes along with the left on isolationism and social justice nonsense.

    1. Except in the past when the left is in power they don’t promote isolationism and pretty much do the same crap Republican presidents do. There is a reason a ton of Republican foreign policy minded people backed Clinton in 16.

  6. This rant isn’t just nonsensical, it’s hateful and malicious.

    @therightscoop:disqus care to elaborate?

    I like Bolton and only because he brings some balance to national security policies, but there is no denying that Bolton’s nation-building and regime change policies of the past have been disastrous for the US and the world. We can’t have an honest discussion about national security until we come to grips with these facts. I like Tucker as well, but he is the opposite extreme of Bolton and I think American foreign policy should be somewhere in between those two.

  7. Progressive, Tucker?

    You’re either a Fool or never held ANY principles of your own, perhaps both.

    But this is “Trumpism,” attack anyone that Trump has a disagreement with as being on the “fringe.” It’s why Tucker, Flush, Shammity and others are just as loathsome of sellouts as those who claimed to be ‘centrists’ but worshipped at the feet of and made excuses for Obama.

    Same buffoonish behavior, same dishonest rhetoric, different political affiliation Letter emblazoned on their homemade “Captain Sellout” supersuit.

    They’re no different than the clowns in CNN and MESS-NBC, spewing their slanted ‘pseudo-news’ and trying to pass it off as straight news.

    Just so we’re clear Tucker: John Bolton DID NOT want to solve every conflict with Military Action, but, LIKE REAGAN, Bolton CLEARLY understood that “Peace Through Strength” was the BEST route to take for America’s interests, and “Appeasement” and “Capitulation” were the WORST, most irresponsible.

    You make me physically ILL Carlson, because while you sit there attacking Bolton and belching up the bull**** that others have fed you like a good little mindless drone, you CANNOT articulate Trump’s Foreign Policy, nor will you try because you’re a COWARD.

    Bolton KNEW what worked and what didn’t because he UNDERSTANDS History.
    Trump, who does NOT understand History, slings crap at walls to see if they’ll stick.

    Now WHOSE policy is likely to work BEST for America?

    1. LIKE REAGAN, Bolton CLEARLY understood that “Peace Through Strength” was the BEST route to take for America’s interests

      A common misconception is to identify “strength” as warring and meddling with other nations. That’s not how Reagan saw strength. Reagan saw strength as building and retaining a large military, but using it only when absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, that is NOT Bolton’s philosophy. Bolton sees the US military as a hammer and every unfriendly nation as a nail.

    2. Isn’t Carlson being pretty consistent on this issue since he was pretty anti-Bolton when Trump hired him/ extremely critical of Bolton’s foreign policy views which is still true today? From everything i’ve seen on this issue Carlson isn’t being a sellout and actually pretty consistent when it comes to being against “neo- con” foreign policy. To claim Bolton knew what worked and what didn’t isn’t true at all the guy advocated regime change in multiple countries and when the US carried out that idea (only in a few of the many countries Bolton wanted it done in) they have been nothing short of disastrous. Let’s not forget that Bolton was wrong about the Iraq war and still supports it even though it was shown to be a major mistake. If Trump carried out Reagan’s foreign policy he would be helping the next Saddam Hussein which was a horrible idea.

  8. Could not agree more with RS here. I would only add that I stopped watching Tucker last year when I could no longer stand his high-pitched nervous laugh.

  9. I never liked Carlson. He was really embarrassing when he worked at CNN and was the token republican. His whining is what drove me nuts.

  10. I like Tucker, but he is becoming Bill O’Riley, (Bill wanted to nationalize the oil industry).

    Tucker is starting to tell us every night that there are dark forces out to get “the folks.” PLEASE! Give it a break.

    No one knows what the hell to do about Afghanistan. There is no perfect answer, and sadly our politics will hurt us more than the terrorist ever could.

  11. People are over the top when it comes to Bolton leaving. Personally, I wish him well. He and Trump didn’t see eye to eye………plain and simple. Did see Laura Ingraham last night and totally agreed with her when she said whoever the president is he puts in their positions to carry out HIS AGENDA, not theirs. Except for Obama, of course, who everyone carried out Jarrett’s agenda because Obama was too busy playing golf, basketball or bowing to Muslims. 🙂

    1. I completely agree. It is over the top. I don’t think the world is going to end without Bolton. I really don’t like hysteria from either side.

  12. Tucker is as usual right. Neocons have wasted our blood and money overseas, and mostly for personal profit. MAGA has always been an America First movement. If we are ever going to invade another country, we have to take all their resources and their citizens have to work for us for the rest of their lives. Otherwise, it’s not worth it.

    1. Whatever MAGA is supposed to be, it’s not isolationism or appeasement. Tucker is a fool for buying into the “endless war” meme.

    2. If the original America First movement had had more energy, Nazi Germany would have won World War II.

  13. He would have been closer if he called him a Bush war hawk, but a progressive? Lol! Tucker is a moron!

  14. Bolton sucks. The fact is both Republicans and Democrats can be called NEOCONS. Both party’s want to fight these endless wars with the exception of a few on the fringe from both parties

    1. Oh nonsense. We took out one dictator 15 years ago and people like you whine about “endless war”. If we really did that we would have invaded Iran a long time ago.

  15. Look, the only, ONLY thing I agree with Bolton on is Israel. And granted Tucker has some weird ideas on what libertarianism is or is not, which is a different issue.

    But he’s right, here. IF Bolton dropped the pro-Israel stance, everyone on this site would agree he’s a lefty. Know why? Because he hasn’t made any other positions known except Israel, and war. He is a pro-government interventionist: that’s the left.

    And worse, he’s fully in support of lying to the American people to support a war.

    We on the right are defined by adherence to our moral code. The stricter the adherence, the farther right we are. Bolton is to the left of every person posting on this site.

  16. Last night Tucker Carlson opened his show with an insane rant

    I thought that was the show’s established format since Day 1.

    was actually a “man of the left” and a progressive.

    Ahh yes, carrying Donald’s water with the ever popular “I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I” defense.

    Strong Tucker, strong.

    1. Are you off your meds? I will say that as a 9 year veteran of US armed forces.Who cheered walking into Iraq in desert storm, but have changed my mind about these Neo-Cons (like you), over the past decade. Remember the Iraqi’s taking children off of incubators in Kuwait? If you do, you’ll also remember it didnt actually happen. Another “intelligence” win from the US espionage department.

    2. Yo, genius… He’s excellent on domestic policy. Another dumb comment from a person who never watches the show.

    1. Trump doesn’t have a coherent foreign policy view. He said he didn’t like the Iran Deal and now he is reimplementing parts of the Iran Deal by easing sanctions on Iran.

    2. Sanctions were/are hurting the people that actually side with us. The same people that were abandoned by Obama (the arab street), the ones who remember not having to wear a shawl when they were children, women could go to college, not have to be beaten or abused by men. What havent we learned from Waco Texas when the DOJ under Clintonista’s like Janet Reno and Web Hubbell (Later imprisoned) attempted to get the branch davidians to surrender by torturing their children (with CS Gas).

  17. “his rant isn’t just nonsensical, it’s hateful and malicious.”
    “It’s time for Fox News to dump Carlson and put someone more respectable in the 8pm spot.”

    Tucker Carlson is the number 2 watched show on FOX news
    18 years of war over a handful of mostly Saudi citizens, over 5000 of our soldiers killed many, many, many more wounded or under PTSD all against countries that never attacked us. Trillions spent on the bombs with a trillion dollar deficit.

    There has never been a war John Bolton did not want and we would probably be at war with Iran and North Korea if Trump had listened to him. Trump was never pro war.

    Tucker is correct this idea of a president declaring war and continuing perpetual wars is a leftist ideology. My idea of American left and right is massive central government vs maximum freedom on the right. I am starting to think TRS idea of left and right actually is Marx left hand and right hand.

    1. Why would you care? Your explanation is a pile of nonsense. Go read the AUMF-Afghanistan and AUMF-Iraq.

      This “perpetual war” fantasy is absurd denialism.

  18. So, you’ve essentially carried water for Omar and now want to dictate programming at Fox News…all in the same 24 hour period. Fascist much?

  19. If you missed the point he was making, John Bolton (like the left) thinks there isn’t a problem in the world (international objectives) that cant be fixed by a massive & expensive (life and money) “initiative” by the Government. Like the left wants we’ve have spent billions nay trillions on initiatives and have achieved NO results (at least in the realm of what they sent out to fix) and still they try to get credit for trying to do the right thing, the human thing, the moral thing – all the while making things worse. Hows Syria working out? Hows Libya? How’s Somalia doing (after black hawk down)? President Trump was extremely poignant making a statement that he could win the Afghanistan war in TWO DAYS, all he would have to do was kill a couple of million people. Bolton thinks the same think but in no deference to who’s people and his timeline is just drawn out a lot longer.

    1. Can’t speak of tv personality but I saw this on a video. It is true that tc was rude in a fashion that imitates left more than right HOWEVER conservatism proposed civility regardless of the barbarism we face.

      Hussein put perverts in the little girls’ room-literally! That directly endangers MY girls and there isn’t really any room left for civility then!

      I didn’t see it in him but Bolton was apparently openly never-Trump while serving. This is not the action of my ally it’s the action of my enemy.

      As to whether Bolton followed the Ps and Q’s of conservative manners – it’s totally irrelevant. That kind of NONSENSE is what got us Barry and almost sunk us beneath Hilary.

      Bolton isn’t an enemy whether he’s a prog or a conservative. He IS an enemy when he’s undermining the (de facto, like it or not) champion in the struggle against evil.

  20. If anyone was paying attention on Independence Day in 2019, you’d know Carlson should’ve been dumped on the spot.

  21. Ya think it’s gonna be awkward when Bolton gets his old job back at Fox News as their Nat’l Security expert?

    I wonder if that bow-tie wearing airbag will have the guts to call him all this to his face on Tucker’s show.

    My guess will be not only no but hell no. But if he did, Bolton would publically embarass him if he did. The only 2 good things Tucker can do is interrupt his guests & laugh like a baying jackass

    1. It wouldn’t be the first time Bolton has insulted him apparently. It seems to have stuck in Tucker’s craw.

  22. Tucker Carlson is the only person on Fox that I want to listen to each week night. I enjoy his show and trust his opinion. What he says about John Bolton doesn’t mean that much to me – my life centers around home, family, and community. I can’t even keep the people in my family on the “right” path so the bigger world is of little consequence to me. That being said, I think the commentary on this topic is mostly mean spirited – which I have seen more and more here at RS. It didn’t use to be that way. People were more respectful and open minded to other opinions. Not sure why it has changed – maybe it’s just because the everyday social discourse has changed….and not for the good. I have a feeling my days of visiting RS are coming to an end.

    1. Sorry, but thats not true. I was banned 2 years ago for being pro-Trump. I was literally bombarded with insults on my first post.
      I think RS is more even-handed now. There is more diversity in opinions now, even some leftists.

  23. Ironically, Carlson’s tactics are of the left. The left suggests that anybody that disagrees with them ever on anything must of necessity be secretly on the right as an attempt to keep free thinkers and dissenters in line which is precisely what many Trump supporters have been doing to conservatives since the election.

    1. Really? I just look at it as fighting fire with fire. Someone has to go out on a limb to fight all the lies and distortions coming from Commie MSM.

  24. I do question the idea of regime change & whether spreading Democracy is even a possibility in some of the regions of the middle east. Overall, love Tucker but maybe a little to far on the non-intervention. Hate war but when it’s necessary, it’s necessary & we have to be open to that as well. Bolton was/is too hawkish but maybe not deserving of all that was said.

  25. Bolton is a neo-con…which can easily be mistaken for a progressive. And I disagree with you that Tucker has lost his mind. Only the Left believes that government (and the taking down of governments) is best for the people. Bolton wanted to take down several governments. Remember Hillary Clinton on the night binLaden was taken down? She cheered. “We came, we saw, he’s dead.” I’m glad Bolton is gone. Trump should have never chosen him in the first place. Again, Tucker hasn’t lost his mind. With all due respect, you just weren’t listening carefully.

    1. Neo-Con is a foreign policy, not a political ideology. It’s only liberal in the sense that it cares about democracy in other countries.

  26. Tucker Carlson would vote for Andrew Yang or Tulsi Gabbard over Ted Cruz.

    He’s a Libertarian/isolationist, not a conservative.

    1. Carlson has made it abundantly clear that he disagrees with both Gabbrd and Yang on virtually every position they hold. But he does promote both of them and their views to troll, annoy and frustrate Democrats and present their views of these two for liberal Democrats in his audience. It’s just good business if nothing else.

  27. The Trumpism is strong with this one.

    Okay he’s entitled to his opinion and those who keep screaming “GLOBALISTS!” and “WARMONGERS!” etc etc are also entitled to theirs but I just found out that U.S. jets pounded an island in North Iraq – without Bolton in the administration.

    By the rules we play; Trump is a WARMONGER, Bolton is the anti-establishment lol

  28. “This rant isn’t just nonsensical, it’s hateful and malicious.”

    Though Carlson would deny that he hates anyone, it is abundantly that any mention of Bolton’s name in his presence or by him evokes deep disgust from him. I think he’s right about Bolton’s tendency to choose War as the default response to actions by countries he doesn’t like. But even those types of individual have a place and purpose when the situation calls for it. I think Trump was right to hire him and I’m just as certain that when Bolton persisted in peddling the illusion that HE was the arbiter of proper foreign policy, that Trump was right to fire him or seek his resignation or accept his resignation or whatever version of events in that regard you choose to believe.

    Bolton had exceeded his ‘Sell By’ date.

  29. To all my old friends here hello!

    Bolton crystallized my concern here in Scoop’s site (and I’m not forgetting everyone’s favorite Mexican!)

    But yeah… Bolton. It simply doesn’t matter whether he keeps up with the finest points of conservative theory.

    I’ll try to leave a link. PLEASE watch it. It’s a commencement at Hillsdale college by a new professor. He articulates something I had never considered or even heard previously.

    Sit through to the end if you can. Michael Anton’s ideas are worth it.


    1. That is an excellent presentation. I would admit that some of it was a little lofty for me but I appreciated the struggle to keep up with the speaker. Thank you for sharing.

  30. More than disgusting. Carlson, having NO experience in national defense, is now advising the president with his foolish isolationist ideology. Awful.

    It’s rich that he thinks he’s superior in his ignorance, having spent his entire career in journalism. Hey, his dad was head of Corp. for Public Broadcasting. Is his dad a progressive?

    We all know the left is lamenting Bolton just to make another talking point against Trump. They’re not Bolton fans. They just coincidentally happened to be right.

  31. Carlson is right. Bolton still thinks the Iraq war was good idea. That’s insane. Bolton agreed with Hillary Clinton on Libya. John Bolton loves big government how many schools, roads, and taxpayer money must be poured in the middle east until leftist neocon John is satisfied. It is never enough just more and more government spending. Pro Big government spending Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and North Korea. Not mention the thousands of lives lost.

    1. But you have nothing to compare it to in order to claim that is true. You have no idea what would have happened if we did nothing. You cannot prove that it was the wrong action and it’s only based off your biased view of it.

      Not mention the thousands of lives lost.

      Prove to me that life would have been peaceful if we didn’t invade and Sadam would have been a kitten. You can’t because he repeatedly invaded his neighbors and violated sanctions. He funded terrorists so your claim totally ignores the many lives that would have been lost if we didn’t act and it could possibly been many many more lives than now.

      You make conclusions based off facts that are non-existent because acting prevented them from happening and you have no idea if inaction would have been a lot worse. Using your arguments of counting death tolls as a reason for making them bad wars would make ALL wars unjustified. How about WWII? Kids lost their lives. How pissed are you about that?

    2. Every time Hussein rattled his sabers, we spent loads of money and lost lives. We had been in a slow bleed since the armistice — and that is all it was — because Saddam kept testing us by materially violating the agreement.

      Did he have stockpiles of VX gas? No, but he did have CBW trailers and tons of other equipment prohibited as WMDs under the armistice. They absolutely had sarin gas rounds because insurgents used them in IEDs many times.

      Did he have nuclear tipped rockets? No, but he did have much of the equipment for nuclear development he claimed he surrendered. He did have rockets that exceeded the range authorized in the armistice.

      Libya was a mistake. Backing any groups in Syria was a mistake. Concluding the invasion of Iraq we started in 1993 was not. Sure, there were lots of errors made after we finished the invasion (like unilateral withdrawal), but there was a lot we got right too.

  32. So…having an advisor that is open to war if necessary means we are guaranteed to have “kids lost at war”? He’s stating as fact that we would have pointless wars with dead kids if Bolton stayed on the job. That’s a leftist tactic using “kids” and it’s also completely fabricated. What does he want? Advisors like Ron and Rand Paul?

    I listened to part of that and turned it off when he tried claiming he had better foreign policy credentials than Bolton and has a better record. I will never watch this moron (Tucker) again.

  33. All I can say is that I’m still surprised Bolton, the neo-con, was ever hired by Trump. Now, will President Trump bring General Flynn back as National Security Advisor? What a way to slap the anti-Trump crews in the face for pushing the Russia hoax narrative and setting up General Flynn. From what I’m reading, Judge Sullivan will dismiss the case and likely hold the Mueller shysters in contempt… for once again, not producing ALL of the exculpatory evidence (re: BRADY).

  34. The appeasement/isolationist/peace at any price crowd need their pundit too.

    Reagan from “A Time for Choosing” 1964:

    They call their policy “accommodation.” And they say if we’ll only avoid any direct confrontation with the enemy, he’ll forget his evil ways and learn to love us. All who oppose them are indicted as warmongers.

    There’s no argument over the choice between peace and war, but there’s only one guaranteed way you can have peace — and you can have it in the next second — surrender.

    Admittedly, there’s a risk in any course we follow other than this, but every lesson of history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement, and this is the specter our well-meaning liberal friends refuse to face — that their policy of accommodation is appeasement, and it gives no choice between peace and war, only between fight or surrender. If we continue to accommodate, continue to back and retreat, eventually we have to face the final demand — the ultimatum.

    The United States will remain the primary target of every dictator and jihadist as long as we remain an economic and military superpower because attacking us builds their stature.

    We’ve been in continuous combat since August 1945, and we will continue to be in combat as long as we remain a superpower. The choice is whether we do it on our soil or theirs; whether we use our forces to support and buck up locals, or whether our civilians take the brunt of it.

    [previously posted on wrong thread in error]

    1. I couldn’t have said any better ! Bravo !

      Reagan’s “A Time for Choosing” is one of the greatest speeches Reagan ever made, in fact, was Churchillian, which it’s Truth will forever resonate.

      Let me add if you don’t mind

      “Freedom must be fought for, protected, and handed on for our children to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children, what it was once like where men were free.

      We’re at war with the most dangerous enemy that has ever faced mankind, and if we lose that war, and in so doing lose this way of freedom of ours, history will record that those who had the most to lose, did the least to prevent its happening.”

      “I do not believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing.”
      ~US President Ronald Wilson Reagan~

      “Peace through Strength: Only through strength can we maintain peace and secure freedom and prosperity for ourselves and all free nations”
      US President Ronald Wilson Reagan

      1 March, 1985
      “The Reagan Doctrine”
      Gregory Fossedal

  35. Libertarian Rand Paul sees John Bolton’s firing as : “We have peace in our time”

    Needless to say, the Ron Paul Libertarian Appeasement apple doesn’t fall far from the naive and dangerous appeasement tree

    Tucker Carlson is a Libertarian, and like Rand Paul, is a strict non-interventionist, who see’s a Reagan foreign policy hawk like John Bolton as the enemy, thus showed his visceral hatred of John Bolton when he went into his deranged good riddance hate rant yesterday.

    I like Tucker, but Tucker’s strict libertarian views often run contrary to what pro-American Reagan Conservative Republicans will not put up with – weakness, appeasement, and cowardice.

  36. I’m glad he’s gone. I can’t watch us get into another endless war with teenagers dying everyday. We haven’t recouped from Iraq yet. Iran would have been next on Bolton”s list of countries to invade. We shouldn’t have to be the world’s police, sacrificing our young soldiers and billions of our dollars. We haven’t even brought our soldiers back from Afghanistan and Iraq yet.

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