BOMBSHELL! Overstock CEO says PETER STRZOK made him commit POLITICAL espionage!!

Well. This is getting nuts. The former Overstock CEO went on Fox News and said he was told by the FBI to sleep with the convicted Russian spy Marina Butina. Then he went on CNN and said it was Peter Strzok who assigned him to the lurid operation.

He has left his company because of his bizarre comments, and honestly I’m not sure what to make of them. He says that is has been confirmed to him that Strzok was the guy that asked him to commit “political espionage” against Trump and Hillary and others. But he doesn’t give any evidence, and gets angry when asked to prove it.

Here’s the entire interview with Fox News:

He says that he helped them set up political blackmail against Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Trump. Uhm. Wow.

At the end he says that if you just say his name to Comey or Strzok, that they will “crap their pants.” Someone do that on video please.

I mean, if the claims he made are proven, then it’s pretty yuge. Enormous. Deep state. Evil. Apocalypse. Also, he seems a little nuts. Let’s see how this one plays out, shall we?

Finally, if you want to help him out, he says go buy a pillow at overstock.

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20 thoughts on “BOMBSHELL! Overstock CEO says PETER STRZOK made him commit POLITICAL espionage!!

  1. He’s strangely inarticulate in that interview, constantly at a loss about what to say, constantly repeating
    himself, and so on. In the end, you can’t tell what he’s talking about, yet it still sounds implausible.

    The one thing I take away from all this is: people with position and reputation should not have any
    contact with Russians. Think of Junior Trump being conned by that other Russian who said she
    had oppo research on Hilary but only wanted to connive and scheme. Or that woman who sneaked
    into Mar-a-lago under false pretenses with a poisoned (so to say) thumb drive, or whatever it was.
    Wasn’t she Russian?

    EDIT: Sorry: she was Chinese.

    1. All so very convenient and strange, everyone’s a victim especially Hillary I guess. Would you want this guy running your company?

    1. No telling how long those drugs have remained in his system. On the other hand he might have had some mushrooms while waiting in the Green Room.

  2. He sounds a little lost. We should know by tomorrow if he’s going to get anymore airtime…

  3. Didnt the fbeye, “lose” any incriminating evidence against Peter? Like they did with hillary?

  4. I wish the FBI would tell me to sleep with a Russian spy.

    I mean, really, it’s one hell of a story to tell your wife with a straight face

  5. He got some orders? Is he implying he’s been on the FBI payroll lo these many years, notwithstanding his hippidom?

  6. Oh give me a break Patrick. The FBI tells everyone to sleep with a foreign spy. FFS, you have to check the box and name the spy on your passport application and renewals, otherwise the State Dept. won’t issue it.

    Which sucks because I keep losing my passport and I constantly have to keep finding some GRU or MI6 or DIO agent to bang. On the plus side, Craigslist has finally opened a channel for that. That makes it easier.

    1. Pass whatever you’re smokin’ my way, will ya? ROFL A little late night humor is great! ^5 Sheeeit, I can’t stop giggling…..I just snorted.

  7. Is he deflecting from Hillary? The time has come for him to make an appearance, is he deflecting from her.

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