Proof Obama and Holder knew about gun walking in 2009? Unfortunately, NO.


My video is wrong and I apologize for that. What Ogden and Napolitano in my video were referring to was gun-running, not gun-walking. I mistakenly conflated the two of them. Gun-Walking to be clear is the weapons we allowed into Mexico that were never traced – the 2k weapons that turned up into the hands of the Cartel, one of which was used in Brian Terry’s death.

While I’m sure that the announcement in March 2009 was likely the beginning of Fast and Furious under the guise of Project GunRunner, this video below doesn’t prove that and thus I have deleted it.

I’ll try harder to not conflate these two in the future.


This is something I put together from a March 2009 press conference where gun walking/tracing was announced not only as an issue very important to the president, but directed by the president in conjunction with Attorney General Eric Holder:

Now we know why Obama issued executive privilege this morning to keep Holder from having to release documents about Fast and Furious.

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230 thoughts on “Proof Obama and Holder knew about gun walking in 2009? Unfortunately, NO.

  1. If memory serves, during the 2008 transition from Bush to brat, BHO and his incoming administration became aware of the Florida gun running operation under Bush that was stopped when the government couldn’t track the weapons. Holder and the brat just expanded on an operation shown not to work into Mexico. It is rumored that the Fast and Furious thingy was initiated to reinforce to the voting public that weapons manufactured within the US were flooding into Mexico. The administration could then use this information to restrict 2nd amendment rights. We all know the rest. It failed like most of the brat’s plans, policies, and undertakings. Now Holder and the brat’s trolls, bottom feeders, and leeches are covering for his ineptitude.

  2. There was a video removed from youtube that showed Holder in a press conference in New Mexico or Mexico talking about operation gunwalker, had it on my blog!

  3. “We the People” really need to IMPEACH this entire Chicago Gangland Regime!! Imagine if YOU or I were behind ‘walking’ guns across the U.S. Border (where mexican citizens aren’t even ALLOWED to have guns. ‘legally’!!).. and those guns were used to MURDER so many people including U.S. Border Patrolman Brain Terry, You or I would be doing LIFE IN PRISON!!… Oh wait,… stupid me,… I totally forgot,.. leftists like Barack Hussein Obama and pal Eric Holder are above the rest of us, and therefore, ABOVE THE LAW!!

  4. What on Earth is WRONG with our so-called free press? I remember the Nixon years, and how every single News Network was foaming at the mouth with their desire to get to the bottom of ‘Watergate’ and there was no mass-murder of innocent people involved then! What’s happend to our society?? Holder and Obama must GO!!

  5. You’ll be glad to know that the repercussions and ramifications of your well crafted video are ongoing. They may have taken the video down, but it lives on with some very important people who saw it. You were right. And what you did is having a very positive effect on the whole FaF affair. The video is gone, and yet it’s effect lives on. Congrats

  6. Well, I cannot say that I am surprised. THE VIDEO WAS CORRECT. I knew this was going to go one of two ways. It was either going to get Obama impeached or the MIBs would show up and pull the video. Think about all the people and agencies this would effect. It was too big. It was true but to big.

    I knew it was too big, too big for the whole country. The powers that be, apparently have decided that exposing Obama and the government in this way would be too much of a shock to the country.

    You have nothing to be ashamed of. I know the video is true and what it depicts is true. I know Obama and his gang ran FaF and the distribution of guns into Mexico. The premise is correct that it was done for gun control propaganda. They are responsible for the death of hundreds of Mexican citizens and Brian Terry.

    So again, congratulations on what you did you were right. And it was great to get this out there. It will be used against them. It was just too big and too true. I am not at all surprised the video got scrubbed by some stupid premise that says, “Oh gun walking is different than gun running.” Yeah right. Bullshit.

  7. Even if your video did conflate gunrunning and gunwalking {yeah, separate things oddly enough}… the video itself did contain helpful information about the joint nature of such projects and how high up the chain they go. It’d be helpful if you’d make the video available again, even if without commentary. Yours has been the most complete version of that press conference I could find.

  8. I think the documents in question should immediately be handed over to a nonpartisan judge so that they can be protected while the executive privilege is challenged. Otherwise we’re going to see something similar to the Watergate tapes when they are finally released.

  9. So Obama did not know anything about this, but he signed $10,000,000 in funding for the program. This thing would stink on a dung pile. It is time for indictments. First he tried to pass H.R.495 Southwest Border Violence Reduction Act of 2009 Read the Bill asking for 15,000,000 for Proj..


  10. *****************NEWS FLASH**********************

    George Dubya just announced that if he had a son he would look like Dick_Cheney

  11. Obama and holder were just continuing what Dubya was doing with
    operation wide receiver. When is there going to be an investigation
    over Dubya’s lying to congress about Iraqi WMDs? Repubturds and TeaBastards like to forget about that little invasion of iraq over false pretenses.

    1. You know Holder was forced to retract his statement about the previous administration also doing something like this? Because, I don’t know… it was FALSE? But let’s humor this idiot’s logic… I guess because someone whom you disagree with was doing something wrong and immoral, therefore it’s ok for you to do it too.

      Next, it’s been proven time and time again that there was reasonable suspicion for WMDs in Hussein’s house. There’s also now reasonable suspicions they were moved. How might idiot address that? “Der, they weren’t moved, it’s a massive Bush/GOP conspiracy! *hiccup*”

      You bore me. Go back to playing with your toy trucks.

  12. This arrogant mindset from D.C. is nothing new it is deeply rooted in both parties once they achieve a political position they all feel they can thwart the law. We have COMPLETELY lost control of the federal government no enemy of our nation could ever hope to do the economic damage to our nation that we have suffered from our very own government. – disgraceful to say the least.

  13. One thing that has not even been looked at is the thefts here in America from aliens who break in and steal and send things back across the border its not the Americans but the non legals stealing making money and crime they bring into the south that us why they cross the border steal America Blind while no one stops the crossings except Sheriff Joe

  14. This explains BO’s executive privilege BS. He’s guilty as hell. This program has worked about as well as any of his other pet projects. The man gets people killed…look at just the security leaks. He’s worse than Carter. BO must go in Nov. Even the Dems know it deep down.

  15. You got us all excited. This video does not provide any evidence that Holder knew about “gun walking.” The programs mentioned here are about tracing illegally sold weapons, and prosecuting people on our side of the border for selling.

  16. We the people are done with the lies and udder disregarde of the will of the people. Impeach President Obama and Eric Holder and let’s clean house of anybody else that doesn’t think we have a voice! Get the small businesses running full tilt so we can hire more citizens. Lock down the boarders. Speak English only. Put a 30% surcharge on Chinese imports. Quit giving our money away to every pettey dictator around the world and take care of our own people. Let’s get back to the true meaning of our Constitution.

  17. Even with this news, there are many in America who still want BO as president. It really is a sad commentary on our society. I don’t care whether a president, senator, congressman, or whoever has r or d before their name. If they can’t abide by the constitution and the laws of the land, they need to be treated like the rest of us.

  18. ther was a head mexcan cartel that got caught with a very large amount of drug’s when he went to court he testified that he worked for us .the US. and went onto say that he soild the gun’s for exchange to bring the drug’s in. there was a goverment offical, that told the court that he was right and was amatter of nat securaty. so it was thrown out… this war on drugs is a scam and a war on the people not drugs … the bank’s get the druge cash in the bank and then levrage it 100 time in lown’s to the american people and then take the mony that they make in intrest they lobbie congress for mandatory minamum sentances to keep none violent ofenders lock up. the picture is so big and so sad what they have done . so lets start with the doj and go up the chaine from there, thank’s for you’re time………..

  19. know one is talking about were a that head cartel was caught with a large amount of drug’s and when he went to court he testafied that he sold the guns to the cartel’s in exchange , for beening let in the US to sell the drug’s… he said i work for yall!!!!! and a offical said it was true and it’s nat securaty, case was thrown out , not to bee heard of agin. the war on drug’s is a scam the prison’s are owned by the bank’s people pls wake up stop this madness….

  20. OMG. Hey Guys, I just got word that they’ve got Biden in dugout warming up.

    Oh well, President Joe Biden. It does have kind of a ring to it.

  21. Bombshell #2: Obama Spoke About “Fast & Furious” Before Holder Claimed He Knew

    Obama names and describes the “Fast and Furious” program in March.
    Holder testifies that he did not know about it until April.

    How did Obama know about FaF in March, before Holder found out in April? They are caught in a blatent and obvious lie by their own words. But, now we know why. They were both lying. mmm mmm mmm Barrack Hussien Obama mmm mmm mmm…

  22. For those of you with the mantra that this was just a “continuation of Bush policies” are far off the mark. Just listen to what they say!

    Let me clarify it for you, “NEW AND AGGRESSIVE STEPS”, followed by the addition of over 100 new agents and support personnel, doubling the agents in Mexico, and new equipment, and new offices and new ‘tracing’ procedures. How can that be a ‘continuation’?

    To say the Obama Gun walking was a continuation of the Bush Gun walking program, well, it is frankly an idiotic assertion.

    Obama may have kept the same name initially, (until it was changed to FaF) but by their own words they said very clearly that it would be a completely new and different program directed by Obama himself.

    1. Wide Reciever was shut down in 2006, 3 years before Holder got there! The difference in the two programs was WR was on a small scale of 300 weapons in concert with the Mexican government, they were all traced, tracked, followed & recovered & shut down!

      In F&F no guns had tracers & no agents were allowed to follow them, they were repeatedly told to stand down & if they didnt like it to get another job. This was not a botched operation, it was a PLANNED operation to cause an international crisis with all the murders, then this administration that caused it (under the radar) would have to step in and implement their gun control. That is what they are hiding, the fact that Obama & Holder ordered it & if not for the good honest men the whistleblowers we would never of heard anything. John Dodson & a few others risked their jobs, reputation & lives to do the right thing. Vince Cifalo was fired after 24 years for being a whistleblower. These people have been demeaned & harassed while the lowlifes got job promotions. I pray in the end that all involved in this evil scheme will be prosecuted & the whistleblowers get promotions & metals for bravery!

      1. I understand and I agree. Hannity played a clip of this on his show today and I just now sent the video to Bill Orielly’s staff and begged them to just let him look at it. This is big enough, to do some good. And I will agitate until somebody notices. God Bless


  23. All comments about how you feel about this criminal behavior should be directed to your ‘do-nothing-about-it’ House of Representative and your two over-paid Senators.

    Flood their email boxes with your stew and spew.

  24. Like there this is going. All the way to the top. And on, and on.

    Keep it up AG, DOJ, ATF&E, and POTUS. Stonewall, obfuscate, and maintain the it’s-better-shred-than-read philosophy. And, if anything, step up the arrogance, and personal attacks. That’s what will win the election, ban guns, and save the children. Let not the sacrifice of Brian Terry, nor even his memory, halt your efforts.

    You, the “men” and “women” of DC have proven once again, “government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.”

    Thank you for this video. And for the opportunity to see the lovely as always Janet “XY” Napolitano.

  25. “Fast and Furious” scam has Obama and Holder sweating…bullets!
    (Operation “Fast and Furious” Timeline) — very good information

  26. Someone in another forum commented that this video confirms that Gunrunner was an Obama administration program and not a legacy Bush program as they have claimed. After all, they are announcing the inception of it in 2009 immediately following the election. And Obama himself was directing it. They own it. They could have canceled it. But as you can see, they were ramping it up 300%.

    1. Hannity mentioned this? Where? How?
      I sent it to his personal email this morning. Ha.
      details when and where? on the radio?

  27. Oblamo’s and Holder’s MURDERGATE will not go unpunished just because a lowly border patrol agent and 100 mexican nationals were killed. Ask whose life has the greater value? ANS: they are all equal mr Obama.

  28. Thanks for clarifying – I thought “Fast and Furious” was the title of an X rated film.

    1. Get off the line Cadet! You broke two rules. You are getting demerits.
      One: you are not ‘funny’, if that is what you call it.
      Two: sex jokes are not approved in this forum.

  29. The very best thing about everything you said is that Obama has been so adamant that he knows nothing about. Obama is sunk. He is caught red handed as a liar. And there could be nothing more serious to lie to Congress, America, and World. He is caught. Plain and simple. He’s done. It is over.

    We do not know if the Mexican government even knew about this. This really could have been a rogue act of war on the part of the Obama administration.

    Watch this interview with Obama for clarification of what I am speaking of.

      1. That may be, but this stuff is so bad, even Kos, DU, and HuffPo are condemning it. This is indefensible and I really hope it makes Hannity tonight.
        We know he knows about it. And he really has no love for Obama. Ha!


  30. I do not understand how this administration thinks the roughly 1/3 of Americans who actually pay attention to politics in this country do not already have some idea of the scope and involvement of this disaster.
    A reasonable person could easily understand the following with very little help from the press:
    State has to know, as it involves a foreign country, and that countries internal policing and military functions. In most instances, arming foreign revolutionaries is generally considered an act of war, or at the very least poor form.
    Homeland security has to know their people are all over this, notwithstanding their Intel capabilities. Their job is to protect the U.S. from its enemies, be it infiltration by hordes of noncitizens rushing the boarder, or from the cartels (even the ones they pick to win their drug wars) from illegal smuggling.
    Defense has to know they have a truly massive Intel capability and in fact, are always in competition with state over foreign policy. This was not going to get past them, without a wink and nod.
    The truly sad part is of this whole affair is that it has all been reported by mainstream media within the last year. This is not a “new” news story, although it will likely play out as though it is. At the end of the day, the American people will never “know” the full scope of this program because we would all have to digest too many new paradigms about how our world works.
    Finally, you have to ask yourselves who could coordinate so many moving pieces of government, and you left with the President as the answer. Everything I have said is independently and publicly verifiable.

  31. The original thesis was that these programs were being run out of the DoJ and HLS. This proves that was not the case. Not only did Obama know about the programs, but he was deeply involved and even directing them.

  32. There is no way Obama directed Gunrunner and knew nothing about FaF.
    That is a ridiculous idea.

  33. “And out of that there can reasonbly be seen more prosecution of actual dealers who are intentionally and knowingly putting guns in the hands of smugglers”

    Like Holder?

  34. “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.”
    – Barack Hussein Obama

  35. This entire operation and its justification was nothing but a fraudulent, bureaucratic sham. An end run around the Constitution’s Second Amendment by the Obama administration and its bureaucratic cronies to justify more draconian gun legislation.

    Fast and Furious had very little to do with tracing, or the interdiction of illicit weapons to the Mexican drug cartels, much less their narco gang affiliates. As if the Dept. of Justice, the FBI, and BATF didn’t already know the “traffic route” and where such weapons would eventually end up… and who the “straw” buyers were.

    If the truth were know, over 80 percent of the Mexican narco cartels weapons are imported from the Middle East and South America.

  36. The communist – liberal brainwashing of America has been going on for decades.
    1985 interview with ex -KGB agent reveals succesful psychological warfare heavily financed by Soviets. The educational systems, the majority of the young population, and the mainstream media are already brainwashed and spreading communist propaganda.

    Full video :

  37. If I’m not mistaken, “Executive Privilege” was the same ploy used by Nixon in an attempt to avoid handing over the Oval Office tapes to the Supreme Court. If it didn’t work for Nixon; it certainly shouldn’t work for Obama either.

  38. Obama and holder were just continuing what Dubya was doing with operation wide receiver. When is there going to be an investigation over Dubya’s lying to congress about Iraqi WMDs?

    1. Hah! Wide Receiver was just 300 guns not thousands… The Mexican Gov knew when & where those guns were entering. But that does not compute for an O’Zombie p^ke like you. You don’t give a DemRATS-behind about the lives lost by the inept actions of your “DearLeader” Obama…Suggest you crawl back up his arse until Nov 2012 when he’ll no longer need you, since as a private citizen he’ll void you like the excrement that you are…

    2. OWR was a joint effort between the U.S. and Mexican government. When the Mexican government realized they could not track the guns the programmed was stopped. No border agents died and don’t recall hundreds if not thousands of Mexicans dying either. Don’t let the facts get in the way libtard. Nice try though. And you would be a piece of liberal filth!

      1. You place more than one kernel of corn on your ‘a’ keyboard for you rooster to peck at, didn’t you.

    3. Colin Powell is the mastermind and source behind Iraqi WMD.
      Ask him.
      Get your facts right, Mr. Bleeep.

  39. So, we are to see prosecutions of offcials who were putting these weapons into the arms of the trafficers and moving them south!
    Ok then, Obama, Holder. Napolitano and Ogden, are in line to be prosecuted? right?
    By their on statements they told Americans they knew and so did Obama, and Holder, know everything about Fast and Furious, gun walking and tracing.

    6.20.2012; “The Night Chicago Died” great song

    Tea Party Patriot
    Good work scoop!

  40. Down with this administration and all his cronies. The politically uneducated must be made aware of this tragedy. However, all they are interested in is their social justice programs. Sad isn’t it……

  41. This has all been out there on Sipsy Street Irregulars, Michelle Malkin’s site, and a few others – but your having it here makes it VIRAL! TRS gets hits all over the place – I saw gateway pundit linked to you……among others.

    This is a criminal cover-up, one that has been going on far too long – one which would have put us into hearings this election year summer IF it had happened under a Republican administration.

    Worse. Than. Watergate. Holder, Obama, Napolitano – even Hillary! – all KNEW, and there is a trail that points it all out. All belong in jail, IMHO.

  42. Exposure and truth will set OBAMA free to go back to Chicago after November elections.
    Best we, Americans, can have HOPE AND CHANGE for, to rid us of this DESPOT. Thanks for making this public, finally, and not to late for everyone to see, hear and show us the thinking of a president. VOTE to change the direction of America in November.

  43. Great find! Congratulations and thanks for the info. Issa should subpoena the Homeland Security and DOJ officials and ask them about this press conference. No executive privilege for public statements freely given.

  44. I hope Issa has this!! Regardless of the underhanded tactics used by Holder, he has definitely lied to Congress many times. This absolutely should not be a partison issue. Human lives were taken! Some of the arguments given by the Dems in yesterday’s meetings were pure politics as is clearly shown by the ending vote. Now that Obama has put his nose in it, he should be held just as accountable! There are entirely too many questions for this pandora’s box to be pushed aside. Let the Dems say that Republicans are playing politics and go on with the business at hand. At this point, the Dems should be totally ignored because they are the ones playing politics. Until we the people demand accountability from government officials where they have to pay a price like we do when we commit a crime, then this type of underhanded, totally illegal activity within our government will continue. There is NO integrity or character in the WH or the DOJ – just hate and it very clearly shows.

      1. Thank you for this. Being in the South, I did not know he had a campaign website. I have contacted him through FB and Twitter along with others members of Congress. To me, it is blatantly obvious that Democrats have NO value for human life. That alone ought to tell ALL US citizens plenty. Thanks again.

  45. Ok, I fail to see the proof of Obama having knowledge of “Fast and Furious”. Operation “Gun Runner” and was done for the purpose of catching the drug cartel and had the full cooperation of the Mexican government. Bush stopped the guns at the border. This is just that same operation extended into the Obama administration.

    Operation “Fast and Furious” was a different operation completely started by the Obama administration and the Mexican government was not informed of it even being done.

    Maybe this is just my misunderstanding of the two operations being separate?

    This begs the question, though. This operation was expressed to be led by Obama. If that’s the case, why wouldn’t “Fast and Furious” be the same way? Of course, I believe it’s exactly the same and Obama led both of the operations. Obama is denying it now, though, so why would he expect us to believe he ran one but then someone other that Holder initiated the second one all by their lonesome. BULL FREAKING CRAP!!!!”.

    1. They are separate programs, this just proves another time that Obama team trying to takes credit for something Bush Admin did and worked out well.

      Fast and Furious was an attempt to duplicate it, but had an underlying plan for it to fail to push new gun laws out by Eric Holder. Obama and most Eric Holder has been huge advicate to stop all sale of weapons in the US. He says this in his own words.

      We Must Brainwash People Against Guns

      2009 stop sale of semi guns.

      1. I totally agree with everything you said, and I am firm in my belief that “Fast and Furious” was intentionally set-up to fail in order to push gun laws or to remove the second amendment. I want it proven….if in fact that’s what happened.

        However, I’m having a hard time seeing how this video clip proves it. As you said, the two programs were separate and they were referring to “Gun Runner”. My question is how does this prove Holder and Obama knew about “Fast and Furious” when it’s not even mentioned (and isn’t even referred to) in this clip?

        Of course, RS just said it proves they knew about gun walking. However, the proof we are looking for is specifically “Fast and Furious” so I assume that’s what he meant.

        1. Sorry should have been more clear, I agree with what your saying that this doesn’t show a smoking gun that they knew about fast and furious. Why I stated that this clip just shows them trying to take credit for something Bush admin ran successfully.

          I do believe that in the more then 80k+ documents they don’t want to turn over shows both Eric Holder and Obama kenw about it, which is why Obama is doing an execitive order to cover it all up.

          woot transparentancy!!!!

          1. Ohhhhhhh. I see why you said that now. Meaning it didn’t show anything else but them taking credit for what Bush did.

            I think the documents might show what the intentions were, too.

            Don’t worry, I misunderstand people quite often. It’s not you, lol.

      2. Please read earlier posts. The Bush administrations operation did NOT work, but no one lost their lives either AND it didn’t fail because of corruption, but because of limitations in technology and training. The DoJ KNEW that F&F would fail, because the Bush administration failed. The fact that they KNEW the operation would fail but pushed it forward anyway is what pisses me off.

        1. I look at wide reciever as both a fail and sucess. They gathered great inteligence and Mexico police arrested over 1400 people. Yes they learn to remove the tracks, but as soon as thta was discovered and the operation could not move forward.

          Obama team took nothing of what was learned and removed all the things that made the first one successfull.

  46. I just read on Greta’s website that Agent Zapata’s family has filed a lawsuit against the DOJ for his death in February 2011. His surviving partner has joined in the lawsuit. I knew there were more. I want to see Obama held to same critics the MSN did to Bush!

        1. Lol, I know you’re not a fool. Wish away….sometimes the unexpected happens. I hope it does.

  47. Great find! By all means Rep. Issa needs to be informed of this C-Span snippet. Yhis certainly predates early 2011 which Holder is asserting is the timeframe for him learning of F & F.

    1. If Holder testified under oath, he committed perjury. Do not see how he survives this, or how the MSM is going to spin it well enough to save the Godfather’s political neck.

  48. Great work RS. I hope you plan to send to Congressman Issa. I used to have his website saved, I might have it on my old laptop. I bought a Mac in February and I used to forget that when I delete a site from my iPhone, it deletes it on my Mac and iPad too.
    Issa should see this, Obama was trying to cover his own involvement in this fiasco that led to Brian Terry’s death. I’m sure that there were other agents but their names haven’t’ made it to the news.

  49. sent the link to both Texas Senators and Rep Joe Barton!! I’m reminded of Mel Gibsons line from the movie “the edge of darkness”… “now that you do know what are you gonna do about it?”

    Well, Senator, Representative….. What you gonna do about it???
    RIP Brian Terry!!!!!

  50. RS, will you send this to Sean Hannity showing Homeland Security and DOJ said that the President authorized this.

  51. Let’s just call this fiasco what it is…an attack on our 2nd Amendment right to bare arms. This was flubbed purposefully to make the sellers of the arms look bad so that the libtards could pass restrictive legislation that would keep law abiding citizens from getting weapons. Gun laws never inhibit the criminals! They are criminals and laugh at laws to begin with! Every society that slides into communism first takes the arms from its citizens. That was Odumbo’s intent…it was never about helping Mexico! If the F&F documents were released there will be little doubt of what the real intent was…treason by the POTUS and his henchmen. All of the nonsense from here on out is to lock up that fact. Odumbo doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hades for re-election, but he’s going to make as much damage as he possibly can on his way out the door.

  52. Boy, they just made so, so, so much fanfare over their “protecting our borders” that they ratted themselves out.

    Liars all. The truth will out. God sees the truth and waits.

  53. This twit talks about prosecuting dealers. It was the dealers that were reporting the sales and being told to let them go.

  54. Wow – that’s all I can say… Kudos on finding this or remembering the press conference. I’ve shared on FB & Twitter.

  55. Let’s face it. We all knew from day one this came from Obama through Holder, and that US gun control is their ultimate objective.

  56. Big Sis makes me sick. Is she telling us that she is wanting to protect the Mexicans from the Americans by “increasing the inspection of the south-bound traffic?!”

    There’s also the whole thing there where their pants are down, yet again. Good reporting/connecting Scoop.

  57. 100 Years from now, the Media will be reporting THIS DAY IN HISTORY.

    100 Years ago Today a surprise vote of contempt against the AG was taken by the House Oversight Committee. This vote was the beginning of the unraveling of the 0bumer administration’s cover up of deep corruption as evidence came to light later that the prez was in the middle orchestrating the cover up. We still haven’t discovered how the 0bumer Admin was able to hide their involvement from the media for over almost 4 years.

    1. It will be known as ‘The Longest Day’ in Obama’s ‘Summer of Discontent’ and there will be a smiley face next to it in Wikipedia.

  58. Once again, excellent work from the “just-a-blogger crowd” KUDOS to you Right Scoop, and also to KeninMontana for keeping on this!!

    1. Especially since Juan Williams puts bloggers in their place, with him being a “real” journalist. Speaking of Juan——Maloney quoted him today in the F & F hearing. Of all of the lefty media out there, she really selected the ‘clown’ to quote.

  59. Everything concerning DOJ and DHS should come to a halt, evne this incomprehensible immigration executive order! These people are so corrupt we may not even be touching the surface!

  60. Great work. They were bragging about this program in 2009. Now, not so much, eh? The MSM has done a terrible disservice to the American people by sweeping this scandal under the rug in covering for Zero. To me, I don’t know what’s worse, Fast and Furious or the left-wing propaganda machine in this nation.

    1. I’m with Breitbart, it’s our media that is the enemy because if they’d done their job, this usurper wouldn’t be in office.

  61. Question.

    Attorney General Eric “withHolder” has argued that Gunnrunner and Fast and Furious are two different operations.

    Are there two operations or are they basically the same thing with different names?

  62. Well done. As far as I’m concerned, this should be required viewing for Issa and the rest of Congress, just in case they have forgotten it.

  63. It sounds to me like the Mexican government was in cahoots and didn’t care how many civilians died from it. There has been a deafening silence from Mexico on this issue. This SHOULD have been an international incident.

      1. Why wouldn’t the Mexican government want the 2nd amendment done away with, they want Texas back, still… Force Americans to give up their guns and, well, besides the civil war that would arise, the Mexicans would use the opportunity to push into Texas again. Of course, I have a feeling that if the 2nd amendment got crushed, Texas would secede anyway. There is NO WAY that the people of Texas would be willing to give up their guns, just like I would never be willing to give up mine.

        1. Heck, Mexico wants the entire Western US! In 1982 they formed a dept. in the gov’t dedicated to trying to take the Western US.

  64. What is mindboggling is that the incompetence and corruption that has been so very obvious from the beginning is starting to unravel on a daily basis. The question is if the mainstream media had not been asleep at the wheel would all of these attacks on our way of life happened or was the mainstream media an integral part of that attack? I think because of the attention given to the mainstream media they will escape from their culpability and given a pass so they can continue to prevent the country from reaching the the levels that have made our nation great.

    1. The mainstream media are part of the problem here. ALL of the news organizations get the same feeds, it’s just what they do with those feeds that differs. In the U.S., I trust Fox News the most, but I’ve found that if you want the REAL news, look to BBC America. The Brits really LOVE to show how crazy Americans are, so they give the full story, at least as much as they can get their hands on. You can also check the Guardian, though they don’t touch much on the U.S. Hmmm, we could really use a Guardian newspaper in this country…I guess that’s what bloggers are for huh?

  65. The Mexican reporter’s question, starts at 2:00 approx:

    “Yes, Madame Secretary, the issue of arms, part of the (trouble, problem? ) of having (Unintelligible…) success do you expect to be in this (example?) to clamp down on the trafficking about going into Mexico where part of the problem is, you know, all this gun chow (SHOWS) along the border , I mean do you expect to go against the people who sell these arms, which is part of the problem, I mean, maybe you can be successful at stopping arms but if you don’t do anything, I mean, do something on the source of these illegal business, how can you expect to have a real impact?”

    1. That seemed like a question fed to the reporter to get an emotional response from anyone watching. In other words, propaganda being spun early using an hispanic reporter “who has seen the war on the ground using guns bought in the U.S.” Just the beginning of trying to usurp the 2nd amendment.

  66. Wow! what a great idea to put this together. I’m sure that, by now, Isac knows about it! I tried to copy this and hopefully did. I keep seeing anything important that shows the obamanation is lying on video keeps getting removed from sites. big brother at it again. So glad you have this. Please be careful starting up your car at least until after the elections!

  67. Why were you holding out on us Scoop?! Hahaha we could have solved this 18 months ago!

    Always a fan of dramatics aren’t ya?

  68. I’m not to good on the computer, can this be sent to Rep. Darrel Issa? Thank you for such a good job, I rememberd seeing something, but could not bring it into account as you did. Great work!

  69. OCTOBER 26, 2011 Napolitano, said repeatedly she only learned of “Fast and Furious” after Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in December. She emphasized the operation, conceived and run by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, “was an ATF operation,” under the auspices of the Justice Department, not her department.

    1. Nap perjured herself…a felony punishable by fine and prison…can ya see the perp in cuffs and behind bars??? THAT’S JUSTICE!!!!!

    1. Obambam is a usurper…no need to impeach..that implies he’s a legal office holder. Just frog march his illegal behind off to jail.

    2. There must be someone in D.C. who is willing to uphold the law? No? Didn’t think so. D A M N .

  70. Sounds like DOJ was putting guns directly in the hands of smugglers. Is anyone surprised by any of this…..nope, didn’t think so!

  71. The thing about #LIBTARDS is they can’t help but brag about what they do…great job on digging up their own words to show exactly what they are up to.

  72. Great job! great stuff! Great site!

    Can you please slide a copy of this into the criminal Holder’s neck, I mean, InBox?

    PS I’m going to try to get a detail of the Mexican reporter’s question. He really sounded sincere and polite unlike other reporters, he didn’t shout out the question and interrupt Secretary Moby Dick’s statement.

    1. Yeah……almost like…..he had prepared it ahead of time and…… was READING it…? And Janet seemed to have her answer points all ready too….. Hmmmmm………!

    1. Good one. Let’s be honest (as you know), it is bloggers that are the true journalists of today.

  73. Out of that, there can be seen more prosecution of actual arms dealers who are intentionally and knowingly putting arms in the hands of the smugglers‘ – Napalitano

    Yes, that is what the Congress was trying to do today – prosecute Holder and Obama. Exactly.

    1. Man, I see Janet Renopolitano and want to rub broken glass in my eyes to erase the image retention.

          1. This is what we thumb our noses at the left for. If going to insult, at least insult her idiotic statements and or viewpoints.

  74. The only reason why Ayatolla Ali Obama would invoke Executive privilege is to hide the fact that Obama knew full-well about Fast and Furious. Matter of fact he most likely approved it, since this was an attempt by this egregious administration to water down the second amendment and make gun shops responsible for any killings done with the guns that they put on the Mexican street.

    1. Meanwhile, his former constituents in Chicago kill themselves at an alarming rate in gang violence. Ironic, don’t you think?

      1. Maybe they’re getting their guns from the Mexicans, in retaliation. I don’t think Mexico has much use for the boy prince, I mean, beyond “poncho amnesty.”

      2. I’m a conspiracy nut. I wouldn’t put it past Showbama to have Rahm allow for riots to stir in Chi-town so that they could put this upcoming election season “on hold.”

        1. I’ve actually been thinking that myself. Why else would the police start attacking legal protesters. It seems to me that, if they could get enough of an outcry going, and get enough people out on the streets protesting, then push the police to start attacking/arresting the protestors on trumped up charges, at some point, someone’s going to say enough is enough and start fighting back. Look at Phoenix and the “Occupy” movement. An armed private militia moved in there to “protect” the protestors from the police. I can see Obummer taking advantage of this and using an executive order under “State of Emergency” rules to declare martial law. If you’re not familiar with the “State of Emergency” rules, there was an executive order put out some time ago (not sure which president but before Obama I believe) that says that any time a president declares a state of emergency, Congress CANNOT review any documentation or any other decision that was made during the “crisis” for at LEAST six months. He could do a LOT of damage under a 6 month martial law.

  75. Like I said since the beginning of the primary season. If Obama is re-elected, he won’t last the full term. If you thought Nixon was a line-stepper, what does that make Obama?

    1. The President is an Obamucist.

      Fascist allow some cronies to exist with no competition and commies take over industry. Obama is somewhere in between a fascist and a communist therefore an Obamucist. 😉

    2. Oh dear Lord M_J_S! Do you know what that would mean?! President Biden?!?! Oh my soul can’t take it!

      1. I do. Look what Gerald Ford did for the Democrats.

        Biden will bring years and years of Constitutional Conservatives.

      1. Not bad for “just a blogger” huh?? TRS, for the win!

        “Williams? Mr. Juan Williams. Your car is ready outside. Please leave.”

      2. Sorry the Liberal Media will find a way to rephrase it and make George Bush responsible. Obama is their man! Democratic Congress will go down on their own petard. They have been in Obama pocket since he won! They can be bought and sold their soul to the devil for a vote!

  76. What the… how has no one else found this and started using it?! This answers just about every question that the Committee was asking?

    1. Not if it relates to “Gunrunner,” not really. The DOJ has been trying to obfuscate the facts here by tying F&F back to Gunrunner, hence giving them the “political clout” to “just blame Bush.” Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if Showbama had actually written a memo detailing HOW he’d blame Bush if F&F came to light. That appeared to be Holder’s first tactic when speaking with Congress, and he’s kinda/sorta had to backpeddle that assertion.

      1. “That appeared to be Holder’s first tactic when speaking with Congress, and he’s kinda/sorta had to backpeddle that assertion.”

        good point

    1. Is that cited somewhere? I’m not aware of that. My understanding is that Issa & his committee have been specifically trying to ascertain on whose authority F&F was being covered up.

      1. Speaking of Zimmerman’s, I hope he (George) starts getting the benefit of the doubt until proven guilty that Eric Holder seems to be getting from the left.

    2. And lets not forget that 190 to 200 Mexican citizens have been killed with these guns. Many of those people innocent by-standers.

  77. Good Job TRS, DHS implicated, DOJ implicated, DEA implicated, BATFE implicated, Mexican government implicated and Obama implicated.

    1. The new political synonym: “gun tracing” and “fast and furious.”

      This (should) be the largest nail in the re-election coffin of Barry.

    2. They only mention Gunrunner. It looks like Gunrunner was the cover for the F&F operation, and F&F was to run under the radar to subvert the 2nd amendment at all costs, while Gunrunner provided plausible deniability. I don’t think anyone was supposed to find out about F&F, which is why they can’t release the info. Holder has to stay to keep the lid on so nothing will happen to Holder regardless of whether or not they find him in contempt.

      At the very least it is evidence that Congress was lied to under oath.

      Old link that adds a little:

      1. Precisely. It sounds like the citation is for Gunrunner, which relates back to the Bush Administration. Clearly, the Odministration didn’t want word of F&F “on the books” OR “in the public eye.” The contempt citation specifically points toward these February memos which will ALLEGEDLY clarify whether or not DOJ officials in conjunction with the White House specifically engaged in a ‘cover up’ of F&F. I believe — though I’m not entirely certain — that’s the matter at hand here.

        1. The Bush Administration used the name Wide Receiver which had nothing to do with either Gunrunner or Fast and Furious. Here is a rundown of Wide Receiver – it was much different that what this administration has done!

          In Operation Wide Receiver, Tucson agents allowed the sales of more than 500 firearms to known straw purchasers. Like Gunrunner/Fast and Furious, the operation apparently backfired.

          Some firearms in Wide Receiver were equipped with RFID tracking devices. In Wide Receiver, it seems the illegal purchasers seemed more than slightly knowledgeable of the ATF and how to take their aerial and electronic tracking procedures down.

          Knowing the time aloft numbers for virtually all planes used in government surveillance, the buyers had a simple method of getting their purchases across the border undetected. They simply drove four-hour loops around the area.

          As surveillance planes were forced to return to base for refueling, the smugglers simply turned and sprinted their cargo across the border.

          The RFID tags also turned out to be problematic.

          Rather than making large enough holes for the tags to be laid out inside weapons, agents force-fit them into the rifles.

          That cramming caused the antennae to be folded, reducing the effective range of the tags. And an already short battery life (36-48 hours maximum) meant that should purchasers allow the firearms to sit, the tracking devices eliminated themselves.

          Thar’s quite a bit of difference between the two operations.

          Wide Receiver sought to track and interdict guns being smuggled south using a combination of RFID-tracking devices embedded in the shipments and overheard surveillance aircraft. Wide Receiver failed because of the limitations of the technology used, compounded by the ineptness of its installation and the unexpected resourcefulness of the cartel’s gun smugglers.

          As a result of the mistakes made in Wide Receiver, guns were lost: approximately 450 made it into Mexico. As a result, the botched operation launched in 2006 — and in this instance, actually botched — was shut down in 2007.

          Compare the mistakes of Wide Receiver to the operations launched under Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, which had the advantages of learning from the postmortem failures of Wide Receiver two years before.

          1. You might want to check your dates before lumping Gunrunner and Fast & Furious together as Gunrunner predates the Obama administration.

          2. What was done under the Bush Admin was stopped because of tracking devices were removed from guns—then there was a significant time period before Obama and crew started up F&F—–Please note that Holder uses the word Tactics a lot when associating what happened under Bush and Obama Admins—–Tactics were NOT exactly the same.

      2. Isn’t it interesting that everything Obama touches blows up into a full fledged, ill advised disaster. Was the Obama executive privilege why Holder warned last week about a “Constitutional Crisis”?? Holder is protecting all the secrets of this long nightmare of corruption. Makes Nixon look like an amateur!

        BTW: feels like we have been living under a “Constitutional crisis” for 3+yrs.

        1. I would like to clarify ‘makes Nixon look like an amateur’ compared to this, what Nixon did looks pretty professional now.

      3. Very succinct analysis, Ozzie! Maybe it was just me and hindsight, but it seemed like Janet was emphasizing the word “tracking”. Which of course was totally absent in the F&F operation. And I agree with you on your “plausible deniability” theory – after Holder meeped about how F&F was the same as “Gunrunner” (which he later had to “retract” to avoid perjury charges) it now seems to be the developing meme: “Well, Bush started it!”. What seems to be getting lost is that a CRIME has been committed, 2 Federal Agents are dead as well as hundreds of Mexican citizens, and the Supreme Court told Nixon that Executive Privilege cannot be invoked to cover up a crime.

    3. Finally, the investigators are coming up with the parts of the puzzle even though a little late. Never-the-less, is total implication the reason for stonewalling and Exec. Prev. even if ICE and FBI is implicated—there has to be more and my gut feeling is that it is spelled MONEY. Either Shake Down Money or Kick-Backs to a few that have conned many—gut feeling because of No Arrest, No Confisgation of BIG BIG BIG drug bucks, and no press conferences on the Progress of F&F. Can’t quite put the finger on it but the MO track record points in the direction of MONEY.

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