Proof Obama and Holder knew about gun walking in 2009? Unfortunately, NO.


My video is wrong and I apologize for that. What Ogden and Napolitano in my video were referring to was gun-running, not gun-walking. I mistakenly conflated the two of them. Gun-Walking to be clear is the weapons we allowed into Mexico that were never traced – the 2k weapons that turned up into the hands of the Cartel, one of which was used in Brian Terry’s death.

While I’m sure that the announcement in March 2009 was likely the beginning of Fast and Furious under the guise of Project GunRunner, this video below doesn’t prove that and thus I have deleted it.

I’ll try harder to not conflate these two in the future.


This is something I put together from a March 2009 press conference where gun walking/tracing was announced not only as an issue very important to the president, but directed by the president in conjunction with Attorney General Eric Holder:

Now we know why Obama issued executive privilege this morning to keep Holder from having to release documents about Fast and Furious.

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