BOMBSHELL testimony released from Epstein trial implicates former DEMOCRAT governor and U.S. senator!!

Oh boy, it’s heating up over at the Epstein child sex pedophile case, and Democrats are hardest hit.

From Bloomberg:

Jeffrey Epstein and a friend sent an underage girl to have sex with former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, former U.S. Senator George Mitchell and asset manager Glenn Dubin, she testified in court documents that were made public Friday — allegations the three deny.

Funny, they don’t mention the two politicians are Democrats. Weird huh?

Virginia Giuffre, now an adult, says she was also sent to modeling executive Jean Luc Brunel and the late MIT scientist Marvin Minsky, according to parts of a 2016 deposition she gave. The testimony by Giuffre, who claims she was a “sex slave” for Epstein from 2000 to 2002, expands on her previous allegations, in court filings and tabloids, that she was forced to have sex with the U.K.’s Prince Andrew and Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz. Both men have strenuously denied those allegations.

Epstein, a convicted sex offender, faces new federal criminal charges of sexually trafficking minors. None of the other men were defendants in the settled lawsuit, and they haven’t been accused by authorities. But their appearance in the newly public papers adds to the list of those who could be tarnished by their apparent association with him.

Here’s Mitchell’s denial:

Then there’s Alan Dershowitz:

He has vehemently denied the allegations for years now.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if this nails some Republicans too. Something tells me at the top these political distinctions matter less when you’re a wealthy connected pedophile looking for enablers and encouragement.

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159 thoughts on “BOMBSHELL testimony released from Epstein trial implicates former DEMOCRAT governor and U.S. senator!!

      1. That’s also fair, but a lot of folks have a way of jumping on a bandwagon when opportunity knocks. (I’m thinking especially of people who come out of the woodwork claiming to be heirs to a recently dead celebrity – especially one known for their promiscuity. College coeds also like that game when someone they have a grudge against has been accused of something untoward.)

  1. That’s okay..the court of “public and media opinion” will decide…some, already have every name, tarred and feathered. If the woman doesn’t have proof then it should be dropped..Sorry, people can’t keep getting away with accusations. It makes it harder for the person who is telling the truth and ruins people’s lives…I don’t care that they are Loons .

    1. I agree with that but apparently they know for fact that he was running a sex ring with child sex slaves right? If that is a known fact by the FBI then I’d say it gives her a lot of credibility compared to airhead “I’m afraid to fly to testify but will for vacation” Ford.

      1. I’m not talking about the pervert who has been know for years. I’m talking about the people she is accusing besides him…Alan Dershowitz was on a talk radio show talking about it and he has al his records of everything, vehemently denies all of it. Not sure who she thinks she’s dealing with and all because he spoke good things about Trump..Sickening..

        1. I know who you’re talking about. I agree with you and said earlier that I hope they’re able to prove or clear those she names. They aren’t being charged so I kinda doubt it. I’m just saying she has more credibility than Ford who had absolutely nothing confirming her accounts.

  2. Any and all who are guilty should be punished severely. But, I’m going to need more than just one person’s testimony.

    Sorry, too many liars out there….

  3. And before this they were trying to link him to Republicans. Oh well, they’ll quickly forget everything they do is based in propaganda. Democrats are crap and their voters’ brains are crap.

  4. Funny, if and when this does reach any republicans, the media will be clear about that whereas they don’t mention party affiliation much here when it involves their own.

    1. …on this site they do not have too,we will let it be known who they are.Right Now I’n ready to call my Son and say,did you hear about Epstein and the ex-Governor of New Mexico.

    2. That’s standard practice for the MSM. I’ve seen it many times in the past where they leave off the (D). No doubt the Republicans will be labeled as (REPUBLICAN) Rep. such and such.

  5. I hope for these girls sake – Epstein has some video evidence.

    Or many witnesses willing to come forward. I pray these girls have justice

    1. The CIA probably has the evidence. Just like all other elite scandals, nothing will come of it.

  6. Not only the pedophiles are despicable but everyone else who was watching and collaborating and not doing anything to stop the crimes on Pedoisland. A lot of personnel was needed to organize the flights with the Lolita Express (pilots and crew) and to maintain the installations on the island. So who was working, cleaning, cooking, building, repairing, doing the laundry and flying for Pedo Epstein and didn’t do a thing? It is imperative that these people corroborate the testimonies.

  7. For being a sex slave she sure knows some powerful and influential people. Point being that I don’t believe she just pulled names out of a hat. Hopefully they’re able to dig up the details and determine whether it really happened or not (for each one) because she’s done killed their reputations.

    1. I’m not hoping they can dig up anything,I hoping the accuser [and I believe she will] can prove what she is accusing them of or the Prosecutors have evidence to substantiate he accusations.

      1. I’m not hoping she can prove it because that insinuates that I’m hoping they are guilty. I’m hoping they can prove whether she’s telling the truth or not about each person she named. If she lied about any of them she shouldn’t get away with it.

        1. I understand what you are saying,However one side here is guilty of lying.The lady is just not accusing one politician of having teenage sex with her,but three politicians who probably have recordations of their whereabouts,times and dates.But,this lady still feels she has times and dates to prove those sex exchanges and the prosecutors who filed this case probably have something to substantiate their claims.Thanks Kong,just putting my thoughts out there.

  8. Hey Bill ,what can I do for a little favor from the Governor.Tell you what Jeff,I could use a teenage girl.You got it,she is on the way.Tell you what folks this is just a sample of what this rotten Government is all about. Whether its stealing,outright corruption,or playing with little girls,nearly everyone of these Politicians in some way are corrupted to the Core.That includes the FBI and DOJ who refuse to prosecute these A..holes.Our Top law enforcement has known about Epstein for years.Why do you think the leaders of the FBI and the DOJ never come from the Rank and file, because the Politicians choose the SOB’s that they can control

  9. We can’t forget about ol Billy boy Clinton. Epstein visited the White House 4 times during the early Clinton Presidency.

  10. If these are the old accusations floating around about Dershowitz, he claims that he can prove the charge is false because he was not physically present at the time she claims.

    I’m not saying none of these accusations are true, but I’d be cautious about believing all of them are true.

    1. ….and I would be cautious about all the evidence that Dershowitz has. Dershowitz has only been a polite republican since it was revealed that Bill Clinton had frequent travel air privileges on Epstein’s flights to this private island of teen age sex orgies.I believe Bill Clinton and the Flight Logs showed he had many flights to this remote island.

        1. I think it is and the lady after all the passing years and with the publicity,no longer has to worry about fearing anyone and is coming forward.To, what I believe is telling the truth.This is not a nomination process where you can lie and suffer no consequences,i.e. Brett Kavanaugh and the lady who testified with lies against Brett,but consequences for not telling the truth.

    2. Yes, I also think there’s a credibility issue. Better to wait for the evidence and not judge on accusations alone.

  11. The headline really should have included “former,” Soop. For a brief second there, I had a tingle go up my leg…

  12. It is not funny they failed to mention the party affiliation it was intentional. I am surprised they didn’t label them republicans and issue a correct days later.

  13. She accused former New Mexico governor democrat Bill Richardson. It doesn’t surprise me. He’s a sleazy pay to play politico. This state is in a world of hurt.

  14. She also said she never saw Trump engaging in any way in sex with any of the girls or that he was ever around when it happened. She totally exonerated him. Trump is a better human being than most give him credit for. They mentioned nothing about Clinton. I am sure they are covering up his crimes. ( am talking about the coverage on CW news).

      1. The woman said that Trump never even flirted with her. So there you have it. Trump was not involved.

      2. I’ll go where the evidence leads me.The girl sounds credible and had no reason to protect Trump.

  15. at the top these political distinctions matter less

    What political distinctions at the top?

    There are few, if any, political distinctions at the top, even outside the bedroom or child sex slave brothel.

    The DC aristocracy is first and foremost about protecting their own power. Part of that is consolidating power in DC by expanding the size and role of government.

  16. Remember Senator DiFi hollering her drivel that “the women must be believed”? Well she isn’t making that claim now when big time Demoncrats are up to their eyeballs in human trafficking and pedophilia.

  17. All we ever heard were crickets when this was going on..Now the fact that they’re dems the crickets seemed to have gotten louder,Yes?

    1. the demonrats have kept their filth under wraps, to the extent possible, for so long that it is pouring out now. It was bound to happen. The clintons probably assumed they would be dead by the time that happened, but no.

  18. Alan Dershowitz?? Don’t know what to think other than don’t take the story at face value. In his case, his recent efforts to protect Trumps rights can mean either he knows he is in deep sh!t because of guilt that will undoubtedly unravel his life if it is true OR he is being falsely accused by the left as punishment for supporting Trump. “Stay tuned”, I guess.

    1. Exactly. The left is accusing him, he says the left is falsely accusing him in retaliation for “supporting” Trump. The truth may take a while to come out.

    2. The left always throws feces at innocent people when they are under attack and about to go down…expect more mass shootings by more antiFU types too. This is getting uglier by the minute.

      1. Yeah, Isn’t it ironic. Antifa is willing to kill to make the point about gun violence! Only a mathematician can make sense of this kind of inverse logic.

        1. Antifa was about ten men in Oakland who showed up in black clothes and masks when that blonde dope from England tried to speak at Berkeley. That’s all there is to Antifa. That’s what’s ironic. Or someone tell me if they’ve seen them since that day. A bit like
          the “New Black Panthers.” Where are they? They’re a dream of Fox News.


    O/T, this is disturbing. Planned Parent is screaming about the separation of children from their parents at the border…Wow…what idiots. These progressives don’t even THINK anymore before speaking anymore! It is all about emotional incitement of hysteria with these clowns. Planned Parenthood and other abortionists kill more humans every year than ANY OTHER SOURCE, be it war, beheadings, prescription drugs (even when taken as prescribed), surgeries, Chicago and other urban gang shootings, mass shootings….you name it. Abortionists are responsible for far more murders than anyone or anything else. Only the Great Flood took out more lives and that is for all time.

    1. Want real numbers, or do you want to follow ‘Twitchy?’ The CDC says there were 638,169 abortions in 2015. Or 188 per thousand births. These are abortions, not murders. And the great majority took place before 9 weeks, which is so early there is no fear or terror or stress, or whatever people envision.
      However many abortions there are, they’ll always be hugely outnumbered by the number of miscarriages, leaving sad mothers and fathers behind. God aborted them, somehow, not feeling that intense sacredness of the unborn, it would seem. He feels different about children after they’re born, as most people do, because he doesn’t let them just die for no apparent reason, as he does so often with the the unborn.

      1. Abortion IS murder. By accepting otherwise, there is no further conversation about it because, having lived the life I have, I know what I know and you living the life you have, you know what you know.

        1. I appreciate what you say. I would like to ask someone who believes as you do a question, but I expect to get a blast of hatred in reply. I’ll ask you anyway and see. Is your objection to abortion that the fetus will suffer pain in the moment? Or is it that God ordained the beginning of the life so it’s wrong for humans to interfere with that? Or specifically do you believe the woman or girl involved specifically has taken on this responsibility and she specifically has the responsibility to carry it forward?

          1. Your questions do not make me mad at all, gingerw. I can only answer from my own experience, as well as from my growth in relationship with God in more recent years (I am over 60). When I was young, I was what Trump coined, “a mediocre Presbyterian.” I also had an abortion when I was young, as abortions had recently been legalized. I do not know what pain the baby feels but I can imagine. Did not think about it at the time because, in the 1970’s, we believed the baby was “just a cluster of cells” that meant nothing at 8-10 weeks. Of course, now, we know that, by the time we know we are pregnant, they have a fully functioning heart, brain and other organs, eyes, fingers, toes, and you can see the blood pumping through their body. Hardly a mass of cells. At the time, I did not think about God much; I wish I had, but I didn’t…”too caught up in life.” As far as taking responsibility for a sexual act, that is for each person to decide; much of that is advanced by fear, which differs from one person to the next. Over the years, I simply made up my mind how I think. Ultimately, I married, had 3 beautiful children who are all grown and gone, even have grandchildren. With each birth, I thought about the baby I chose not to keep. With each milestone of my living children, I wondered about the first, had I permitted him or her to be born. The beauty of pregnancy and giving birth to a unique and amazing life, made me start thinking of God and the gift He gave me that I destroyed. Having grown in faith, I emotionally tortured myself, then realized I had only to ask for His forgiveness for murdering a life-gift He wanted me to have that I took for granted and cast away. He forgave me. I wish I could forgive myself…I know I should, but every time I see babies, I think of the one I threw away. Anyway, I assume that answers your questions. You did not make me angry asking. I made myself angry with myself LONG ago. As with many things, I cannot UNdo murdering an innocent life within me and it is something that I will never live down. At least a pregnant girl, who does not want a baby, can gift that child to a childless couple who will love the baby forever. Meanwhile, I thank God He forgives. That is Grace.

            1. Charli, I VERY MUCH appreciate your reply. And I envy you your grandchildren. I try not to pressure my sons too much.
              I’m sorry you’ve felt so much anguish over the years but I know it’s a consequence of your gaining faith, which I’m sure was worth any pain .
              It’s very hard for me to comprehend the abyss in this country between two groups of people, but at least you trusted me on this one difficult subject and I trust you. Thank you again. Ginger W

      2. Real numbers? “And the great majority took place before 9 weeks,….’ btw, abortion is murder.

      1. I have more respect for dogs and other animals than I do for democrats; animals know who and what they are and never pretend to be something they are not! LOL

        1. Listen, I don’t know why there’s so much hatred on here for Democrats. Well I do, because I have watched Fox News. Plenty of sneering and talk of ‘elites.’

          It is not fair. Nobody walks around saying “I’m an elite.” Nobody thinks of themselves that way. But I do feel, reading this site, people here are so illogical and nasty where there is no cause, no reason for it. I see so many stupid ideas exchanged. If Democrats laugh at hearing how Barack Obama is with 99% certainty a muslim plant, and Huma Abedin is an accountant for the Muslim Brotherhood, and Democrats hate babies so they’re just pretending to care about babies at the Border, does that make them stuck up elites? No. Just people trying to stick with reality without getting too depressed by what’s going on around them.

          1. I want to try to be polite as I couldn’t figure out if you are a comedian or an expert in reverse thinking.

              1. Because it would take hours and hours and I don’t want to do your homework. You really need to learn to collect information from different sources and you will experience the satisfaction of finding out what is really going on by yourself. I am not going to tell you what to think like the MSM does 24/7. And don’t be scared of being called a conspiracy theorist because what you will become is someone who just analyzes situations.

  20. Wow, tonight ABC News was BEYOND pathetic… No mention of party status… Balls to the WALL for “common sense” gun bill.

    1. It’s been the same on the morning radio shows, exploiting the tragedy for the sake of confiscation. I’m not even going to call it control anymore.

      1. Are you people insane? You’re all saying the same thing, the same preposterous thing. Virginia Giuffre was asked about Clinton and Trump. She said she never slept with them. She named Mitchell and Richardson. They’re pretty obscure nowadays but– everybody on this site believes their party was hidden– by all these networks?? There is too much going on to be focusing like that. You all must be nuts. What about Blagoyevitch. Jared K. thought letting him out of jail would be great because it would make the Democrats happy! No Democrat wants that criminal released– Jared K. understands nothing. If he’s released there’ll be an uproar from Democrats.

        1. ‘She said…’, ‘She named….’, yet you accuse others of being insane. For a numbers gal/guy, you’re a little loose.

          1. Because of the things you believe about Democrats are so unlikely. So unlikely. Murders you attribute to the Clintons. And this is because Vince Foster killed himself? A kind man who believed he’d let them down, among other things. Everybody who goes to Davidson College is conscience-ridden! But I guess, you’ve no time to consider details like what Vince Foster was actually like.
            Anyway, I didn’t know what kind of site this was, so I reacted spontaneously. And to me, your conclusions are insane. I’m sorry to say it since it seems rude, I know. But not as rude as these accusations and nightmare visions of what’s in the minds of your fellow citizens,whose actions do not match them in any way, whatever you may say.

        2. You are making the same mistake that many leftists do. Just because those on the left believe, & repeat, everything their leadership says & does (No matter how absurd it may be) doesn’t mean that republicans & conservatives do. People on both sides should do their own research. But, sadly, many people are too lazy to.

  21. I don’t care what party they’re from or who they think they are. Pedo’s are pedo’s and this stuff can also lead to political blackmail.

  22. There’s a reason why the Dems are going all in on the “white supremacy” narrative… Epstein and Durham investigations. And the MSM is aiding and abetting the Dems.

    1. MSNBC, CNN, FOX and others all have palms up to their globalist masters. Bill Gates wants a GLOBAL marketplace, so does AT&T, big pharma, big food, big … other stuff.

      That is why being a nationalist is a CRIME.

      We will only write usa usa usa in small letters, and use small voices, when the Dems win.

      1. We are in a global marketplace, Mr. It’s hard on many farmers right now that it’s been interrupted by these tariffs. Until the tariffs, they expected to sell to China forever. But China may find other places to buy before this is solved for them.

  23. One could be persuaded to think that in the context of sex Dershy might be gratified to be described as powerful. At least were it not for all the other unsavory legal implications.

  24. What about BJ Clinton? I’d like to see his name dragged through the mud and some jail time, before he goes to his eternal reward of sulfur and brimstone.

        1. The vocabulary police should know that “fire and brimstone” is an archaic, but still frequently used term.

        1. Actually, the redundancy would be useful. After the first day of roasting, Satan would tell Bubba: “Tomorrow, you get brimstone.” Bubba: “Anything but more sulfur, Satan, please.”

        1. The percentages of that being so is far past infinity. But I am hoping that she is somehow tied up in this Epstein mess. Chelsea seems to have an intimate relationships with one of Epstein’s procurers.

          1. What’s happening? Here’s a horny fool of a man who otherwise is a really good man, and a woman who did pro-bono work as a lawyer, who left a million poor people grateful for her help behind her, who did her best in her marrriage, who brought up a good daughter, hugely successful in politics, she never ‘messed around’, she withstood the worst bullshit storms known to man, just to be viewed as a monster for the rest of her life? Because she reminds people of the 6th grade teacher they were too young to swear at? That’s what I think it must be.

            1. Hillary messed around. She messed around with Webb Hubble, Chelsea’s real father. Hitlery also messed around with other women. We all know about Bill BJ’s indiscretions.

              The two were on power trips. They could not obtain and hold power without the skills of one another. They were (are) a criminal enterprise.

        1. Yep. Those stories were going around and are more than likely true. During the Clinton Presidency there were a number of rumors from Secret Service agents about women and coming and going into the residence to “see”Hillary

          I had a buddy that was a fireman and worked at the station near the Capitol building He said SS Agents hung out there when coming and going from the Capitol. A number of stories told to him.

          As for Huma I recently red she went back to the “wagger” Rather funny, a Muslim girl married to a Jew. It’s a wonder they haven’t wacked each other.

  25. Epstein wad an avowed Democrat. It’s possible the operation may get some Rino Republican’s. Makes no difference do away with them.

    1. After reportedly almost committing suicide a couple weeks ago, he has been under extreme 24 hour surveillance.

      This is highly, highly suspicious.

      1. ahh not at all. Ted Bundy was on death row and the guards let the Bros in his cell so they could love him up a few times.

      2. Agreed. Wonder if true the lawyers for the women will still continue to go after the men involved or this all gets swept away. If it’s swept away, I would be highly suspicious of his “suicide” if reports are true.

      1. he paid off a guard to look the other way lol No conspiracy it takes less then 5 minutes to do it.

        1. I’m no sure that Barr will just end the investigation as he seems like a straight up guy and is smart enough to know how this will look to the public. The other thing is the attorneys for the women are not just going away. This will enrage them and give them more of a reason to find all involved.

        1. Why was Foster’s body moved? What was Hillary’s relationship to him? “Oh, Vince.” How could the police be so ignorant/corrupt/complicit? You’re ignorant on the whole subject, so freaking spare me about “the truth”. Go and learn so more and understand just how fishy the whole thing was.

    1. yeah it sucks. After his first attempt I emailed his lawyer asking to hold $20 million. I mean it’s not like he was going to be needing it. He was going to be spending life in prison. It’s a drop in a bucket considering the billions he had. I listed all of the good I could do with $20 million I’ll be watching my email for the next couple of days just in case. lol

    2. Seems odd because he was on suicide watch. Elites protecting elites. My only hope is the attorney for the women does not let this case go and the DOJ continues its investigation because Epstein was not the only one involved.

      1. he whacked himself. No body from the Clinton camp showed up with a roll of carpet and snuck him out.

        1. Nobody has accused Clinton. Epstein liked to hang out with “big charity” men and big scientists. It’s possible that was the attraction Clinton had for him. And Clinton has much more freedom now to live his life, don’t you think?

          1. Clinton has made denials that he has flown on Epstein;s Lolita Express at least 26 times. Clinton claims four. Clinton ditched Secret Service protection a number of times to be on that plane. There is documentation within the Secret Service that backs this up. Also there is a report that a Secret Service agent on one of the flights witnessed something very disturbing involving Clinton and a young girl. Maybe an investigation will bring this agent forward to confirm what he saw. Epstein visited Clinton’s White House 6 times. Clinton denies this. Epstein’s procurer of young girls is in the thick with Chelsea Clinton and attended her wedding. Due to Clinton’s past history of being inappropriate with women I wouldn’t;’t doubt that hew was ties up with Epstein’s girls

            1. Yes, I see. But I would like to wait until some young woman accuses him. Because of the intensity of hatred towards him here, when what he did was have ONE affair, which has apparently made him liable for untold murders, financial crimes, and turned his law-abiding high achieving wife into a demon from Hell, I’d just like to wait for facts. Of course I realize it seems out of character for him to have hung around with Epstein just for jet rides but I’ve got no taste for going outside the lines. I’ve got no taste for talking about Republicans that way either. There’s already too much going on! Those other things you mention I just don’t know about. I know that procurer woman was at Chelsea’s wedding but there’s no way she would have been involved in anything sleazy, if only for the sake of her reputation. She’s super upright. She talked about her great fondness and admiration for Ivanka Trump, if you recall when Trump was first elected. She’s a principled person. So anyway we’ll just have to see. Clinton would have known he couldn’t tell lies about when he was on the planes because it’s all recorded, right? On manifests?

              1. Clinton didn’t have just one affair. Clinton wasn’t responsible for just adultery either. Try rape. Also, look up Vincent Foster. Then look up who else mysteriously committed suicide while in prison, in addition to Epstein. Then try on “Unlimited Access” to see how he played fast-and-loose with national security. Don’t forget obtaining money from overseas sources for campaign reelections. Also, perjury, and lying directly to the country about his crime (“I did not have sex with that woman.”) If you want to include Hillary, then there’s even more to answer for — Filegate and Whitewater, for starters.

                Tthe dislike for Clinton is well-founded, but you wouldn’t know it from your stunning ignorance on the topic.

        2. I Never mentioned Clintons at all, but I used to work with a company who dealt with the prison systems of NY and having somebody commit suicide while on watch is a big deal and questions will have to be answered if nothing else.

        1. Exactly and the DOJ was also looking into why he got the original deal so now to have a “suspicious” suicide while he was on watch will make it harder for DOJ to sweep this under the rock as there will be outcry. Don’t think the lawsuits will go away as his right hand gal who procured these girls is still being investigated as well.

    1. they haven’t said if suicide, natural causes or if someone whacked him. Prolly suicide

      update NY Times says he hanged himself. Someone should have been watching him.

      Dang it, the day he tried to whack himself the first time I sent an email to his lawyer asking him to think about leaving me $20 million. It’s not like he’s going to need it if he’s dead or in prison for life and he’s got billions. No answer Selfish toad! lol

      So now that Epstein is dead his charges are dismissed. He cannot be convicted and all the evidence against others goes poof.

      1. Not definite as the attorneys for the women can now sue his estate for damages and the DOJ is involved in uncovering how he got the original deal and the women associate of his allegedly procuring the girls. Now unless the death I see natural causes they will have to investigate as he was supposed to be under suicide watch. I’m sure the attorneys for the girls will put out a press release as to their next actions.

        1. His criminal charges are gone. Dismissed. No conviction. The girls he trafficked can go after his assets. Who really cares. More than likely his lawyers and the administrator of the estate will settle quickly and divvy up the cash among those filing a credible claim.

          Wasn’t Arron Hernandez on suicide watch. He hanged himself. Epstein prolly did it during a shift change. Only takes about 4-5 minutes.

          That selfish SOB I hope he left me $20 million per my email request lol

    2. Not really, they have all the information they need from his book to his computer. It will be better if he is alive and can testify but if he is not, the information is there, plus they would have to 187 a lot of women who were underage girls at the time.

      1. Agreed. I think this will only make the attorneys for the women more emboldened and remember they were looking into his right hand women friend who supposedly procured many girls and DOJ was investigating why he was given the deal in the first instance. Now with suspicious death while under watch it will be hard for Barr’s DOJ to end this now as it will look worse than the original deal that was cut. It’s much more public than the original case so sweeping it away might be hard.

    3. My only hope is the train has left the station and the attorneys for the women keep their lawsuits alive against the other characters involved like the women who was procuring these girls. The DOJ was also investigating why he was given this sweetheart deal the first go round so not sure it will end as it’s out publically now and the suicide looks so suspicious it will have to be investigated I’m guessing because he was supposed to be on watch.

  26. NOW the cover up can begin. Nail a few bit players and ex-Klintoon players to get rid of them then brush everyone else’s transgressions under the rug. If anyone believes for one minute that this was a “suicide” I have a desert to sell you in the Everglades.

    1. Normally I’d say yes, but AG Barr doesn’t strike me as the type since this is so public now. Suspicious death adds to his problems if he wanted to sweep this away which I’m not sure he did.

        1. I’m not as sure about that because Maxwell his supposed partner in crime is also being investigated and I’m already seeing people questioning the “suicide” while on watch. If nothing else it stays alive because there will have to be a Prison investigation on how this happened since it’s so public. The other thing is the girls attorney may sue Epstein estate on behalf of the girls since the coward won’t be held accountable any other way. They will also go after Maxwell.

  27. Penn State, the ‘Sanctuary City for Pedophiles’, has for decades operated a child sex trafficking enterprise, grooming tens of thousands of innocent children for the sexual depravity of well connected politicians, wealthy donors, and high ranking university administrators. Penn State bribed former FBI Director Louis Freeh to whitewash the scandal, and then delivered several young boys to former Democratic Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell for his hideous depravity in exchange for the early release of Pedophile State from NCAA sanctions. Newly unsealed documents revealed George Mitchell’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein…. When will the press investigate the Penn State-Jeffrey Epstein child sex trade connection?

  28. Of course some republicans are involved. To think there isn’t republicans involved discredits those that think they aren’t.

  29. You still have the pilots who kept account of traffic to fantasy Island to keep alive…and then there’s those cleaning ladies and….

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