Alan Dershowitz SUPPORTS DOJ investigation…into Angela Corey for violating civil rights of George Zimmerman

Alan Dershowitz says the DOJ doesn’t normally investigate civil rights violations of one person to another because a single person cannot violate the civil rights of another unless they work for the local, state, or federal government. So, he says, Zimmerman couldn’t have violated the civil rights of Trayvon Martin.

But he does agree that there should be a civil right violation investigation by the DOJ, but of Florida Prosecutor Angela Corey. He says by charging Zimmerman with 2nd degree murder and hiding from the judge the evidence that contradicted that charge, she violated George Zimmerman’s rights.

There’s much more:

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81 thoughts on “Alan Dershowitz SUPPORTS DOJ investigation…into Angela Corey for violating civil rights of George Zimmerman

  1. they violate my rights anytime i seek lawful help-they refuse me help,put others up to file revenge lawsuits on me full of any ole lies-every since the spca told me(i still have it in writing)to call SLED on sheriffs dept( a captian) for allowing  a man to terrorize me in my own home-they just told sheriffs dept who then put man up to keep doing it and have other join in (i have videos-security clips-they refused to see-now on youtube-they knew i was telling truth) they then had man accuse me of all kinds of crap,get restraining order on me-they refused me one-as he still kept comming down in front of my house to harass and intimadate….they still refuse to help me-i try not to call police but had to once 8 months ago-for it to start agin-they say i have no rights-any lawyer wanting to help-le m know

  2. Since a civil right (liberty) is a grant by government to a government authorized person (licensee, officer, etc), the only way Mr. Z could be charged with violating “civil rights” is if Mr Z was a government agent.
    HOLY BATSMOKE, Z was a government agent?
    Now, THAT is something astounding.

  3. … Zimmerman joins a long list of people whose reputation and safety have been violated by overzealous prosecutors.  But I still hold the left wing press more responsible in this case. They have assured that Zimmerman’s innocent verdict will destroy him.
    Is there a stronger word than loathe?

    1. TIMERUNNERSC Herein lies the problem.  It is Congress’ duty to take Holder down and remove him but Boehner is focused on amnesty to thank Obama.

    2. TIMERUNNERSC The special prosecutor law was abused, so, we threw out the baby with the bathwater.  The Obama administration could not survive if they were facing a special prosecutor as Nixon was.

      1. rickcaird , The Obama and Holder should not be surviving the US Congress right now or surviving the wrath of the American citizen. 
        Tomorrow is another day, who can say what it holds in its grip.

  4. Immigration and the Zimmerman trial are just two of many smokescreens lit by this admin to prevent the media from focusing on Benghazi, Obamacare’s implosion, and unconstitutional presidential overreach of powers.  The sheeple dutifully discuss………….

  5. The key phrase that Dershowitz used is “political pressure.”  Huckaphony (channeling the Great One here), who asked him to speculate on how George Zimmerman should deal with his life, should’ve asked Dershowitz to elaborate on what he meant by political pressure.

  6. Had Trayvon lived he could’ve grown up to be a model prisoner in Florida’s penal system.
    Let’s see, decision time…should I go on “home” or should I attack this crazy-ass cracker? I think I’ll attack this crazy-ass cracker.
    To all thugs in the USA:
    Americans are armed. Keep your hands to yourself.

    1. Rshill7  The left made this a hate crime but the only racial comments made were by Trayvon himself.  Imagine that.

  7. Sure, like Eric Holder would EVER bring charges against Florida Prosecutor Angela Corey. That would happen only if the Iranian mullahs invited Benjamin Netanyahu over for a Passover dinner. Give me a break. Just shows you how politically biased and racist our Justice Department is. White is definitely NOT their favorite color at Justice, and they prove it again and again.

      1. Sp00ks 
        What they care about over at holder’s racist justice department is ideology. NOTHING else matters. Nothing.

      2. Sp00ks Libertyship46  Holder won’t take her down for this because she carried the torch for their racial war.  She is well liked in the liberal community now, so he would be shooting himself in the foot.

    1. Matt2Matt  Banana Republic & Obamaville, a double negative. 
      Glad to know more and more White Americans have armed themselves and are wiling to use their weapons. 
      As I once heard a gun shop owner say, Obama and Holder are the best gun salesman in the country bar none.

  8. Ok, Zimmerman needs to go away, but he still needs to sue NBC and CNN. They were carrying the water for The White House, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, the DOJ, and the NAACP! This is not over.

    1. Its unfortunate for an american citizen to have to run away from this country just because the left wing nuts are not happy, but for his own sake its the only way out.

  9. Still waiting for her to be disbarred.
    Having the DOJ in ANY of this at all is an atrocity. It’s not worth their time but furthermore, THEY are the devil in the details, the monster under the bed… they are the only reason this gained any national attention at all.
    And now with the riots and violence that are occurring after the verdict, they should step up and own it… they caused this to happen. And the media was only too happy to help them.

    1. The Sentinel oCommie and holder sicked the FBI on this from day one to uncover ‘civil rights violations.’
      The FBI came up with zero with the full force and weight of the entire DoJ pushing for something, anything.
      This affirmative action prosecutor needs to be removed from office, go to the hearing to be disbarred, civilly sued by Zimmerman (discovery in this case will be SO interesting) and the state of Florida needs to reimburse Zimmerman for his attorneys.
      This man will probably have to leave the country in order to be safe. His attorneys really stepped up, but they need to partner with Mark Levin or Jay Sekulow or others, and go after the media organs that orchestrated this fiasco for the administration.

  10. I read that Corey called Harvard and tried to get them to punish Dershowitz after he publicly criticized her for bringing the charges in the first place last year. I think Corey has made an enemy of the wrong person.

    1. nosilasunny It would be great to see Dershowitz join the Zimmerman legal team if the DOJ does something :}

  11. I blame our Rino-Obamacarel-over-republican governor Rick Scott, Corey was appointed by another Rino Jeb Bush. This is exactly what happens when you abandon your principles to appease the left, and that is something that these liberal republicans jus dont understand.

      1. Matt2Matt Proudhispanicconservative   We Americans need to be sure and have our on rope in our emergency disaster saddlebags and trunks.

    1. Proudhispanicconservative  I think they understand perfectly, they are part of the game.

  12. Corey, and everybody at the top at the DOJ would be facing high treason charges and capital punishment (yes, the death sentence) in a sane society. And that goes for BO too. 
    I mean, people, what is the difference between these people and the Rosenbergs? Nothing! 
    Ah but yes, I understand. We don’t live in a sane world do we? Not anymore anyway.

  13. Why don’t you let the state of Florida deal with this DOJ?  Don’t you have enough work to do investigating yourselves?

    1. mike3e4r7 Haven’t you heard, your votes were nullified by the SCOTUS, now the DOJ will nullify verdicts they disagree with. This is dictatorship and tyranny.

  14. Never mind  justice being served and allowing the country to move on.  The Obama DOJ is doing its best to keep the nation in crisis mode over this issue.  Wasn’t Obama supposed to usher in an era of healing and a post-racial administration?  Lol.  What a sick joke of a president Jarret,, I mean Obama is.

    1. Your observations about Alan Dershowitz are right on point.  But of course, the folks in the MSNBC crowd have largely ignored his comments.  They’ve also ignored one of the chief causes of this entire incident:  i.e., the repeated criminality of young black males—specifically, the multiple break-ins around Zimmerman’s neighborhood.  But we’re not supposed to bring this up, are we?  It has no bearing on this case……yeah, right.

  15. For a hard core liberal extremist, Dershowitz is actually making sense.  Hard to believe.
    Its also shouting out loud a statement of how the US  justice system has been perverted.

    1. yazz55  
      Dershowitz is a classic case of what I call “liberal-at-risk”.  Kinda like a “Muslim-at-risk” where a truly moderate muslim wants to believe in a God, but can’t bring themselves to abandon the moon god allah for fear of being called an apostate and encuring the wrath of the muslim death cult.

      So is it with Dershowtiz in spite of the often times very conservative sentiments he expresses he just cant bear tp depart from the plantation.

    2. yazz55 He has not held back on being a Democrat or the truth. What I admire in him is that he holds to the Rule of Law not the politics.  Hopefully he can instill that in the liberals at Harvard.

  16. Agreed.  Right-minded folks should march on the Florida capital demanding Ms. Corey’s dismissal and any who work for her.

    1. E Lee Zimmerman Not just the capital, but the courthouse and her residence. People need to have signs “Justice for Floridians” because with her in her position, everyone is at risk of her injustice.

  17. This DOJ should not investigate civil rights violations against George Zimmerman. We already know the outcome of any investigation by them.
    This case should go before Congress.
    Congress had hearings on baseball players using steroids and this is far more important.

    1. billma40 Congress has no business intervening in a state case. The case is over, the verdict is in, George Zimmerman is not guilty.

      1. Orangeonebillma40 
        This was not about Zimmerman but about the illegal activity of  Angela Corey.. That case hasn’t started yet, and maybe never will. It was suggested in in this story that the DOJ should investigate her actions and I disagree. Would you want the DOJ that couldn’t be trusted to fairly investigate a jaywalking case to investigate her illegal activity of Angela Corey?
        I know the Zimmerman case is over. I’ve had some unfriendly discussions with some family members that are very angry  with the juries decision.

        1. billma40 Orangeone There is no case.  Corey hasn’t been charged with anything.  Frankly the House of Reps will do nothing either and no they should not get involved when there is a legal process. How is Congress doing on Fast and Furious?  How is Congress doing on Benghazi?

        2. Orangeonebillma40 
          Guess I need to repeat  myself .
           This Thread is ” Alan Dershowitz SUPPORTS DOJ investigation…into Angela Corey for violating civil rights of George Zimmerman ”

          I am saying our DOJ isn’t fit to,investigate anything.
          As to what congress is doing about Benghazi or F & F nothing . 
          Immigration reform is intentionally being used to take attention away from  all other issues.

  18. “a single person cannot violate the civil rights of another unless they work for the local, state, or federal govt.”  I wonder how many of the race baiters are aware of this ?

    1. TexasPGRRider  Do you think it would really matter to the race baiters?  They would charge him with espionage if they thought they could get away with it.  They don’t care what the get him with as along as they get him.

    2. TexasPGRRider
      The ones at the top are totally aware, it’s their followers who are ignorant. The LIV lives and because of that the media reports lies as truth and the DOJ acts like they have a thing to say about this. Very irritating.

  19. They need to Nyfong this Jeb Bush appointee, Angela Currey.  He is now disbarred.  I heard Zimmerman is going to sue NBC for a lot of money.  I’d make them take care of me for the rest of my life.

    1. NJK   Hopefully he takes them for all they’ve got.  Do you think they’ll give him a whole $1.50?

  20. They should investigate this marine’s civil rights also.
    Four Georgia men arrested for ‘beating to death’ ex-Marine who survived TWO tours of duty in Iraq
    PUBLISHED: 09:20 EST, 2 May 2012 | UPDATED: 09:34 EST, 2 May 2012
    Read more: 
    Follow us: |
    By the way, considering the person who heads the DOJ is a huge criminal who loves terrorists, how is he going to investigate anything?  Shouldn’t he be on the recieving end of a treason hearing, and execution?  With Zero and Reid of course.

      1. Willie Heath StevenValdez Three square meals and a cot.  Sounds numbered to me, lol.
        I know, she won’t go to jail….darn it.

        1. Orangeone  Lol, that might be the term everyone uses.  I’m not so good at remembering phrases the way they are actually used.  I screw jokes up as well.  🙂

      1. badbadlibs joperole Man’s a troll. He’s already been at it on other threads. Stay well away from him. That way, he’s talking only to himself like the psycho he is.

  21. Filed a false affidavit, withheld evidence which proved the affidavit false, mislead the judge allowing her to overcharge Zimmerman. Sounds similar to Holder’s lies to get access to James Rosen subpoena. Does not sound like DOJ was involved at all!

    1. WinMissouri 
      HMMMMM! – I think I am seeing a pattern here! 
      Actually – It has been an open secret

    2. WinMissouri I’m waiting for the cop that signed the affidavit that contained false information to sue her!  he is the one that will be charged with perjury.

  22. This DOJ will never as in NO WAY will they let the law get in the way of their agenda.
    Holder is the biggest racist in this country. Corey will get a raise a promotion and a spot on the SC if this racist administration has it’s rotten way.

  23. Dershowitz was never one of my BFFs until recently 
    “The enemy of my enemy is my new BFF”
    Only He could come up with this angle – 
    Thank You Mr. Dershowitz

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