BOOM! GOP Rep. Andy Harris obliterates head of CDC over reduction of vaccines due to sequester cuts

This is fantastic obliteration – a must watch.

In short, the President’s budget would have cut the CDC 317 vaccination program by 58 million where they sequester only cuts it by 30 million. The head of CDC testifies that they believe they could have maintained current vaccination levels with the president’s budget cuts, yet are saying with the lesser sequester cuts they would have to cut vaccinations to over 2,000 children in Maryland. Huh? That makes no sense. I guess that’s why “I’ll have to get back to you on that” is the CDC director’s favorite answer.

Now watch the magic happen below:

(h/t: RBPundit)

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95 thoughts on “BOOM! GOP Rep. Andy Harris obliterates head of CDC over reduction of vaccines due to sequester cuts

  1. Why is this not on MSM news? Oh I remember – it does not make the pres look good. those darn republicans …

  2. A WH propaganda effort on a massive scale in play, Goebbels would be proud. It is truly pathetic that a President, and a political party, can spend so much effort in proposing every agency within the US Government try and inflict as much pain as possible on the American people in an attempt for political gain. That’s not leadership, or close to being ethical, no matter what your political persuasion. It’s political corruption and an abuse of power on a scale hard to believe…

  3. Should have been like this:

    CDC Dork: “I’ll have to get back to you on that.”

    Rep. Harris: “When? I want it on record when this body will get that information.”

  4. What’s really scary about this is that these people are so unconcerned about the American public opinions that they don’t even take the time to check there own facts they just tell ball face lies and know they will not even be held accountable for it! Don’t people in these hearing testify under oath? So isn’t it Perjury when the lie? Isn’t that crime? Its 1 thing to question them but where is the Spine to prosecute them? Just like in Bengazi and Fast and Furious the lies are Blatant but you only here congress say we should Subpoena, but they never do?

  5. Translation…

    We manufactured this crisis and blame you the RINO’s for it. And we never let a good crisis go to waste. So, mister – its your fault.

    We, the obamessiah regime, fully supported by the libfag media will only blame
    Rush Limbaugh
    Sean Hannity
    Glenn Beck
    Gun owners
    Pres Bush

    Because they don’t care…
    – they want to starve you
    – they want to rob you
    – they want to rape you
    – they want to take all of your money and give it to the rich
    – gun owners want to kill you

    The libfag media has been supplied with the proper narrative to duly regurgitate that spending isn’t the problem and that a massive tax increase is needed. We never respond with any rationale to support our cause, because there is simply no justification for it. Only name calling, character destruction, distractions, diversions and general obfuscation of the issue is what gets dispensed.

  6. Dear Mark Levin, please, please, please, add Congressman Andy Harris to your list of our shining lights who find the spine to stand up to these educated imbeciles like the head of the CDC.

    The title of this posting is absolutely correct. Congressman Harris really does obliterate the head of the CDC.

    Notice how Congressman Harris closed his questions by almost saying he’ll get back to them later.

    The entire Nero Ceasar Obama regime must think everyone is as much of a blithering idiot as Obama’s vice-president, the world definition of imbecile, Joe Biden.

    Thank God, we have people like Rep. Andy Harris and Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Rand Paul to prove otherwise.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

  7. So a non-sequester cut of $58 million would not have significantly affected vaccination levels, but a sequester cut of $30 million would have? This is all part of Zero’s and the Dems’ plan to demonize Repubs through the maximization of pain by sequester, which was/is Zero’s idea, not the Repubs’. The sequester boondoggle is already backfiring in the faces of leftist authoritarians (Zero, those in his administration, and his Congressional buddies). May it continue to do so.

  8. Lily livered, lazy, lying sacks of excrement have been appointed bythe Obama Administration. Figures. Like begets like.

  9. Sheeesh. He can provide vaccines for kids in the budget by da-Pres whose cuts are twice what the sequester’s are, but because da-Repubs are behind the sequester cuts, well, all bets are off and he can’t figure out HOW to provide vaccines to kids under this heinous sequestration. HOW did this doofus get a job running CDC? My silly dog Goober can figure this budget vs sequester thing out WITHOUT a doggie treat!

    1. He is a political appointee. I remember having to stand in front of our board of directors. If they asked a question I answered it with numbers and facts if I couldn’t do it they would have found someone who could and I would have been out of a job – period. “I will have to get back to you on that” is either I’m incompetent orrrrr I’m lying. In either case he should be shown the door, but he is a public “employee” an obama-drone and he is safe.

      As for Rep’s being responsible fro the Sequester? That is such a pile of crapola I can hardly contain myself. So the President suggests a process, it comes from his Whitehouse. Everyone signs off on it and when it comes to pass it is “all the Reps fault”???

      Except for theweb and maybe Fox we clearly do not have anything like a free press that will hold this lying pig to account.

  10. Wow. The CDC minion was totally unprepared. Like he could care less anyways. Just like his boss – Skeeter. He was doing the pee-pee dance around every question. That’s the dance bugs do after hitting them with bug spray…just before they die when their nerve endings get hit with bug nerve agent (bug spray). In this case the nerve agent was a dude with hard questions and a working brain.

  11. Great vid. Love these. I expect we will see more and more over the next days.

    Here is a wonderful item I heard on Cavuto’s show today from Judge Nap. Anytime you hear the Dems or the administrative heads of these departments state that the cuts are “5% across the board. We can’t control what to cut.” That is an outright lie for a very funny reason.

    Since the Senate has not passed a budget for this current year, they CAN pick where to make these 5% reductions!

    If there was a budget, where there would be specific accounts and specific instruction on what to spend on what program, then yes – the sequester would be 5% across the board. But, since there is not budget and we are operating off of CRs – there is not specific instruction of what to spend on what program, so the heads of these administrative entities CAN pick where to cut!!

    So the Parks and Rec decided to cut the tours of the White House. Their hands were not tied – they did it to hurt regular people in their quest to gain back the House in ’14.

    Spread the word! Lying liars who lie….

  12. To be fair when transforming a country into a third World Nation it does help for there to be pestilence and disease..

  13. Was this guy from the CDC one of those low information voters or just a low information bureaucrat?

    1. He would be required to be proficient in both areas to be part of the Oblunder administration.

  14. Folks, Dr. Andy Harris is Maryland’s one politician with ethics and common sense. Unfortunately due to the gerrymandering of a number of congressional districts he is the lone voice for our side. The rest of them are a bunch of left wing hacks.

  15. They will become more efficient with Obama’s $58 million budget cut and let children die with a $30 million dollar sequester so they can blame Republicans by saying Republicans hate children.

  16. The sequester is Odumbo’s whether or not he wants to own it! The tool has been in office going on 5years now and when he had a majority all the way around for the first 2 years, no budget. Then the Imposter came up with this because he and his crew were too busy having a spending spree…on our dime, mind you…to write a budget. Now that he is high on dictator greed, he closes the White House ( which is the people’s house not his) to the public, lets loose prisoners and illegal aliens, and now he has the CDC denying vaccines to children and pointing the finger at the GOP. Kudos to Congressman Harris for raking this CDC idiot, ( don’t know how he has an MD), over the coals! Just because our Dictator in Chief can’t do math, does not mean the rest of us can’t! You OWN this mess ODUMBO…we got all the video of you bragging about this plan when you came up with it years ago!

  17. You know we have exactly the same s*** here in the UK. Central government has made cuts, albeit tiny ones, to council funding. As the central government is Conservative (in name only) led, Labour run councils have purposefully tried to make the cuts as painful as possible to play up the ”wicked tory cuts” line. It’s laughable, two councils, 1 step away from each other facing the same cuts – 1 cuts back on barely used, almost irrelevant programs whilst the other shuts down libraries used by disabled kids and dedicates every waking hour drawing attention to the hardship that has been inflicted on them.

    For the weird left, the ends always justify the means.

  18. It sounds like Hillary Clinton has been instructing the CDC in how to deny knowledge when asked a question. Even when the numbers were given to this man, his answer, much like Hillary answered, “I’m not aware…or I’m not sure…or the classic “What difference does it make?” Let us put this in perspective. 2000 children die due to no space on a life boat from the titanic due to sequestration, or 4000 children from the Obama cuts? hmm?

  19. I LOVE that some brave heroes out there are pulling at the strings of Obama’s dire forecasts about the sequester and are casting aside all these disparaging lies that are destroying both the Republicans (who deserve it) and America. The truth will set us free.

    Obama is a monster. The sooner Americans realizes and admits this, the sooner we can apply a cure to what ails us.

    I’m so ticked off that Obama is pulling this punk crap. I hope he gets wrapped around the axel over this.

    1. This Dr. needs to hold a press conference today and tell the American people Obama has ordered over 2,000 children not be vaccinated in MD (a blue state) along with the released memo that says the sequester must punish Americans

  20. Hope he never loses his gig in the Public Sector, since he’d starve in the Private Sector.

    1. I ask myself that very question every time Obama trots out with his latest manufactured crises… But we are dealing with sheeple who have the attention span of a gnat. It really makes one wonder how they ever function in life if they cannot remember what happened yesterday…

  21. Does this guy know how to speak for himself at all? Why don’t we get rid of bozos like him in high level positions and then maybe they could afford the vaccines for children.

    1. So is releasing illegal aliens who have committed serious enough crimes that even Obama would deport them and refuse to tell law enforcement who they are, mug shots, where they were released and their crimes.

      1. And your point is?

        This country has been doing that with illegals for about 20 years. Yes Republicans too. That is why I opposed the last round of amnesty under Bush.

        1. My point is to provide another example of an illegal action he took under the “sequester” Obama did it intentionally to punish Americans. This is illegal and is a threat to American safety.

          1. Ok. Thanks for the response!

            I bet we could shut down this blog with his illegal actions. It is easy to be a dictator when you have DOJ in your back pocket.

            1. Sorry my reply to you wasn’t clear the first time. A bit back, I posted a link to the list of impeachable offenses but I can’t remember the thread. I know it’s online somewhere, I think 86 to date.

              You bring up a GREAT point re: DOJ. The DOJ should always be the opposite party to the potus, IMO.

              1. NO…not the opposite party because people lack integrity. We get the government we deserve and the corruption that goes with it when we don’t do our due diligence.

                When we elect people of integrity we don’t have these problems.

                I think we have a breakdown of society happening myself. Heck look at the media and how they cover for him and it is done with blatant ignorance. I can’t help but wonder if we are sitting in a front row seat witnessing the fall of a great civilization.

                1. The Attorney General represents the people, not the potus. When the same party holds potus, Senate, House, the people have no checks and balances. I do agree we are experiencing breakdown of our society. But I think today we are sitting in the front row watching the strength in our Senate defend our Constitution. I’m seeing online that the WH is dead silent while #StandWithRand trends globally on Twitter!

                2. Still disagree on on AG. AG actually represents the government of the United State so by rote the people. Unless it becomes an elected position, even then there are no guarantees, you have no check. the check is supposed to be morality.

                  And since I have seen and worked with the collusion first hand in DC I can tell you belonging to one party or another will make no difference. these guys ratchet up their rhetoric on tv and before their constituents then go to bed together. It’s all theater.

                3. Can’t dispute it Laurel. We “elect” our state AG and she is as corrupt as the rest of them.

                4. Can’t dispute it Laurel. We “elect” our state AG and she is as corrupt as the rest of them.

                5. Still disagree on on AG. AG actually represents the government of the United State so by rote the people. Unless it becomes an elected position, even then there are no guarantees, you have no check. the check is supposed to be morality.

                  And since I have seen and worked with the collusion first hand in DC I can tell you belonging to one party or another will make no difference. these guys ratchet up their rhetoric on tv and before their constituents then go to bed together. It’s all theater.

      1. LOL……okay, but I’m not holding my breath!!!! And I’ll bet Rep. Harris isn’t holding his either.

  22. “Very interesting”….said in a voice dripping with sarcasm….my favorite moment in a video that was outstanding all the way through

  23. Back in the 50’s my mother took us kids to the doctor to get us vaccinated, AND paid for it! Then we got home and ate lots of beans and hamburger meat.

    1. Same here. I remember my mom handing the doctor a $20 bill after our checkups and shots. About the same as a cart load of groceries.

      What ever the Federal government touches turns into a stinking marxist turd.

  24. What a disgrace! –

    “Hand in the COOKIE JAR!”

    I can’t believe these people are in charge of anything but a CARNIVAL RIDE!

    Obama and anyone acting with him are evil and should be IMPEACHED !

    1. Aw cheer up stage9. It’ll be shown on Fox and don’t underestimate the power of social media and conservative blogs.

      Also, just enjoy the clip. It’s awesome 🙂

      1. It is, but convincing the drones is where it matters. We need to influence the broader population and unfortunately they don’t visit TRS and many of the sites we frequent.

        And it seems to me Frieden doesn’t appear to be the usual liberal elitist. He tried to defer his answers to a later time, but he just wasn’t as skilled as the “Eric Holders” and “Janet Napalitanos” in the art of deflection.

        1. I would like to present Exhibit A from Newsbusters:

          How Much Do Conservatives Actually Care About Media Bias?
          Leaving aside the efforts of the Media Research Center and its journalism division (given my obvious conflict of interest in the matter), the case could be made that in dollar amounts, conservatives have actually done rather little to change the media landscape. Sure there are a lot of commentary radio shows out there now and there are a handful of right-leaning outlets that actually do report the news. But compared to the billions that conservatives have spent on television ads and junk mail, the amount the right has spent on news is, sadly, rather pitiful.

          Read more:

      1. Bowling is even easier … provided you never get a spare or a strike. When President YDMT bowled a 37 in 2008, the easiest frames to score were the 3 with 2 gutter balls.

    1. There is an app for that.. It’s called calculator. Potus administration this we are stupid. Glad this whole thing is backfiring on them.

    2. A billion here and a billion there and sooner or later it all adds up to a trillion which is what a year’s worth of vacations for Cleopatra Michelle Obama will be costing us but who’s counting?

      John Craven
      New Orleans

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