BOOM: Gov DeSantis absolutely SCHOOLS reporter on how horrible the CDC has been since COVID – [VIDEO]

Governor Ron DeSantis did an interview today with ABC News and absolutely schooled a reporter after she suggested the CDC would disagree with him.

DeSantis asserted that big pharma hasn’t demonstrated the benefit of their boosters. The reporter and host of ABC News Live Prime, Linsey Davis, shot back and suggested the CDC would disagree with him on this.

Not wasting any time, DeSantis quickly jumped back in and proceeded to school her on just how bad the CDC’s track record has been with COVID.

Watch below:

Here’s what DeSantis said:

But how good has CDC done, with all due respect, over the last few years? How many people trust the CDC at this point? I was somebody five years ago that if you woulda said CDC said this, that would have carried a lot of weight with me.

I was in the trenches during COVID. They were citing flimsy studies saying that masks will stop COVID. They were citing flimsy studies about the mRNA shot originally. Remember, the CDC director said if you take these shots, you will not get COVID. That is not true! We know it’s not true. People got COVID. They would make representations which were not true. So the trust that’s been lost I think has been incalculable. And one of the things that I said is when I come in, we’re going to have a reckoning about all these COVID policies. We’re going to hold people accountable who got it wrong.

Just one more reason why he needs to win the presidency.

You can watch the full interview below:

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