BOOM: Gov DeSantis slams the NCAA and declares Emma Weyant the winner of the 500-yard freestyle swimming event, not Lia Thomas

Governor Ron DeSantis slammed the NCAA today for allowing Lia Thomas to participate in the women’s swimming events last weekend and went on to sign a proclamation recognizing Emma Weyant as the winner of the event.

First, here’s the video of him announcing this earlier today:

I absolutely love this. DeSantis is using his authority as governor to call out this fraud perpetrated by the NCAA and to officially recognize the woman from his state who set the record for the fastest women in the 500-yard freestyle event as the true winner of the race.

Here’s the proclamation he signed today:

And the larger version for you to read:

In the document DeSantis rips the NCAA, saying they declared the winner of the 500 yard freestyle event to be “a man identifying as a woman” and that “the NCAA’s actions serve to erode opportunities for women athletes and perpetuate a fraud against women athletes as well as the public at large.”

Amen and Amen and Amen. Florida is lucky to have such a damn good governor.

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