BOOM! Intel Committee to RELEASE Memo about DOJ and FBI corruption!!!

So the right-wing has gone stir crazy over the existence of some top secret four-page memo that supposedly has damning evidence against the Department of Justice and the FBI.

The big news is that they’re going to release it:

Yay!! All the Democrats will be crushed and they’ll be executed for the traitors they are!!!

Here’s what is supposed to be in it:

“A document described by House Republicans as a top-secret memo about [FISA] surveillance ‘abuse’ contains talking points focused on discrediting Fusion GPS, the firm that hired a British ex-spy to compile intelligence reports about alleged connections between President Trump’s associates and the Kremlin.”

“It suggests that the former spy, Christopher Steele, lied to FBI agents who interviewed him during their probe of the 2016 election and that this purported lie was included in a successful application for a federal court order to conduct electronic surveillance on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.”

A bunch of Republicans signed a letter to release the memo:

Soooo, will we finally destroy the insidious traitors in our midst so that emperor Trump can reign supreme?!?!

I kinda doubt it.

When the topic trended, I posted a rather snarky round up of videos from the congressmen pushing the memo here.

Well el Scoopy castigated me for not explaining why I thought it was bunk. SO I will do that now.

The reasons are numerous and several.

For one, I noticed right off that the people pushing the memo were kind of the fringe of the GOP. I even agree with many of their policies, but they spend too much time screaming about everyone being a traitor for me to take them seriously.

They seem to be led by Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, who has been all over the talk shows screaming idiocies in support of Trump. I just don’t trust that he’s on the level here. There are sane, reasonable supporters of Trump. This guy ain’t one of them.

Secondly, the thing was immediately pushed by numerous personalities of the “alt-light,” and the most zombified Trump supporters – it was like a firehose turned on and they all automatically joined in.

I’ve seen enough of these mass hysteria events to guess there won’t be anything substantive coming soon.

Thirdly, it’s being reported that many of the accounts pushing the “release the memo” hashtag were associated with Russian bot accounts:

I know, I know, it’s all lies, and the Russians are our best buddies.

This won’t be a popular opinion. Extremist conspiracy theories are popular. You know who are raking in the ad money? The lying scumbags who keep pushing conspiracy theories to gullible readers and make us look like dimwits. They are cashing in on the gullibility of those on the right who want to believe that we will obliterate our political enemies as long as they tweet long and hard enough.

IN this video, Jim Jordan can’t explain why it isn’t out there already:

Fourth, the memo was written by Devin Nunes – it’s not like this is a non-partisan document from an objective source. Nunes has been out there making tons of unsubstantiated accusations for months.

My guess is that the memo will just have more unsubstantiated accusations. Because that’s all either side does now – they make accusations without the evidence to back them up so that their base can keep getting angrier and angrier.

And if I’m wrong, I’ll admit so. I’ll guess we’ll find out in 19 days.


And here’s the endgame. Intellectual right-wing GIANTS and ICONS Jesse Waters and Lou Dobbs are reporting that the memo WILL END THE MUELLER INVESTIGATION IN ALL CAPS AND WITH A LOT OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!

“Fox News is hearing the report is so explosive it could end the Mueller investigation,” ah well, that’s convenient, so Trump won’t have to end it himself.

“The reporting suggests that the Obama Administration colluded with the FBI, with the Justice Department, and with the Hillary Clinton campaign to spy on the Trump campaign before and after the election,” and yet he admits he has no clue what the memo says. He must be a prophet!!

Stay tuned.

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