BOOM! Lindsey Graham SCHOOLS the FBI Director and IG on why FBI really let Hillary off the hook!

Lindsey Graham was pretty impressive today in the IG hearing, going point after point to explain why the FBI let Hillary off the hook.


Graham wasn’t giving the FBI Director and Inspector General a hard time, he was simply putting the facts together for them in order to show how the FBI let Hillary off the hook as a way of trying to defeat Trump.

After going through Peter Strzok’s text messages, the man who was he head honcho of the Hillary email case, Graham came to one of his final points:

GRAHAM: Finally, do you agree with me that finding her liable criminally would be inconsistent with stopping Donald Trump? If they found Hillary Clinton was criminally liable, that paves the way for Donald Trump. Can you put those two things together?

IG: I guess it would depend when, but yes I could conceivably could.

GRAHAM: What about in July, a week before the convention?

IG: It clearly could conceivably…

GRAHAM: Not only clearly conceivably, that’s exactly what’s happening here folks. You cannot hold her criminally liable and stop him!

The very last point Graham made, to put the icing on the cake, was why Comey changed the wording in the July Hillary announcement from ‘gross negligence’ to ‘reckless disregard’. Both Graham and the IG agreed that ‘gross negligence’ is a criminally liable standard. Graham then said:

So if they had said it the way they originally wrote it, she’s guilty of a crime. And the reason they changed it is because she’s not guilty of a crime; and if you want to stop him it can’t be ‘gross negligence’.

The last exchange that the video cut off was where Graham asked the IG what the difference was between ‘gross negligence’ and ‘reckless disregard’. The IG responded ‘not much’, to which Graham replied “it’s a lot politically!”

I love the way he lays all of this out and from what I could tell, many on Twitter did as well. And it’s because he’s not wrong!

Watch the video for more…

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