BOOM! Liz Cheney SLAPS DOWN Ana Navarro and her idiotic feminist tweet!

Once again Ana Navarro lets her hatred of Trump get in the way of being a rational person who makes sense when she tries to make a point.

Bleh. Well luckily for you find people you don’t have to depend on my wit for a slapdown of ol’ Ana, because Liz Cheney is here to the hard work that this Mexican is just too lazy to do:

LOL! That’s pretty sweet, and well deserved. I think you can see Cheney way in the back partially obscured in the photo, but she’s there. AND not only did she stay, but other Democrats stayed as well, which kinda puts a damper on Pelosi’s claim that Trump melted down in the meeting. If that was the case, then why were other Democrats able to continue on in the meeting after Pelosi ran off? Hmmmm….

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