BOOM! McConnell BLOCKS Democrats calling for release of Mueller report! [AND RUBIO BACKS HIM UP!]

As I’m sure you al have seen, Democrats are trying to make a big spectacle about calling for the release of the full Mueller report, even though AG Barr has already said he would release as much as possible under the rules of the DOJ.

Well today, after the House held a similar vote on a non-binding resolution calling for the report’s release, Senate Democrats tried to do the same. But they were stymied when Mitch McConnell objected to the unanimous consent request and shut it down.

Here’s more:

THE HILL – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Monday blocked a resolution calling for special counsel Robert Mueller’s report to be released publicly.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) asked for unanimous consent for the nonbinding resolution, which cleared the House 420-0, to be passed by the Senate following Mueller’s submission of his final report on Friday.

“Whether or not you’re a supporter of President Trump … there is no good reason not to make the report public,” Schumer said from the floor. “It’s a simple request for transparency. Nothing more, nothing less.”

But McConnell objected, noting that Attorney General William Barr is working with Mueller to determine what in his report can be released publicly and what cannot.

“The special counsel and the Justice Department ought to be allowed to finish their work in a professional manner,” McConnell said. “To date, the attorney general has followed through on his commitments to Congress. One of those commitments is that he intends to release as much information as possible.”

Schumer added after McConnell’s objection that the resolution didn’t say the report should be released “immediately” but just that it ought to be released.

“I’m sort of befuddled by the majority leader’s reasoning in this regard because it is not in the words of this resolution,” he said.

But McConnell countered that the president has had to wait two years while the investigation was ongoing and “it’s not unreasonable to give the special counsel and the Justice Department just a little time to complete their review in a professional and responsible manner.”

McConnell is absolutely right here and I’m glad he blocked Schumer’s request.

In very much related news, six House Democrats who lead committees have just sent a letter to Barr demanding the release of the full report by next Tuesday:

See, spectacle. That’s all this is. Rubio just called them out on it:

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93 thoughts on “BOOM! McConnell BLOCKS Democrats calling for release of Mueller report! [AND RUBIO BACKS HIM UP!]

  1. You know, if Congress wanted immediate access to special counsel reports, or wanted them to be made entirely available to the public, they could have written those provisions into the law. I mean, they are the people who wrote it and passed it. I love the way Congress has to call on Congress to do now that which they were too stupid to do then.

  2. Finally McConnell’s spine started to work again. I bet Rubio is looking to run for Pres. again is his excuse. He’ll never get my vote here in Fl again ,ever !
    He always pretends to care about any given issue before a major election.

  3. This is nothing more than partisan political grandstanding and kabuki theatre. The dirty rotten dems and GOP RINOS calling for full transparency of Mueller’s report are blithering idiots. Schumer knows darn well that A.G., Barr can not, by law, release the full report. The report contains classified information and it’s a fact that no Congressional rep has the security clearance to view that classified information.

    On another note, there is a huge story that should be at the forefront of all news stories today. That story being that, James Clapper went on MSNBC and dropped a huge bombshell. Clapper threw Obama under the bus by saying Obama is responsible for everything.

    Wow. This video absolutely needs to be shared because what Clapper reveals is devastating to the marxist dems.

  4. Ironic that all of the House Dem Committee chairs are some of the most reprehensible. The only one missing is Swallows-well.

    1. Good morning! Yes. Would love to see Comey, Strzok, Brennan, Clapper, and Hillary in handcuffs.

      1. @Abe Lincoln
        Lord willing, their crimes will be exposed. Now that Mueller is finished the FISA investigation can get these conspirators.

  5. We know from experience that Demonrats never read anything they sign; however, you would think that, as lawyers, teachers, etc. (even though they were failures in the private sector), they should know that there are innocent people, whose names/addresses are in that report as witnesses. Public exposure would send the demonrats’ toadies, such as AntiFU, BLM, Occupy, SEIU and other thugs to their homes to make their lives miserable (which I realize means nothing to demonrat congressmen and senators). Also, since the state of NY and NYC began filing lawsuits against Trump, much of the evidence in the Mueller investigation may be used in the ensuing trials and; therefore, cannot be made public. But hey…it’s the demonrats. Failed at their day jobs, they became “legislators” because they are much too incompetent to do anything else. Why anyone votes for them is an entirely different matter.

    1. @Charli The Democrats never read what they sign because they tell their minions exactly what to write in the bills. 0care goes all the way back to when the Hagfish was first lady (using the term loosely) and I’m sure that they were familiar with its contents, if not every detail.

      1. @dr-strangelove The connection between Hillary care and obama care is unmistakably obvious. We should never forget how Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, etc. used strong arm tactics to coerce and blackmail those dems, (the blue dogs) that were unsure if they should back obama care or not.

        Furthermore, we should also never forget what M.I.T. professor, Johnathan Gruber and key obama care architect said on video about the American public being too stupid for their own good. Gruber openly admitted to intentionally deceiving the SCOTUS into believing obama care as being a tax in order to get it passed.

  6. I know the Democrats are disappointed in Mueller’s report, but if they were smart, they’d let this go…but then if they were smart, they wouldn’t be democrats.

    1. I’d like a report on the Obama admistration , unmasking and lies to FISA Court so they can spy on Americans, when will a special prosecutor be appointed? When do we get to the truth on what transpirted or is this a “you can’t handle the truth” moment.

    2. @teri-smith On the contrary, the democrats are livid that their boy, Mueller didn’t hand them the smoking gun they were expecting from him. As I’ve said a few times the dems were absolutely convinced, to the point of being cocky and arrogant, that Mueller’s investigation was going to hand them the keys to the White House.

      Now that Mueller has exonerated Trump the dems are freaking out and the smell of leftist panic is in the air. The rats ship is sinking and they’re scurrying about in a feeble and predictable attempt to discredit Mueller and Barr.

      The fact that James Clapper went on MSNBC and accused obama for everything related to the dem’s attacks on Trump proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the demonrats are in full self preservation mode.

  7. As Mark Levin pointed out: it’s a matter of law that people summoned before a Grand Jury be held as confidential. You simply do not publish testimony of individuals who are not held as criminal suspects.

    But Dems want to destroy lives.

    They don’t care whose life they have to ruin in order to “get” Trump.

    Well here’s the deal: the law says “F**k you” to that.

    Mark Levin on tonight’s broadcast:

    If 99.9% of the American people want to see the full report, too d*mn bad. It’s not up for a vote. This isn’t the Roman Coliseum, thumbs up, thumbs down. This is a republic, d*mmit. And we have a rule of law, not a mob.

    1. As we know, democrats have no respect for human life and, because they have become the communist party of the USA, the public is nothing more than pawns in democrat’s corrupt games. Why anyone would give responsibility or authority to a democrat anymore is beyond me, and since the GOP is picking up the mantle of the old DNC, packed with too many RINOs to count), what we need now is an actual Conservative American Party (CAP).

    2. @K-Bob That’s why the Democrats continuously call our republic a democracy. They want to go to mob rule and ride waves of emotion to total power.

    3. @k-bob Didn’t Mark also say that none of the Congressional reps have the security clearance to view the classified information contained in the report?

  8. All of the failed demonrat lawyers who scream for the ENTIRE Mueller report are showing exactly how stupid they are and why they failed in the field of the law….for one thing, since New York has filed endless lawsuits against Trump, virtually NONE of the Muller report can be used because New York is going to demand the entire report during Discovery, which means it cannot be made public. Further, there are people who served on the Grand Jury, people who were witnesses that require protection, and other information that would never be safe in the hands of failed lawyers and idiots in the House. They are an embarrassment and I do hope the American people will toss them all out in 2020 (along with quite a few RINOs, for that matter) and replace them all with more conservative, common sense men and women who understand what is at stake with our nation’s security.

  9. It’s a game. They know not everything can be released, and IMO they’re building up the narrative that there’s a coverup and things are being hidden from the public. Then they can continue to make accusations because we just aren’t being told the truth.

    1. Are ya SURE they know? Cuz from where I sit, Kong, they are idiots. Complete and utter idiots. Though they breathe and apparently have heart beats coursing blood through their bodies, I am unconvinced that they have any noticeable brainwaves. :flash:

      1. @charli I’m pretty sure they know. Democrats plot and plan and nothing is by coincidence. They know that all that matters is what they can pull off.

        1. You could be right about that, which simply means that democrats are hate-mongers, liars and cheats. Either way, I hope this fiasco opens some eyes, ears, hearts and minds among the American public that we never give any democrat responsibility or authority again because they cannot be trusted.

    2. @kong of course it’s a game. It’s all about rabble rousing, working the sheeple into a frenzy. The only way to get total control is to go to mob rule.

    3. @kong1967 Of course they know, but that’s not going to disuade them from pushing their false coverup narrative. The dems can’t help themselves. They’re up to their eyeballs in their nefarious quest to bring Trump down. They’re in so deep that to go public and accept Mueller’s conclusions and Barr’s stating that there is no Russian collusion would mean the annihilation of the democrat party. The dems are flailing. Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadlar, Waters, etc. lit this dumpster fire and they’re all going to burn in it.

      1. @conserve-58 Not only is it not going to dissuade them from pushing their false coverup narrative, it’s the reason they are pushing for transparency to begin with (when they know it’s not ethical because Trump hasn’t been indicted).

          1. @conserve-58 Holy smokes! I didn’t even notice. A lot of them show up differently than how they print. Like AT comes up as “atomicsentinal” until after you post the comment. Anyway, I gotta fix that. Thanks for pointing it out.

  10. As many have asked, where is McConnell’s statement on the Mueller Report finding Trump, and his campaign staff, found not guilty of colluding with the Russians. Where has this weasly turtle been on making any statements on the Mueller Report? He’s been silent, as anyone could expect.

      1. @k-bob On the contrary, it’s his duty as the republican leader to show solidarity with a republican president. It may not be his ‘job’, but it’s all about the optics. The problem for us is GOP RINO, McConnell and his RINO ilk have their own separate agenda.

  11. Bill Mitchell
    Isn’t it weird that no one has asked Hillary about the Mueller verdict considering this whole #RussianCollusion farce was her idea?

  12. It’s been my experience with democrats that they love to grand stand about everything. My god in heaven can’t they be a little less dramatic about anything. Just a random comment, I can not stand Adam Schiff.

  13. At first I was like what? Why? Everyone, including Barr has already said everything will be released that can be legally released… so what’s the big deal, just pass it. Then Rubio had a tweet, and I got it.

    Like the bill that said Trump couldn’t fire Mueller… it gives the impression that the process needs protected by Democrats, or Republicans are going to hide things.

    Everyone has agreed to show as much as is possible, why give up the high ground? Mueller didn’t get fired, we didn’t need Democrats to protect Mueller from Republicans.

    No one is going to hold back information, Democrats, will just have to live with it.

  14. I just found the full Meuller Report:

    Dear AG Barr: March 25, 2019

    President Donald J Trump dindu nuffin.

    SC Robert Mueller.

  15. Is Scoop the guru who keeps taking time off for meditation?
    Am I the the only one who knows what I am referring to here?

  16. For those interested Mark Levin started his show with an excellent explanation of why the “full” report release would violate years of precedent on protecting witnesses that involve grand juries and also why FBI notes which would include underlying materials that the Dems are screaming for can’t be released either. I’m guessing Barr understands the law on these matters as well.

    1. Make no mistake – the Democrats know this so they will use it to make it look like a coverup and the fools will believe it.

    2. The Democrats know darn well some of this sensitive info can never be released to the public. IMO, they just want to whip up their constitutes back home to get attention and votes.

  17. Haha! This has been the best show! I have my popcorn ready for the sequel to NO Indictment! Reelection 2020!

  18. Tee Hee. Snort! Gawfaaw! ROFLMAO! 🙂 😀 😳 🙄 😆 You deserve all the angst democrats.

  19. Dems gotta have something to b*tch about always. Got to keep the base stirred up and energized. Why bother to legislate and appropriate when you can agitate?

    1. @ghostrider2001 Does any of the following sound familiar? Disarm the populace. Get rid of the Electoral College. Squelch the 1A except the freedom of speech part, specifically to be used only by their Pravda. Flood the country with illegal aliens to bring an obedient voting base, disconnected from our DNA. Centralized government only- no Federalism. Target majorities to isolate them and marginalize them, like white males. MeToo=no due process. Etc Etc.

      The Democrats are Marxists. Marxists live to create chaos in order to bring a “new” government to power.

      1. @GolfCartOne Don’t forget the second amendment. They can’t subjugate an armed populace. The bump stock ban is just the beginning. If the “red flag” law passes, they’ll have the ability to take guns from people on the flimsiest evidence without due process.

        1. @dr-strangelove The 2A is the very first thing I mentioned. It’s right after my question: “Does any of the following sound familiar?” I’m a retired cop and now in law school, I would never leave that out as the 2A protects all of our other rights, which is why I mentioned it first. I even used the term “populace”. I’m very familiar with laws they’re attempting to impose. Thanks.

    1. @blackr1 Please. The whole of the democrat party, other than Manchin, are vile and loathsome.

  20. I agree with Schumer that the report be released by Barr.
    Hmmmmm, how about in TWO YEARS? Does that work for you Chuck?

  21. Queue the parade of Democrats on their affiliated networks bitching and insinuating that Barr/DOJ/Mueller are trying to hide the findings and the truth about Trump. Please tell me we are going to have a special counsel to investigate how this all happened in the first place. I bet we’d see some indictments directly related to their conspiracy.

  22. “underlying evidence” how do you share the evidence of not doing a crime if there was none to be found. Evidence of not colluding.

  23. Patience means self control over emotions. These democrat politicians have the patience of a two year old at the toy store.

    1. They need the “illusion” that the GOP is still “trying to cover up” the finding, which of course they’re not. They knew that McConnell would object for the reasons Mitch defined. Now watch the Democrats go on TV & say, “SEE! LOOK! THEY’RE TRYING TO COVER IT UP!”

      They’re as predictable as gravity.

    2. @nece9 These emotions are carefully calculated to keep the base outraged and blindly following.

  24. Leftists are the bigoted, thuggish, lying, self-aggrandizing thieves of our lives and liberties.

  25. Democrats insisted for 2+yrs that Mueller be able to finish his investigation. Mueller needs to work with AG Barr to determine what can legally be released, in order to complete his investigation. They should not be obstructed. They should not be rushed. Time for the Democrats to sit down and shut the hell up.

  26. The past 48 hours has been nothing short of entertaining. Add in #CreepyPornLawyer being busted and I’m dying of laughter.

  27. The Dems have a lot of explaining to do… especially those who wrote the letters asking for Barr to release the report. Schiff, Waters, et al. started pushing the Russia Ruse since Jan. 2017.

    Last time I’ll ask, where’s @Deep State Annie?

      1. @sjmom What is TOS? I might like to go visit her. She evaded some of my questions. I intend to get answers.

        1. @golfcartone It’s called but I’d advise you to read the comments before you decide to make your own. On the front page you will see a letter to Kram because he dared to go and speak his mind yesterday. These people are TDS to the max

          1. @sjmom I read the open letter and comments. I recognize a bunch of names from here during the ’16 primaries. IMO those people are as responsible for the turmoil this country has suffered for years. I don’t care to waste what little time I have online arguing with them when I know it’s futile.

            The GOP is split, perhaps irretrievably. The Dems are split, but not irretrievably since they stick together no matter what. If our two sides don’t come together, then we are on the path to being history and succumbing to a government that is unknown to us. SHAME ON NEVER TRUMP! It’s very difficult to tell the difference between NT and Democrats.

        2. @sjmom Scoop deigned that we not mention the site by name, so people use euphemisms like TOS. (the other site) I call it the Dark Site.

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