BOOM! McConnell BLOCKS Democrats calling for release of Mueller report! [AND RUBIO BACKS HIM UP!]

As I’m sure you al have seen, Democrats are trying to make a big spectacle about calling for the release of the full Mueller report, even though AG Barr has already said he would release as much as possible under the rules of the DOJ.

Well today, after the House held a similar vote on a non-binding resolution calling for the report’s release, Senate Democrats tried to do the same. But they were stymied when Mitch McConnell objected to the unanimous consent request and shut it down.

Here’s more:

THE HILL – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Monday blocked a resolution calling for special counsel Robert Mueller’s report to be released publicly.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) asked for unanimous consent for the nonbinding resolution, which cleared the House 420-0, to be passed by the Senate following Mueller’s submission of his final report on Friday.

“Whether or not you’re a supporter of President Trump … there is no good reason not to make the report public,” Schumer said from the floor. “It’s a simple request for transparency. Nothing more, nothing less.”

But McConnell objected, noting that Attorney General William Barr is working with Mueller to determine what in his report can be released publicly and what cannot.

“The special counsel and the Justice Department ought to be allowed to finish their work in a professional manner,” McConnell said. “To date, the attorney general has followed through on his commitments to Congress. One of those commitments is that he intends to release as much information as possible.”

Schumer added after McConnell’s objection that the resolution didn’t say the report should be released “immediately” but just that it ought to be released.

“I’m sort of befuddled by the majority leader’s reasoning in this regard because it is not in the words of this resolution,” he said.

But McConnell countered that the president has had to wait two years while the investigation was ongoing and “it’s not unreasonable to give the special counsel and the Justice Department just a little time to complete their review in a professional and responsible manner.”

McConnell is absolutely right here and I’m glad he blocked Schumer’s request.

In very much related news, six House Democrats who lead committees have just sent a letter to Barr demanding the release of the full report by next Tuesday:

See, spectacle. That’s all this is. Rubio just called them out on it:

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