UPDATE: AOC NO LIKEY! — Mike Lee gives hilarious Senate speech mocking @AOC’s Green New Deal! — [FULL VIDEO]

As you all know, Mitch McConnell has allowed the Senate to vote on the radical Green New Deal proposal offered up by both Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey.

Well today on the Senate Floor, Mike Lee decided to give this Green New Deal proposal the kind of seriousness he says it deserves, telling his colleagues that his only fear is that he won’t be able to get through his speech with a straight face.

And from there he proceeds to mock the GND with hilarious photos of Aquaman on a seahorse and a Star Wars tauntaun, among others, as his proposed mode of transportation after we get rid of airplanes as the GND suggests.

You can watch his full speech below:

In the spirit of Lee’s speech, feel free to use this as an open thread.


Mike Lee’s speech has already gotten AOC’s attention…

No AOC, his point isn’t that it’s a ‘waste of money’. His point, which should be clear just from the Aquaman photo alone, is that it’s an absurd idea to begin with! It’s so absurd he can’t even debate it seriously!

And this says something because Lee is one of the most serious people in Congress. The fact that you suggest otherwise just shows how clownish you are.

And yes, the “haters” are absolutely correct!

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116 thoughts on “UPDATE: AOC NO LIKEY! — Mike Lee gives hilarious Senate speech mocking @AOC’s Green New Deal! — [FULL VIDEO]

  1. AOC: “If this guy can be Senator, you can do anything.” You’re absolutely correct and you certainly proved it by getting elected.

  2. This video was hilarious. Come on now with all seriousness this green new deal or what ever it’s called will never be taken seriously by ANYONE. This is my take on it . Let them sell it let them talk about it because the more they do the more idiotic they look.

  3. This is really an off the wall comment so forgive me, but…..

    I’m watching a Netflix series and something has happened several times that always irks me. People are picking up their cell phones and talking and the screen isn’t even in talk mode (for lack of a better term). It’s turned off or it’s still showing the dial screen…whatever. I want to slap the producer! How hard would it be to actually make a call so it looks real?

    Lol, sorry….I warned you that it was off the wall.

    1. I’ll do you one even better. Virtually every single GUI ever seen on monitor makes no sense at all from any kind of programming stance.

  4. The material was hilarious, the delivery was… Congressional. If Lee made his living doing comedy he would probably starve.

    But I hope the point was taken. I blows my mind they got kids to attack Dianne Feinstein… when all of us know full well not one of those kids want to go back and live in the stone age!

    I think he could have just said the ideas are ridiculous and left it at that.

  5. Good job, Senator Lee. You’ve been taking lessons from Rush in his prime: demonstrate absurdity by being absurd!

  6. I am no fan of Mike Lee…..these tactics are just a show. He could have actually done something by voting for Trumps emergency wall funding….but he chose to sit on the side of the democrats. He is lost to me forever.

    1. Maybe he should have been listening to Levin instead of working on this ridiculous presentation.

  7. AOC, you don’t have to be a “hater” to recognize a comedy sketch when you see one. And it’s a bad one at that. So bad, in fact, that Bill Maher wouldn’t even use it.

        1. @aphazel I will never forgive Negan for what he did, but if he’s going to stick around he might as well be useful. I own every episode, so I go back in the summer when nothing is on and watch. If Daryl dies, I riot! 😯

          1. @democratsrfubar I am still deciding if I want to continue after losing Carl, I get it, Chandler Riggs doesn’t want to do it anymore but I’ve always thought the Walking Dead was the trials and tribulations of Carl’s survival and the lessons he’s learned from Team Rick and the adversaries they’ve faced. You know, how he became a one eyed bad ass in a post apocalyptic wild west. I pictured AMC ending the series with Carl still alive so they can use it for a film franchise or a spin off series. Instead they killed him. Glen was my all time favorite so really since Negan made his entrance I’ve been kind of on the fence since they took Glen out

            1. @aphazel

              I put the ball for Carl’s story line ending the way it did square on show runner/producer Mr. Scott M. Gimple. Grrrrrrrrrr. I will watch until Daryl goes. And I’m kinda excited about the upcoming movies.

              1. @democratsrfubar I thought the actor wanted out so he can do other things was the reason why Carl was killed off. I wonder what happened with the producer.

                1. At David

                  Carl I.e., actor, purchased a house in Georgia, was willing to do three more years on the show, while he went to school. This Gimple is still producer and he’s well made WD his show, in spite of Kirkman’s writing the comics. He’s the man unfortunately, who says what goes. Gimple from the boards I’ve read got several other people show runners,and producers fired.

            2. @aphazel jenson Nope. Carol is the glue that keeps it all together. Carl ticked me off early on in the season & wasn’t unhappy to see him leave. Carol, Daryl and Jerry are my personal favs. I miss Glenn and Hershel the most. Favorite show since Sopranos & Breaking Bad

              1. @democratsrfubar I was stunned when Negan killed Glen. I love Daryl, Carol, and Jerry also. Especially Jerry. Of course he’d gravitate towards King Ezekiel who is another one of my favorites. Both Jerry and Ezekiel are nerds who were probably stoners that played D&D before the turn. Just out of curiosity how did Carl tick you off? He’s made me mad a few times also through out the series but he always redeems himself. The way he went after Negan was great. Let Negan know real quick just how mean the bear can get which he was poking at. Rick’s group does not play. If this teenager is this thug just imagine how crazy the adults will get. I had a fan theory early on where I was expecting Negan to wipe out Alexandria, hilltop, and the kingdom just to enslave a few key players and try to take Carl under his wing and train him under Simon and Dwight and then Carl would assassinate him once he’s gained enough of his trust to get his revenge. Then Rick would be controlling the saviors. In the end I was way wrong.

                I have been watching breaking bad here recently, which was one I avoided for a while since I had already seen the underbelly of the drug trade first hand but it’s actually way better than I expected. I just finished the episode where Eisenberg gives his famous “I am the one who knocks” speech. Loved the sopranos also. If you haven’t yet I would suggest watching game of thrones, that’s another awesome HBO show that they did an incredible job with.

  8. Another excellent podcast from Dan Bongino today. Wow, so Harry Reid is implicated too.

    Never has this quote been more appropriate… “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”
    Thomas Jefferson 1787

  9. Epic. Just epic. And AOC has absolutely no clue what a mockery he’s making of this stupid ‘deal’. Her head is so far wedged up… she’s got to be one of the dumbest expletives to make it into office. Bravo, Mike Lee!

  10. David Reaboi
    HUH: Even McMullin just spotted walking into the Qatar-America Institute office in DC.

    …and on the same day that BLOOD MONEY opens, too. Watch it here:
    (link: https://youtu.be/lFimy3QXqSc) youtu.be/lFimy3QXqSc
    9:28 AM · Mar 26, 2019

  11. “GOP Senators are using their Congressional allowances to print Aquaman posters for themselves”

    Says the woman who used her Congressional allowance to print the Green New Deal.

    1. I never heard of them but when he mentioned them I thought “they must stink worse than cows!” lol

      1. Lol it’s a Star Wars creature from Empire Strikes Back. They’re like a lama lizard with ram horns used as horses in harsh sub zero climates. After Luke barely escaped the Yeti attack, lifeless Han Solo found him. To keep Luke warm he used Luke’s lightsaber to spill the intestines of the Taun-Taun which Han used to search and rescue Skywalker shortly after it fell over dead and he made the famous sarcastic comment of “I thought they smelled bad on the outside”

  12. Even if she got the point she can’t admit it. She has to spin it to make him look silly so her supporters don’t see the point. Marginalizing. “Don’t listen to him, he’s a nutcase with sea monster solutions.”

    1. I think that because her and her supporters can’t see how absurd the NGD is, they already marginalize themselves by continuing to support it when the adults in the room know what’s in it and can’t bring themselves to take it seriously.

      1. @aphazel She does, but that’s nothing a lot of disinformation can’t fix. She can’t afford to admit that she’s full of poppycock.

        1. @kong1967 I’m starting to wonder if she’s for real or a conservative agent playing a parody caricature of what she thinks progressives are. Surely she can’t be this dim witted. Doesn’t she realize she’s basically a 24/7 GOP campaign ad?

          1. @aphazel Lol, I know people are tired of seeing her get a lot of attention but I’m glad she gets it. The more she talks the worse the Democrat party looks.

            1. I hope she never shuts up lol. With her help me might even take back the house of representatives.

          1. @kong1967 if she does realize she’s full of it I give her my upmost respect as the greatest troll to ever live. If she doesn’t however she’s a blithering idiot but still useful for 2020

    2. yes, and it should be told to them, “Don’t listen to her, she’s a nutcase with no solutions”!

  13. Another open thread thing…

    I recently saw the movie Imperium, starring Daniel Radcliffe. I was prepared to hate it, frankly. But I ended up being impressed.

    Radcliffe’s American pronunciation was almost flawless, and his acting was superb. So that part of the deal was great. But I fully expected the neo-Nazi/white supremacists to be totally misrepresented, to the point of cartoonishness.

    With the lone exception of the one bad guy who was trying to pull off a terror attack, the movie treated the topic as fairly as I’ve seen in a while.

    Especially surprising was the inclusion of the minor bit of philosophy at the end, which isn’t worth spoiling here.

    Was it a great movie? No. There is no way to make a Great Movie about this topic. But it was a solid performance, and interesting enough to watch the whole thing. Compared to a lot of the SJW garbage coming out of Hollywood, I was happy to see something that didn’t insult my sub-sub-genius intelligence.

    1. @k-bob Just watched the trailer. Looks pretty good to me, but….of course…sometimes the trailer makes the movie look better than it is.

      1. I only bothered watching to find out what Radcliffe was going to do with it. I kept thinking I was going to go into full cringe mode at any moment. I was shocked that they painted the ultra right folks as very diverse groups (which is how I’ve always seen them), and not just a monolithic “movement.”

  14. I was with him until he started talking as though “Climate Change” was something to be taken seriously and requiring a solution. Mike Lee what the heck has happened to you? Strike two.

    1. @warren-z I don’t like that “climate change” lingo either but I did appreciate his point: There are and will be real environmental problems that need to be addressed (like garbage in the oceans, for example) but people naturally want clean air and water, and will find ways through private enterprise and the free market to find solutions. The point is that the big heavy hand of government is not the way to fix things.

      And with the Left scaring children and some young women into thinking there is no future, I loved the way he emphasized that having babies, the picture of optimism, is the way to go.

  15. I like that he said real engineering and not the fake kind called social engineering. OTOH, climate change is bullshit.

  16. Notice also that Mike Lee addresses Ted Cruz as “Mr. President”…?

    Oh, in a perfect world, not just of the senate.

      1. @rae-from-minnesota Must have been posted after I made this comment. She’s soooooooo easy to read 😀 😀 😀

  17. Since this is open thread, just saw that since the flooding at the border has caused a shortage of detention beds, DHS is in negotiations with DOD to house the illegals on the military bases with I’m guessing any military families present.

    1. Evidently Laura Ingraham said last night that…

      Meanwhile, @ICEgov has released 125,000 family units into the U.S. since December according to @foxnews. #IllegalSurge #Scandal #OpenBorders— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) March 25, 2019

      This means every illegal dragging a kid across the border gets released inside the US. Most likely to disappear into a “sanctuary” city, where the child they brought with them will become a slave.

      1. Apparently @k-bob they are now looking to house them at bases. Not many options as the lower courts are making it near impossible to deport quickly if at all.

        1. Why doesn’t trump flood these activist lawyers and judges with EO’s Make them work 24/7 stopping Have EO’s wording change a little but doing same thing. Just flood the courts

          1. Partly because in my estimation he has surrounded himself with people like Mulvaney, Jared and DHS Nielsen who are sympathic and open borders inclined. Just saw Jay Seukoloff saying they should live The to comprehensive immigration reform(amnesty) and David Bossie writing how we can improve the economy by 1/2% point by importing more foreigners.

  18. Thank you, AOC. Thank you for every time you give us that manic and bug eyed crazed look you’re so famous for. Thank you for opening your horse mouth and for tweeting. Every time you do it saves POTUS Trump and the republicans valuable time, energy and our money campaigning against you and your marxist inspired ideology and policies.

  19. I notice Cruz is the senate president today. This speech has Cruz all over it: I’m quite sure he had an hand in writing this.

  20. Anyone do 23andme and open their profile for sharing? There is this warning when you do:

    Also remember that by using this tool, you may discover unexpected information. Though uncommon, unexpected relationships may be identified that could affect you and your family.

    Well, we had some interesting news from that, an aunt had a baby in the 60s and gave him up for adoption, he found my daughter on 23andme because they were matched as 2nd cousins.

    Now my aunt and him are in contact. I am praying that this is a blessing for them both.

    1. I’ve seen lots of reasons to avoid sending in your DNA, or participating in ancestry sites.

      I’m sure most folks will be fine, but I just don’t want someone else claiming my DNA for their own use, or using my genealogy chart to determine that some bank robber I’ve never heard of is a distant relative.

      I don’t trust any of it.

      1. That’s something I won’t do for a couple of reasons. One, it isn’t that important to me. Two, and this one is higher than the first. I’ll not pay someone who will then use my DNA for other means. It they want my DNA that badly, they will have to pay me.

      2. @k-bob I always think of Murphy’s Law…what can go wrong will…..I see people being accused of crimes they didn’t commit! I can’t trust that it is infallible!

  21. Does anyone else have a problem with Senator Lee continuously saying Climate Change is a serious matter?

    1. @paladin Naw, because I know he’s being facetious. The straight face makes it all the more funny to me.

      1. Glad to hear it. Lee kept mocking the GND but then kept giving deference to Climate Change. It had me worried.

      1. Isn’t CO2 part of the life cycle? How can it be a pollutant? Carbon Monoxide is the pollutant!!!

    2. @paladin I wasn’t sure if it was his sarcastic deadpan delivery or if he was serious. At least I hope he wasn’t serious.

  22. I’m glad to see the ridiculousness of TGND revealed. The worst part is that it’s so obvious that TGND is nothing more than a major power grab. If ALL we’ve got left is 12 years then we’re already screwed. 12 years is not enough time to do anything and would be an indication that we’ve already fallen off the cliff of no return. TGND is a scare ploy to usher in socialism/communism by panicking ignorant people into doing something really rash such as buying into this piece of communism. What AOC is clueless about is that people for the most part see through both her and her carp piece of legislation and are rejecting it. Unfortunately, her widdle ego can’t understand why no one but her sees her brilliance and won’t bow down to it.

    1. Wow @k-bob , he certainly looks like a tweaker. And you know when cops are pretty sure, it’s because they’ve seen it all. If you read down the thread, there are others commenting who were former drug addicts and they all say the same thing. He’s on something.

      1. @rae-from-minnesota , I remember the flop sweat when he debated Cruz as well. He certainly is on at least something it would appear.

    2. @k-bob and the next tweet …I hope he gets deep in the nomination too 🙂
      All this bobbing and jerkiness, and zero eye contact with whoever he is addressing. His mannerisms are very very telling. There is something not right with him. I hope he makes it deep in the primaries, because I have a dossier on him and his crooked family that will explode.
      5:46 AM · Mar 25, 2019

  23. Yayy an open thread. Thanks Scoop.

    I have never listened to so much talk radio and watch Fox News clips as I have since yesterday and today.
    The plus being that I can listen to them on my wireless headphones while cleaning my house.

  24. seems a shame and waste of time and money that rational people have to even address this issue.

  25. Another Oblivious Communist (AOC) likens a dollar store picture with her zillion dollar Green No Deal.

    1. A victim 24/7 and annoying as all get out. I don’t find her charming at all. She acts like a spoiled little princess dressing up in her mommy’s clothes who thinks she’s more adult than the adults in the room.

    1. @afvet4america I agree that the GND is ignorant, but you gotta admit, that was funny! The posters just got more and more ridiculous! Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

    2. @afvet4america I was amused but the mood I’m in I didn’t laugh either. That braying jackass AOC shouldn’t have a say in anything and thrown out of Congress.

  26. OMG I can’t stop laughing!!! Bravo Senator Lee! That was the most entertaining, hilarious take-down of this fake global warming scam that I’ve seen. I can’t imagine sitting in that chamber. I would have been hard pressed to keep from laughing out loud, much less spitting out my beverage when he put those hilarious posters up. We need more of this ridicule of the left’s insane pet projects. 😆 😆 😆 :silly: :clapping: :clapping:

  27. Seems a reasonable response to an unreasonable proposal. Totally deserving the ridicule from Sen. Lee.

  28. I’m sorry I’m not amused. This country has been through a lot since the Cruz Green Eggs and Ham moment. All I see are over paid politicians.

    1. I suspect that even the Queen of England would enjoy this Lee speech. You should loosen up a little.

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