BOOM! Rush torches Obama over Benghazi: Our ambassador and three Americans are dead because of his policies!

This is the most fired up I’ve heard Rush in some time as he discusses why our ambassador and three other Americans are dead. He puts the blame for their deaths squarely on the president and his policies:

The real cause of this disaster is his policy. Our ambassador is dead because of his policy. Three other Americans are dead because of his policy. The uprisings in Cairo, the uprising in Benghazi and the protests at other American embassies happened because of Obama’s policies.

He blames the president because of his weak liberal approach to the international community:

Do you know why there were no live bullets in the weaponry held by our Marines in Cairo or Benghazi? Do you know why there was no enhanced arms security – do you want to know the real reason why? … The reason we didn’t have bullets, the reason we didn’t have kill orders, the reason we didn’t have enhance security, the reason we didn’t even have a visible security deterrent is because the thinking with people like Barack Obama is that if you don’t show any strength, if you don’t display live ammo, if you don’t act in a threatening way then people will be nice to you. I am not making this up. I wish I were. I wish weren’t talking about real life American liberals. But this who they are and this is what they believe. And by the way this is what they’ve been teaching your kids for 30 years in courses called conflict resolution 101.

And there’s more. Watch the video below:

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