BOOM: Team DeSantis exposes LEAKER from recent fundraiser

There was a leak from a DeSantis fundraiser last weekend and Team Trump was all over it on Twitter.

Alex Bruesewitz, who I’ve highlighted before, tweeted this today:

Bruesewitz is trying to make this sound like something horrible that’s ‘rattling’ the DeSantis campaign, suggesting the leak is coming from the campaign itself.

But Christina Pushaw from Team DeSantis responded to Bruesewitz, pointing out they already know who the leaker is and the leak didn’t even hurt them:

I’m using a screenshot because Twitter truncated the tweet text. But you can see it here if you like.

In the following tweet, Pushaw exposed the leaker and explained that they are not from Team DeSantis:

Here’s the full photo she tweeted:

Someone else has further identified the leaker and I can assure you he won’t be invited to any future events:

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