BOOM: Ted Cruz hammers Obama for using Sandy Hook to promote agenda that will do nothing to stop violent crime

Oh man. This is why I love Sen. Ted Cruz. He doesn’t wait around for other people to speak out. He is truly a leader and a fighter, and he’s exactly right:

HUFFINGTON POST – Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) responded to President Barack Obama’s latest call for action on gun control Thursday, launching criticism at the White House and promising to do everything in his power to stop the administration’s push for stricter legislation.

“It is saddening to see the president today, once again, try to take advantage of this tragic murder to promote an agenda that will do nothing to stop violent crime, but will undermine the constitutional rights of all law-abiding Americans,” Cruz said in a statement. “I am committed to working with Sens. Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, and Jim Inhofe — and I hope many other colleagues — to use any procedural means necessary to protect those fundamental rights.”

Cruz also blamed the Obama administration for contributing to the gun violence it is now attempting to address.

“In any conversation about how to prevent future tragedies such as Sandy Hook, our focus should be on stopping criminals from obtaining guns,” Cruz said. “Unfortunately, the Obama Administration has failed to make this a priority — in 2010, out of more than 15,700 fugitives and felons who tried to illegally purchase a firearm, the Obama Justice Department prosecuted only 44. That is unacceptable.”


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70 thoughts on “BOOM: Ted Cruz hammers Obama for using Sandy Hook to promote agenda that will do nothing to stop violent crime

  1. Cruz is on fire! Keep fighting for us, all you conservatives! Don’t be silent!”These are the times that try men’s souls….Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet
    we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more
    glorious the triumph.”– Thomas Paine

  2. Yes, I truly believe Cruz is what we truly need to save our Republic in 2016. The only question I have & yes,indeed it worries me is, has America swung past 50 percent to the progressives? I hope there are still enough of us to return to God and a free America, to right the many wrongs that our muslim,communist in chief has inflicted into the heart of America as we once knew Her. Happy Easter to all!

    1. mcgurn  Can’t we just focus on Freedom for Americans! I’m sure God’s able to take care of himself!

  3. If Sen. Cruz isn’t on the ticket in 2016, then perhaps there is no future for GOP.
    BTW, according to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Connecticut was ranked as having the fifth-toughest gun-control laws in the country with a score of 58 out of 100 points prior to the horror at Sandy Hook.
    Thus, tougher gun laws wouldn’t haven’t prevented the Newtown horrific tragedy.

  4. This is not the America we grew up in and it is not just his assault on the Second Amendment.  He has violated his oath of office in everything he has done.  His illegal Obama Care legislation where, “we would keep our own doctor and  our medical costs would go down by an average of twenty-five hundred dollars”.  Has he no shame?  The illegal appointments to the NLRB, that the DC court said were illegal; which he ignored. Has he no shame?
    He wants to shame someone about Sandy Hook?  He is responsible for the death of hundreds of Mexicans and one Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry.  Has he no shame?  He is directly responsible for the death of four brave Americans in Benghazi, which he has covered up.  Has he no shame?  He has lied to the American people his entire tenure in office.  His cheap theatrical tricks using individuals dressed as doctors, nuns, firemen, policemen, school children and now parents.  Has he no shame? 
    For anyone who questions Sandy Hook, google ‘Jennifer Greenberg Sexton’, a crisis actor, who was supposed to be a grieving parent with her husband who granted interviews to Obama’s lapdog media.  His latest fiasco was the sequester which was supposed to devastate our country, financially. Nothing happened; he lied again.  Has he no shame?

  5. Awesome!  My opinion is that more attention should be focused on the mental issues of obviously disturbed shooters in order to try and prevent these type of tragedies.  I recall reading something about the shooter in Colorado where the therapist he was seeing did try and warn the appropriate agencies, however, nothing could be done under the current regulations or the warning fell through the cracks, not sure exactly what happened.  There is a “govt” and “leftie” backed hysteria using “gun control” as the mantra, when the real objective is gun confiscation from citizens.  I have well meaning conservative friends who are now conceding that no one needs a magazine with many rounds.  It is tiring to keep educating one’s friends, however, it must be done.  We must all be Dana Loesch!!

  6. Sen. Cruz has God given leadership! 
    They only way Sandy Hook could have been avoided is with a national Weapon Offenders database similar to sex offender one. Justice dept could auto-populate from criminal records and licensed psychiatrists could submit names of unstable patients in their care. Parent/guardians could submit name of those in their care without having them committed first. Many parents don’t want to label their kids nor institutionalize them, yet are afraid of what they might do. Other relatives or neighbors could voice concerns (such as Adam Lanza’s aunt) without fear of anyone getting arrested. Name submissions would be investigated before being added to the list.

    Sellers of any lethal weapon or ammunition would check the database for potential buyers name. This puts control with all sellers – no oversight needed.
    Neighbors can look in database if they see neighbor with lethal weapon and verify that they are not on list. If someone with a lethal weapon is on the list, law enforcement could be called.
    Let’s register the criminals, not law abiding citizens!

  7. What really bothers me about all of this and all of the open threads, comments etc……….
    Does it really matter what we think or write? I mean this nobama won another election, and I vowed to not, listen to anymore mark, or rush, or Shaun, or anything else of that substance………..
    Now, I am watching and hoping to….well, I guess, what? I DESPISE WHAT IS GOING ON, but again, does it really matter if I am pissed?
    I hated the vanjones/pierce gun control crap, but seriously, I can comment, and all of us can comment, but what REAL difference will any of it, will it make????
    Just wonderin……….

    1. harglide Did you think commenting was enough? Did you think voting was all it took not only to win but to keep them honest?
      You have to get involved both monetarily and with your time and at every level. You have to convert people. In a way we deserve this because for far too many decades people thought their ‘silent’ majority pablum was enough. they were lazy and naive. In the mean time the left took over every institution that is fundamental to this country and it’s foundations.
      Reality is a vote-cott (boycotting of elections that is organized) would probably have more of an effect than any ‘silent’ pablum that has gone on for decades. People fooled themselves into thinking they could vote and walk away. Yeah this administration is corrupt but they are by no means the first to be so or alone. This is the end result fo corruption that has taken place for decades.

    2. On the surface,no, it does look hopeless,I agree. But, faith is strong medicine & it has won many wars and moved many mountains. If we all give up the faith obama wins. If we stand together in faith, evil will turn & run like the coward that it is. Remember,”it ain’t over ’til it’s over”.

  8. Exactly!  Put the blame where it belongs!  The Obama administration obviously doesn’t care that criminals are illegally getting guns and are murdering people!

    1. c4pfan No actually they don’t. No democrat does. Those criminals are future victims to exploit.

  9. This is what a MAN looks and sounds like.  This is what American men used to sound like.  It is refreshing to see actual courage in Washington, D.C.  We love you, Ted Cruz.

  10. These new guys seem to be the only group of guys in D.C. that have a pair.  I didn’t think I’d see the day when we would have a handful of guys willing to take it to the anti-Constitutionalists.

    1. @StewieGriffin Maybe soon we will have a gang of 6 or 8 or 14 or 51 to stand up and on their oath to uphold the Constitution.

      1. WinMissouri So far there are 5 Senators on this letter: Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Jim Inhofe, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio .  I predict (and pray) 5 more will join: Tim Scott, Ron Johnson, John Barrasso, Roy Blunt, Tom Coburn.

        1. OneThinDime WinMissouri  Write or call those five Senators and ask them to join. I will in the morning. I’m just going to call.

      2. WinMissouri Hopefully, but we’ll still have to be able to discern which did it for political expediency, and which were on the front line.  Leaders lead, and deserve their political offices…..the rest of them want all the perks with none of the hard work.

        1. AmericanborninCanada StewieGriffin WinMissouri Me too. I hate to say that but it is true. Phony is phony. I think Rand Paul as well.

        2. Exactly right!  We found out how uninformed they were at town hall meetings, where we knew more than them.  I’m positive most of the Republicans never listen to talk radio or read any conservative articles!

  11. This is exactly what we need.  People who aren’t afraid to stand up to this administration.

    1. RocklinConservative EXACTLY!
      Reagan undid decades of subversives with doing precisely that! Cruz could be the next Reagan but he would save a lot more than a country. An entire continent has the potential to respond to his leadership.

  12. Ted Cruz is right on but he’s my senator.  Obama tried to shame congress, but, in truth, he seeks to shame and demonize and vilify anyone who disagrees with him.  His poisonous politics are based upon deception and a lapdog media.  
    He always needs props for his theatrical presentations as he did today.  Remember how he used them in Obama Care?  He uses children, nuns, fireman, policemen and anyone else required in his dramas.  His call for a universal background check is too late as Sarah Palin said.  It should have started with him and you know, if his lips are moving he’s just gotta be lying.

        1. AmericanborninCanada unclesamnephew i dream that every state had two Cruz Missliles and that each state had a majority of the missiles in the house of representatives.

  13. The only way for America to retain the values so many died to protect, is if we the people encourage people we know, who are patriots, to run for public office, and we the people need to back them. We cannot remain the silent majority any longer.
    If I were even 20 years younger, and more healthy, I’d run myself. I can however encourage you young people to stop leaving it to others. Get up, and get involved. I believe America is worth fighting for. It’s the first free country in history. If we are to survive, it’s going to take a lot of hard work. I doubt I’ll live long enough to see America come back to her once great glory, but I’ll fight to my dying breath to keep her free.

  14. This administration exploits tragedy and children nearly every day to further their totalitarian agenda.

  15. I am e-mailing my senator to tell him he had better get on board with Senator Cruz or he has lost my vote.

    1. 57thunderbird In my case that does no good. It’s either the already brain dead Lousyberg or pedonendaz, bot of which would love nothing better than a disarmed America.

      1. MacWell 57thunderbird I know that at times it seems like an exercise in futility,but at least I know I did what I could in some small way.Rob Portman is my Senator.

        1. 57thunderbird MacWell I wouldn’t hold my breath on Portman, he’s more worried about gay issues lately.

        2. OneThinDime 57thunderbird MacWell I already let him know where I stand on that issue as well!

        1. We tried to oust Cantwell last election, but the unions have their hooks dug in deep.  We need someone with fire, like Ted Cruz, to save us.  We need to oxygenate our blue state!

        2. Stehekin912 
          I’m old enough to remember when this state was red! It’s a moral free zone at this time.
          Did you hear that the idiots in Olympia passed a bill requiring insurance companies to pay for abortions?

        3. badbadlibs Stehekin912   Isn’t paying for abortions one of the prerequisites of  0-care? God help us.
          Jay Inslee will probably be worse than Gregoire.

      2. MacWell 57thunderbird They make great escorts for mine,Fiendstein and Barbara (only shows up for elections)Buckster!

      3. MacWell 57thunderbird I think it’s a push! I’ll raise you Fiendstien and “Boxcar” Boxer!

      4. MacWell 57thunderbird @ Moderator : What? Are you related to the Politically bankrupt Senators from Califonia?

  16. Yep, crazy people that want to kill as many people as possible before they kill themselves will always seek out gun-free areas. Just two ccw people at anyone of the 62 mass murder events the last 30 years would cut the death rate by 75% with most of that reduction being from the cowards going elsewhere and offing themselves. Wake up dumbass America

    1. K-Bob It wouldn’t surprise me. At least some of his staff must keep track of what’s being said about him.

  17. Senators Inhofe and Rubio added to the “any procedural means necessary” fight?  YES!  Now we need MORE!

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