BOOM! Trump says he’ll BOYCOTT debates since DNC is boycotting Fox News!

I mean, they kinda asked for it – Trump is responding back in kind to the DNC snowflaking away from debates on Fox News.

Hilarious. And really, who holds all the cards here? The no-name Democrats that most people have no idea about, or the president of the most powerful country on Earth? I definitely think Dems will cave on this one because they know at the end of the day that Fox News will not be biased in presenting a debate between democrats and Trump.

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56 thoughts on “BOOM! Trump says he’ll BOYCOTT debates since DNC is boycotting Fox News!

  1. So the DNC will hold debates in their typical fawning echo chambers? What’s new about that?

  2. Just my personal opinion. We should be so lucky as to never see DJT on the debate stage…EVER AGAIN…..

  3. Well, there goes the MSM ratings. Who is going to watch if Trump isn’t debating? If a tree falls in the forest…

  4. In order to placate the Trump haters in their party and a small number of just nutcases the Dems are tearing themselves apart. I like that! 😀

  5. Tom Perez’s refusal to allow any representatives from Fox to ask questions in the Democratic debates just puts one more nail in his party’s coffin for 2020.

  6. I hope the Godless DNC opened a can of worms that they will regret. They have their own special line up of lying/questions fixed moderators so of course they don’t want Fox not that I’m a big fan of Fox.

    1. These kinds of idiocy allow Trump to do what those who love Trump and those who sometimes like Trump and those of us who sometimes like what he does to agree, mostly, about something he did.

      We all like that he fights back. This is an in-your-face message – mess with me and I’ll reciprocate. I like that. I like that about Trump very much.

      1. Exactly, If this had happened to Bush or any other Republican they would have had to have any number of meetings and focus groups to figure out what to do.
        Not Trump! He knew instinctively what to do and it is great!!!
        This idiot Perez put himself and the socialists in a box and now it will be fun to watch them attempt to get out of it!!!

  7. Watch Trump say he won’t debate in the primary because of this and the left comes out like a screaming locomotive with he’s so afraid to debate because he knows he’l lose.

  8. They fear being exposed on a national stage, because their increasing radical positions are already impossible to defend logically, but shutting down debate and free speech nationwide (with the help of the PC police, or mainstream media, social media, etc.) leaves them unequipped to deal with questions progressives haven’t tested on focus groups to pinpoint the most manipulative answers.

  9. Only Democrats love atmopheres where nobody can challenge them except themselves. Can you imagine a debate with first one and then another on each socialist talking point.

  10. DNC knows Fox News won’t let a staff member sneak questions to only one of the candidates, unlike other news networks.

  11. Okay…let’s all be honest here…

    If the DNC thought this was going to work, then they REALLY DO have either braindead lab apes working there, or they are in more trouble within their own house than anyone else can contemplate.

    And I’m LOVING IT!

    1. They know it’s going to be a disaster, because taming the debates will be next to impossible for the leftist networks.

  12. I said he should do this but now I think this is exactly what they want…No debates…They might make mistakes that they don’t want us to hear…Besides that, they aren’t really debates per say…..they are circus’s. Trumps probably happy too….

    1. Maybe so but all the Dem would focus on in the debates is Russia, and other media obsessions and where was the wall during first two years.

      Trump isnt much on ideas, which is why he wouldn’t debate Cruz.

  13. Wow. Trump just left skid marks all over Perez’s dead body. That’s some impressive real-life trolling.

  14. Its not that Fox News will not be fair is all about Fox News not carrying their water.

    1. Besides Tom Perez? – I’ve NO idea.

      But me thinks if Tom Perez were named Tom Johnson he would NOT be in his current position.

      1. Are you claiming the Dems prefer race over qualifications!? How dare you!? /s

  15. Well Tom [Perez], what say you?

    Once again your sub-IQ intelligence has let you down and you’re stuck looking like a FOOL. You figuratively painted yourself into a corner where the ONLY “exit” will include groveling at Trump’s feet. Rather than take a pragmatic approach to a fluid situation you jerked to the Radical Left.

    Don’t get me wrong, I despise radical Democrats and their destructive ideologies, so seeing you FAIL over and over again is delightful and entertaining, but it also shows how much you are NOT up to the task of leading the DNC…. Unless their objective is UTTER FAILURE. If it IS, then carry on, you’re doing a superb job.

  16. I love Trump’s quick come back vs. the RINOs caught with a deer in headlights stare.

  17. I was waiting for Trump to say this lol. He couldn’t resist. Watching a Dem debate is bad for your mental health anyway.

    1. Yes, consult your doctor or discuss this matter with your pharmacist before watching the Dems “debating” about how to destroy America.

  18. So let’s see how the leftist MSM reacts to the DNC boycotting FoxNews for debates. Fox joined the lawsuit to restore Acosta, will the other news orgs come to Fox defense?

  19. How many regular Fox News viewers would be watching the Democrat debates during their primaries anyway? Unless you’re that idiot rubber-necker on the road who always slows down to look at a car accident, I’d say very few will watch them

    1. I wanted to watch that particular comedy. I was looking forward to seeing them knock each other off the stage! 😉

    1. I agree. If the MSM didn’t have Trump to talk about, what else would they fill there airwaves with? Think about that for a minute.

  20. This may be a mistake. Showcasing the idiocy of the left by debating is a real boost for Trump and the GOP.

  21. He should really step it up, and refuse to take any questions at press conferences or do any interviews with them. In fact, if I were President – and I should be – I’d make it a point to only ever talk to non-mainstream media sources. Just refuse to acknowledge the existence of CNN/Fox/NBC/etc anywhere I go, and release all press statements to little indie media companies (of both the right and left leaning persuasion).

    Give them the opportunity to make a name for themselves while relegating the 4th Estate into irrelevance.

    1. If you ran I’d vote for you. Millions of people would rather have you than Hillary. ; )

      1. Well of course, that’d be my campaign slogan. “I ain’t the other guy.”

        Since that’s all anyone cares about any more.

    2. I’ve thought the very same thing if I were President. I like your thinking. You can be my VP.

      1. But Soopermex, you haven’t done much to stop that division. Actually, you added much to the division.

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