BOOM: Marjorie Taylor Green tells ‘MSDNC’ the TRUTH of the MANY assaults, intimidation against her by DEMS

Since coming to congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been attacked in the media relentlessly, hung out to dry by her republican colleagues, and, as we now know, been the object of RAGE assaults from the likes of socialist harpy Cori Bush and other Dems.

See the media is having apoplectic meltdowns because MTG called AOC and the fragile little bartender wept about it. The media, simping for AOC, act like it’s the greatest affront to democracy they’ve ever seen. Just the LATEST thing they’re calling a threat to democracy, which is their new favorite tactic.

But when MSNBC tried to ambush Greene over it, she let them hear the TRUTH. And then shared the clip herself because she knew they’d butcher it for their own ends.

“If we want to talk about assault, if we want to talk about aggressive behavior, you need to be interviewing the Democrats, and AOC should be able to debate her policy.”


“The Democrats are the party of aggression and violence,” she said. “They’re supporting the terrorists.”


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