BORDER prison attacked by COMMANDOS in armored trucks; 14 dead, 30 escaped, FOUR miles from El Paso – WATCH

A deadly prison riot and stunning, militaristic jail break at the notorious CERESO de Ciudad Juárez just 4 and a half miles or so from the U.S.-Mexico border has left at least 14 dead, and 30 dangerous, hardcore criminals on the loose.

Will they try to take advantage of Biden’s border crisis and cross into the United States?


Here’s more from the Sun:

Prison guards opened the doors to greet visitors when they were ambushed by a gang of armed men who opened fire.

The thugs reportedly arrived on six armoured trucks to stage the dramatic jailbreak before bursting inside.

They are believed to have helped a string of terrifying inmates break free while killing ten guards who tried to stop them.

Authorities said up to 30 convicts are thought to have escaped from their cells after chaos erupted inside the prison.

A manhunt is underway. Will our border beef up security? Doubt it. Not because the Border Patrol aren’t tough enough, but because there aren’t enough of them, and because when they try to enforce American law they are vilified by the President.

Trump this afternoon reminded everyone what the real insurrection is, and he is right.


Here’s a refresher from Bill Melugin’s end of year reporting.

The chaos at the southern border is like something out of a dystopian future science fiction story. It’s a hellscape and Joe Biden is on the beach in St. Croix signing 7 trillion dollar for far-left garbage.

Happy New Democrat Year, everybody.

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