Boston Children’s Hospital ‘surgical transitions for tots’ division says kids know they’re trans as young as … THE WOMB.

Boston Children’s Hospital is butchering and mutilating kids, and they are urging parents not to question it.

[Update at end of post: Busted trying to cover it all up.}

In a video out this weekend that’s just the latest outrage from this leftist abattoir, a lunatic with a doctorate in suffering from psychosis (PsyD) claims that children know they are trans “as early as seemingly from the womb.”

“They will usually express their gender identity as very young children, some as soon as they can talk,” says Madame Mengele in this video PROMOTING their “services” to parents. “Kids know very, very early.”

She says they take children as young as TWO OR THREE YEARS OLD. She says that like it’s a sell, a brag.

She’s grinning like a maniac when she says they begin indoctrination as early as “ages two and three.” And her advice to parents is to just let the kids say what they are and make life altering decisions with their undeveloped minds because some current trendy 12 year old “psychologist” thinks it’s totally, like, awesome you guys!

It’s sick. The video was shared by user @BillboardChris on Twitter and retweeted by @LibsofTikTok.

They actually say — well you know what they say, you’ve seen it in all the MSM including Fox News — but to reiterate the insanity, they claim a sign your kid should live the progressive trans lie is that they don’t want a haircut or play with toys traditionally considered specific to the opposite gender.

Uh — weren’t libs AGAINST the idea that certain toys are for certain genders? Isn’t this, like, anti-feminist?

Of course that isn’t the worst part. Nothing ever is with the left, they can always surpass their own vileness. Because at Boston Children’s it’s not just indoctrination or brainwashing or telling parents to abandon their responsibility to guide and raise their children. No no, they go the full adolescent surgical mutilation distance.

This video broke a few days ago from Boston Children’s, offering ******* hysterectomies for LITTLE GIRLS.

Here’s a good idea. Maybe the only reasonable idea:

Is that extreme? Some people will say so. But what they are doing is not just extreme, it’s not just dangerous, it’s not just evil.

It’s spreading.

You have to put a stop to evil where it is or it will end up everywhere else eventually.

UPDATE: They tried to gaslight and got caught at that, too.


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