UPDATE: PHOTO OF SUSPECT IN CUSTODY – Manhunt for Boston Marathon bomber

***UPDATE 18: Here’s a photo of the subject in custody on the ground:


***UPDATE 17: It’s over. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been arrested alive:

8:53 p.m.ET: “We got him,” tweets Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.

8:50 p.m. ET: Cheers erupt from Watertown, Mass., crowd gathered near where suspect was captured.

8:45 pm ET: Boston bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is in custody, say Boston Police. Officers sweeping the area. His condition is unknown.

I guess you can thank Obama for giving the order to arrest him or something. NOT!

***UPDATE 16: Just heard on police scanner SUSPECT IS IN CUSTODY, STILL A HOT SCENE, BUT SUSPECT IN CUSTODY. ADDED: FOX NEWS is now reporting suspect in custody.

***UPDATE 15: It’s being reported on twitter that there is fire in the boat, attributed to NBC’s Pete Williams.


***UPDATE 14: There are reports of explosions, but not sure what it is. Could be police using flash-bangs, could be something else. Suspect is surrounded in a back yard, possibly in a boat.

***UPDATE 13: FOX NEWS is reporting LIVE that suspect is ALIVE, SURROUNDED, AND STILL MOVING. Add to that NOT APPREHENDED.

***UPDATE 12: VIDEO of Shep Smith describing how gun battle began, and that the SUSPECT IS DOWN:


***UPDATE 11: Gun battle being reported in Watertown. Fox News confirming this on the air, even reporting that SUSPECT MAY BE DOWN (via State Police source):


***UPDATE 10: Here’s the full press conference for any of you that missed it:

***UPDATE NINE: I’ll post the ongoing press conference when it is complete. In short, the police have no idea where Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is at this point. They say they feel confident they will get him, but he has eluded them at this point, perhaps even beyond their perimeter. ***UPDATE EIGHT: CNN reports father of Boston jihadi bombers were framed by someone, calls the cops cowards for shooting his son Tamerlan:

Anzor Tsarnaev, father of the suspects, told Dagestani TV netowrk Zvezda that he believes “someone framed” his sons. “Someone framed them,” Anzor Tsarnaev said during the interview Friday in Russia’s North Caucasus republic of Dagestan. “I don’t know exactly who did it. But someone did. And being cowards, they shot the boy (Tamerlan) dead. There are cops like this.” Anzor Tsarnaev said that whoever was behind the Boston Marathon bombings “is a bastard.” He said he was trying to get in touch with his family members in Canada and the United States, but he can’t get through by phone. “Those are my kids, you understand? Maybe he will be shot dead, too,” he told Zvezda. “They will say, well, he had weapons. Kids with weapons? … They should arrest him maybe and bring him, but alive. Alive. And justice should decide who’s right and who’s guilty.” Noting that he had lived in the United States, Zvezda asked him whether he ever had problems with the U.S. justice system. ‘No, never. But I just didn’t face it ever. So can I know about the justice there? I didn’t have any problems,” he said.

***UPDATE SEVEN: Police fear suspect in terror bombings, who is still apparently on the loose, is wearing an explosive vest:

***UPDATE SIX: Fox News provides a detailed timeline of events beginning at 5PM yesterday to current:

***UPDATE FIVE: Here’s the latest on the Niagara Falls situation:




***UPDATE FOUR: Police surround vehicle in Niagara Falls, car has Mass. plates, but not sure if connected to current bombing suspect:


***UPDATE THREE: 26-year-old MIT officer Sean Collier killed in the line of duty last night in the confrontation with terrorists:


***UPDATE TWO: via WGRZ: Police source: 2 Russian nationals pulled over in Niagara Falls; 4 suspicious backpacks in the car, robot & bomb techs on scene:


***UPDATE ONE: FOX NEWS: Multiple explosions echoed from inside a house as police in Boston massed inside a perimeter set up to contain the remaining suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.

The situation was fluid, and the latest development came in the city’s Watertown section after a chaotic night of mayhem that included the murder of a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer and a shootout with police, authorities said early Friday.

If you are like me and you just woke up wondering what the heck is going on, here’s one of the better summaries I’ve read this morning. In short, FBI suspect two from the Boston bombings, now identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, is on the run and FBi suspect one, his brother who is identified as Tamerlan Tzarnaev, 20, is dead. (via PJ Tatler):

In the early hours of Friday morning, the fatal shooting of a police officer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology culminated in a shootout with police in Watertown, Mass., that brought law enforcement face-to-face with the pair of bombing suspects sought by the FBI in the Boston Marathon attack.

According to a press conference with police officials, two men committed an armed carjacking in Cambridge at 10:20 p.m. Thursday night. After reports of shots fired, at 10:30 p.m. an officer was found shot multiple times in his vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Another armed carjacking later took place in which two males kept the victim with them in the car for half an hour before releasing him at a gas station. Police caught up with the SUV and pursued it to Watertown, Mass. During the chase, “several explosive devices” were thrown from the car by the suspects and one officer was seriously injured.

The suspects engaged in a gunfight with police. Suspect No. 1, as labeled in the FBI surveillance photos released earlier in the day, was mortally wounded and taken into custody.

Hospital officials said he died from a combination of a “blast injury to the trunk” from an explosive device and multiple gunshot wounds.

At one point police made a man strip down before taking him into custody and questioning him in a police car before releasing him — but not before his naked arrest was splashed across the news.

Suspect No. 2, who was wearing the white backward baseball cap in the FBI photos, was captured on surveillance cameras earlier while robbing a 7-Eleven in Cambridge.

“He should be considered armed and dangerous and is a threat to anyone who approaches him,” a police official said. “We believe this is a terrorist. We believe this is a man who’s come here to kill people.”

UPDATE (8 a.m.): Tamerlan Tzarnaev, the suspect killed, was reportedly 26 and born in Russia and has been a legal permanent resident since 2007. The younger brother was born in Kyrgyzstan, according to NBC, or Chechnya, according to Russian media. A Russian journalist reported both attended school Dagestan, which neighbors Chechnya and also has an Islamist extremist insurgency, before coming to the U.S. CNN reported that the brothers stopped in Kazakhstan, not Turkey, before coming to the U.S.

I’ll keep you updated with the latest as I get it. Feel free to send me tips at [email protected]

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415 thoughts on “UPDATE: PHOTO OF SUSPECT IN CUSTODY – Manhunt for Boston Marathon bomber

  1. Well, pretty soon Barack Hussein Muslim Obama will make his
    appearance on National Television claiming he and he alone took down
    these two “Muslim” Terrorists because only he the “Genius” is capable of
    doing that. If I’m not mistaken haven’t we had to hear for the past 4
    years how he has EVERYTHING under control and that nobody will get under
    the RADAR. His radar system is for the birds and so is his PRESIDENCY.
    Let’s see if all the Hollywood “Elitist” like Barbara Streisand, George
    Clooney,  Julianna  Margulies, Julia Roberts and the list goes on come out and tell the American People what a great Job  Barack
    Hussein Muslim Obama is doing or is now the time they will be silent so
    not to bring any negative attention to yet another one of this mans
    failures . Hollywood is one of the major problems this
    Country has to deal with because there absolutely out of touch with the
    rest of America. If I had to connect the President and Hollywood to one
    man that man would be Norman Mattoon Thomas (An American Socialist). And
    right now the people who are in power resemble this man to a “T” and
    everyone should be very frightened. The Country we once new is now
    eroding and there is nothing we can do to turn back the hands of time.
    Pretty soon we’ll have open borders and Muslims attacking every city
    with no problems whatsoever and Illegal Aliens free to roam wherever
    they want and suck up all of our tax dollars and not even understand the
    words “America The Beautiful” because they don’t want to. I’m totally
    disgusted with where this Country is headed and I’m longing each and
    everyday for the Country that I once new and that I know is “Long Gone”.
    People seem to forget that this Muslim Terrorist Attack should have
    never happened in the first place if we had an administration that
    didn’t cater to the Muslim Community so much.. You foolish, foolish
    Liberal Democrats are dragging this country right into the ground and
    that is your INTENTION.

  2. Just read on Breitbart that Odumbo and crew are giving this POS a civilian trial!  What part of this evil demons actions was civil?  He should be in a military tribune, not civilian court!  People may think that this is over, but I don’t buy it that these brothers acted alone.  This was a terrorist cell and these two chumps are the scape goats.  What needs to happen is a good waterboarding session with hog’s blood to get this monster to give up his “friends”  before they get rid of him first.  Too many that sounds barbaric, but this crew are barbaric and we have been treating them with kid gloves and the result has been that they are now emboldened to attack.  The progressives want us to get used to this as a new normal just as Great Brittain and Europe have.  I am fairly certain when I say…” H E L L NO!” to that option…the rest of America is with me!  Our Founding Fathers would roll in their graves to see what patsies this government wants us to become!

    1. notebene I understand your feelings,but unfortunately this Muslim POS is an American citizen with Constitutional rights.I know it is difficult but either we follow the Constitution or we don’t.Can’t have it both ways!

      1. 57thunderbird notebene  I appreciate both sides of this coin, but feel that the military trial was the best solution. When a US citizen puts on the uniform of a foreign nation, so to speak, and commits acts against his country it seems that the rules must change in order to protect the country. It isn’t like the tribunals are a sham as their are strict rules that have been hashed out to assure fair trial, but it does allow evidence to be protected and it keeps the trials from being a media circus celebrated all across the globe. 
        Civilian trials allow the defendent discovery. Should our law enforcement agencies give over all the methods they use to capture these terrorist citizens? That just gives other terror cells the data they need to burrow deeper and come up with more ways to avoid detection.

        1. patriot077 57thunderbird notebene I can see your point,but will have to wrestle with it to decide which route is best.

        2. 57thunderbird patriot077 notebene Sad to say I think all of us will be wrestling with issues pertaining to this. I really respect Andrew McCarthy who tried the Blind Sheik and learned a lot in the process, so I might read up on his take.
          In pas years I would not hesitate to trust the gov’t to decide who was a traitor . Now not so much, and it isn’t just the current administration that made me skeptical.

      2. 57thunderbird notebene I always appreciate your thoughtful insight, 57, but this time I disagree.  These men are part of a terrorist cell…they did not act alone.  These may be naturalized citizens, but they are practicing Muslims first and this was a jihadist attack…the rules MUST be different here because of that fact.  If they give him Miranda rights…we won’t know how many more are waiting to take up where they left off.  We know for sure that these men dropped bombs on peoples feet, threw them out of car windows at officers, and murdered an MIT officer.  However, they were trained by somebody and did not act alone.  This was an act of war, and the minute they committed it, it became treason.  Islam must be treated differently because it is the only philosophy that pushes murder on such a grand scale.

  3. I felt the way many other people thought too, kill the bast%^*, however I think this
    jerk may have alot of information that could lead to other arrests or
    potentially expose a much wider terrorist ring. Don’t forget the ORIGINAL 1st suspect, a Saudi national, you know, the one no one is talking about now? The same one that the MSM quit talking about because he wasn’t a white guy. The same one that is being deported because of a link to the terrorist actions in the bombings in Boston, but not prosecuted because of a link to the terrorist bombings in Boston.

    Don’t anyone be surprised if another “Jack Ruby” happens and then no other information will be forthcoming. This guy could potentially be a thorn in many people’s sides and reveal too much. Silence is golden in some circles.

    1. Great post, Isaiah.  Northwesterm and Columbia have probably already offered him free college tuition as an intern under terrorists already on their faculties.  The competition for his twisted logic and his attempt at mass murder is in great demand in the Ivy League schools.

  4. I am disappointed police did not kill this POS, but thank God they got him.  Taxpayer money will now be used for his medial care, security, prison fees and legal defense, although, I expect a card carrying low-life ACLU attorney to defend him.
    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I have not seen one mainstream Muslim organization hold a press conference publicly condemning what these two terrorist did.  I was also told that silence means consent.

    It must be a sad day for Mr. Tingle, Toure, NPR, Daily Kos, and all the other nutty liberals because the bombers ended up being Islamic extremists, not right-winger, Bible thumpers from the South.

    1. chatterbox365 Hey, but they’re from the Caucasus! They’re white, the leftoids have that.

      1. Yeah Dr Strangelove, but he is sttill not one of those inbred white Christians who the liberals despise.  The mainstream media has to be disappointed that their hatred for white American  Christians will have to be on hold in their attack on this nation. Think about the media’s constant salivating about white Conservative Christian possibly being a mass murderer during this ordeal.   Has to extremely disappointing for them.

  5. Good morning – and it is a good morning because the terrorist has been caught, without any more LEOs and civilians being killed or wounded.
    I’ve switched on the early morning news on Al Beeb, and seeing the headlines came over here, I knew RigthScoop would have more and better news.
    As an aside – watching that clip of the POS, it struck me again what a cold fish he is, none of the anger we saw when he didn’t get his gun control bill.

    1. But will they deport the other domestic and foreign born terrorists and illegals?   Not likely.

      1. Isaiah 54 They would have to begin with the ones in the White House and other parts of the federal government.There are Muslim Brotherhood members in almost all the bureaucracies in D.C.

  6. Hey scoop crowd got a question….it is believable the two getting away, believable. Robbing 7/11, believable, MIT intension (and thank you God for the brave cop who stopped their demonic demise), but having them surrounding by all those cops when the brother is killed, and the younger one gets away with no trace–on foot? Then we find out the younger one was wounded? Does it add up? Look forward to those working the field for the reality of this.

    1. Leel004 There were already questions about their involvement in the 7/11 holdup yesterday. A Fox reporter said that this might not have been connected, but that they were just drawn into it.
      Yes, there will need to be a lot of questions asked, as to their further intents, and how come the police didn’t get to them earlier. I can’t believe I didn’t bookmark it but there was a report yesterday as to how this pair did some trial explosions which had been reported to the police.

      1. colliemum Leel004 I blew up Tannerite when I lived out in the country and nobody said a word. Look for legal explosives like that to outlawed soon.

  7. DawgfaninFL………..Let me just tell you this one thing in the hope that you will be reassured.Parenting comes with great rewards,but at times it is very difficult,and the most difficult thing of all is watching your children become young adults and walk out that door into the cruel dark world.We raise our children to be responsible adults and then it is their turn.Lift them always toward the Lord and he will guide their ways.Evil has always existed and we can not protect them from it all.Goodnight.

    1. Thank you for your generosity. It’s speaks volumes and I am proud to have the chance to have met you (albeit electronically). Peace and good will to you and yours. Good night.

  8. My kid has been recruited by MIT. I can’t see myself allowing my child to go there in spite of her academic accomplishments. I hate it, but when it boils down to her safety and education, I know my child can accomplish great things anywhere. And by the way, the 26 year old officer who sacrificed his life for the student population at MIT deserves a medal posthumous. Those two bombers had every intention of setting MIT ablaze. I hope he gets the recognition he deserves. He was a hero who died saving unknown numbers of students and faculty.

    1. DawgfanInFL Congrats to your daughter.I can understand your fear for her safety.You should be proud.

      1. I am very proud, but she is so naive and believes the world is still a good place. I try to protect her and yet try to let her fly. What can we do as parents except pray!

        1. DawgfanInFL Praying is a very good thing top do.I understand your anxiety and your concern.Like being between a rock and a hard place.I feel for you friend.

        2. I love my right scoop friends!! My 17 year old girl is now a reader. She doesn’t post, but loves to read our comments and actually shares it with her boyfriend and classmates! I’m a proud mama!

        3. DawgfanInFL Hugs to you across the Big Pond. It is the most difficult time in the life of parents and children. Yes, praying is always the first and most important thing to do, but you also have to trust yourself and her, for having done good work bringing her up.
          The hard fact is that we cannot prevent our children from making mistakes, we can only be there afterwards, console them and pick them up, because making mistakes is necessary for growing up.

  9. Loved Geraldo tonight on Hannity saying this president has broken up the alqaeda groups. That they no longer are organized except for these individual cells-which he expects to commit terrorist activities such as this on a much smaller scale. If it’s not a 9-11 with thousands dead, no big deal. I can take ten Bob Beckels, but get rid of the neo-conservatives!!!!!!

    1. DawgfanInFL Geraldo is now and always has been a flaming liberal.This idiot is a product of the 60’s hippies.

      1. 57thunderbird DawgfanInFL I thought Jerry Rivers was a comedian who opened Al Capone’s vault and stuff. Geraldo is part of Fox’s Fairly Unbalanced programming.

        1. Dr. Strangelove 57thunderbird DawgfanInFL Just one of the many reasons I have switched off Fox.

      2. 57thunderbird DawgfanInFL After his first appearance on FNC we advised them to pay whatever was needed to get rid of Geraldo.  Instead, 2 years later they paid for him to start his own production company and guaranteed to buy his self-made liberal claptrap.  And he is still on the air on FNC!  One has to question the on-air talent choices of Roger Ailes, who maybe has more money than sense.

  10. Let’s hope he sings like a bird but I hope they don’t promise him anything to get him to do it. Something I want to know: if the FBI questioned the older brother two years ago why didn’t they continue to watch him after being warned by a foreign govt? Maybe they didn’t have anything on him at the time but wouldn’t you keep and eye on him and his travels, especially to Russia?!

    1. I try very hard not to join the conspiracy crowd, but there are those who believe this was a known threat, and that’s how come Boston was able to respond so well, yet our people out on the street were unable to prevent. I’m from Pensacola, and someone here who was at the race recognized the increased security, the dogs on the streets ( on his assumption, bomb sniffing dogs) again, I’m clueless, I wasn’t there, but apparently these two were not unknown to our government. Again, obama is so interested in his own success he seems quite comfortable ignoring his own failures

      1. DawgfanInFL I am not a conspiracy theorist either but sometimes the facts are staring you in the face and the evidence continues to mount,you can no longer ignore what is right in front of you.

        1. Hear! Hear! And to bury our heads in the sand would be foolish! What my seem like a bad hollywood movie in our reality t.v. view of life is nothing more than an average day to some folks around the world. We are blessed and to ever take that for granted is the first step to the destruction of civilization as we know it. Oh I forgot, that’s the norm in Obamas agenda. My bad!!! He has the W.I.I.F.M. Generation to do his dirty work. I’m sorry I was taught by the generation who’s slogan was “You don’t have to go to work today” no it was the “You get to work today!” RIP Papa, you were the best Engineer their was!!!

        2. 57thunderbird DawgfanInFL  There definitely was increased security, and sniffer dogs, but sadly this is not an indication that the security forces ‘knew’ something was on – it is now par for the course for big events. 
          Usually people don’t even notice any longer, and only try to add 2 + 2 after the fact.
          The Boston Police did say after the bombings that they had made a sweep of the route 24 hours  and two hours before the race,with sniffer dogs.
          As we now know, the dogs couldn’t sniff anything because the bombs hadn’t been in place yet.
          Don’t forget the routine of going through TAS checkpoints before flying – security has now become routine because we are in a war.

      2. DawgfanInFL They have a lot on their plate watching those radical Tea Partiers, evil conservative Christians and mad-dog gun owners. They can’t keep their eye on every member of the religion of piece. Just think of the resources it takes to file all the names of RS commentators!

  11. I couldn’t stand it. I turned the tv sound down during the Boston self-congratulatory love fest and when it showed Obama coming up next I turned the tv off. There’s only so much I can stomach before projectile vomit hits the screen.

    1. Freedomswatch No reason to listen to the Liar in the White House.  Can not believe anything he says anyway.  There is no point in listening to him.  Unless you are a sadist I guess.

    2. It was pathetic, it was “we can’t rush to judgment…” bull****! A bunch of we are a great melting pot, blended religious beliefs, and no, Texas (change focus) we have not forgotten you it’s good to be a Bostonian ( no offense Boston ) yadda, yadda, yadda. Let me guess, napolitano won’t dignify an answer to the Americans. Brush it aside, no big deal, more important things to focus on. This administration is a scam. Heck, I would trust a number of other democrats before I ever trust Obama and his merry band of thieves. I’m glad they caught the criminal, but he is alive right now, but for how long?!?

  12. Didn’t take Barry any time at all to get on the tube and state the obvious, did it.
    😉 😉

    1. tinlizzieowner Did he say, “I” over and over and over? I did this. I did that. I knew we would catch him. I personally caught him?

      1. MiltonBassHayek tinlizzieowner  
        Can’t tell ya. I put the TV on ‘mute’ until he was done, like I usually do. 😉

  13. They captured him so Obama could tell him to convert to Christianity and change his voter registration to Republican ASAP.

      1. Freedomswatch MiltonBassHayek Had to do it. But, give it until tomorrow and the dude will have a forged Tea Party card, and a bloody Reagan shirt. Bet?

        1. Freedomswatch MiltonBassHayek Oh, and an honorary NRA member card. Forgot that one initially.

        2. Freedomswatch MiltonBassHayek Hahaha! Yep. They will tattoo that on his chest tonight in prison.

        3. MiltonBassHayek Freedomswatch I’m off to watch a dumb movie for some comic relief .  Goodnight all, stay safe.

        4. Have to admit live tucker’s headline on Daily Caller -‘”pot smoking, Obama supporter. Anyone surprised?!?

  14. Well, taxpayers. Looks like we are footing the bill for legal fees and prison fees. Why didn’t they just waste that wanker?

  15. Obama said the T word. “We will investigate any associations that these terrorists may have had.”

    1. Why yes, though it took away from his Hollywood moment. He’d practiced in front of the mirror all day to be ready.

  16. A lot of people are freaking out that this terrorist hasn’t been read his miranda rights. 
    The public safety exception is invoked when a suspect is considered an imminent threat to law enforcement or the public. In such cases, according to the FBI, “Miranda warnings need not be provided prior to asking questions directed at neutralizing an imminent threat, and voluntary statements made in response to such narrowly tailored questions can be admitted at trial.” The traditional Miranda rules apply again once the immediate threat is eliminated.

    1. StevenValdez 
      This was an act of war as far as I’m concerned and he shouldn’t be read any rights. Just waterboard him.

        1. Keyes StevenValdez Unfortunately he is an American citizen,so he has constitutional rights.I know that is hard to swallow but we either stand for constitutional freedoms and rights or we don.t.Can’t have it both ways.

        2. Who’s to say if some doctor should slip him some sodium pentathol! Before the pain medicine of course. Man, am I mean or what tO consider the life and welfare of every US citizen before a naturalized citizen. I’m a baaadddd girl!

  17. Oh great…Obama’s going to speak–no doubt to tell us how he caught Tsarnaev just like he caught Bin Laden.
    (And BTW, they got into the country on Bush’s watch) </snark>

      1. toongoon Careful my toon friend, I might have to recommend a visit to a shrink and you know what Barky Boy will do then, yup confiscate :):):)

        1. Hey, guys, if I ever agree with obama please put me in that little white coat that ties in the back!!!!

        2. 57thunderbird Orangeone toongoon Been super busy, seeing a little light at the end of my tunnel.  How ya been my 57thunderbird friend?

  18. @jaketapper: DOJ: no Miranda rights to suspect now; govt invoking public safety exception to question him. High Value Detainee Interr. Grp will be used

  19. @jaketapper: DOJ: no Miranda rights to suspect now; govt invoking public safety exception to question him. High Value Detainee Interr. Grp will be used

    1. Tsarnaev’s father, Anzor, is confirmed to be en route to the United States, according to ABC News. Anzor Tsarnaev previously denied that his son could be responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings, calling Dzhokhar “a true angel.”

      1. StevenValdez Why should we let terrorist dad into the country? For all we know he is probably in league with them too!

      2. Let me guess, college academic violence right.
        The Subclass of workplace violence I’m sure. Americas at fault for not being more inclusive! Well look what has happened when we get so inclusive. Ayers, Junior!

    2. The Obama administration will treat Tsarnaev as a criminal, not an enemy combatant, according to an NBC report.

    3. Tsarnaev is listed in “serious, if not critical condition” after suffering gunshot wounds to the neck and leg, according to CBS News.

  20. Its over for now.  Maybe they should check the mosque where he and his brother worshiped.  My guess is, more going on there than just praying to Mecca.

  21. ‘Talking head’ blather begins. 
    Everybody slapping themselves on the back for doing that they are supposed to be doing in the first place, as usual.

      1. tinlizzieowner Orangeone Hey friend!  I have been super busy workin’ to pay taxes that look like they will go up to pay for this terrorist’s high-priced legal team of 100.  I just had to pop on after Scoop posted that cuties Lyla video 🙂
        How ya been?

    1. Orangeone  
      Agreed! Scoop, it’s been a phenomenal day and you’ve kept us on the edge of our seats.

  22. Here is the tragic result of federal government’s failure to enforce immigration law: the older brother Tsarnaev should have been deported in 2009 for assault, but someone decided to allow him to stay, in spite of the law. The authorities who granted amnesty to this murderer gave him the opportunity to kill. Whoever they are, their photo should be shown alongside the photos of the Tsarnaev brothers. http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/2013/04/boston-bomber-could-have-been-deported-after-2009-conviction/

    1. applepie101 And every member of the Senate Gang of 8 and the House Gang of ### that are spewing for amnesty need to be publicly taken to task. The American people are correct, seal the border, identify and deport the illegal aliens, no exceptions.  Instead, Rubio is doubling down on his amnesty.

  23. This is great news! Now can we get back to talking about social issues and ignoring the economy?

    1. jgilman Or we could ignore social issues fix the economy and live wealthy in a degraded, immoral society.

    2. jgilman Or talking about the economy and ignoring social issues.We’ll all be rich but have a culture of putrescence, violence and immorality. BRILLIANT!

      1. stage9
        “Someone buy this guy a legitimate thought!”
        Harsh stage9, the economy is a huge concern to about 50 million or so of us.

        1. MediumRare Unfortunately it’s the only concern to some. Voting with your pocketbook to the exclusion of anything else is not the total answer to our problems.

        2. MediumRare stage9 
          The point is the economy is in the tank because we have turned away from our Founding principles.

    3. jgilman 
      Social issues are directly related to the economy. Let’s turn back to our Founding principles rooted in the Bible and the economy will start booming.

  24. Oh GeeZ!!!! I suppose we’re going to have to listen to Obama blather on all day tomorrow. You know he’s already in bed tonight.

    1. cabensg  
      Valerie Jarrett has to be given time to write something for him to say. Mark my words, it will include the phrase “justice has been served”. 😉 😉 
      When in fact, there has been nothing but a capture, so far.

        1. cabensg tinlizzieowner 
          Yup, a free Michelle Obama burger. Do you like mustard or mayonnaise on your lobster.
          😉 😉

        2. cabensg tinlizzieowner  
          Sorry, you can’t have butter and salt on your lobster. Didn’t you hear Barry’s ol lady say those things are bad for us ‘peasants’.
          😉 😉

      1. tinlizzieowner cabensg And will we ever see the perp again or will he be whisked off with the Saudis back to the Middle East.

        1. Orangeone tinlizzieowner cabensg 
          He’s an American citizen (on 9/11/10 of all days). Obama can’t ‘legally’ ship him anywhere but of course, since when has ‘legality’ stopped Obama.
          😉 😉

        2. tinlizzieowner Orangeone cabensg I saw 9/11/12 on Twitter (Benghazi day), but I thought that was his brother.  Barky could absolutely put him on a plane to  Saudi if the Saudis ask for him and protect him.  How would we ever know?

    2. cabensg  
      I wonder if he’s still holding a grudge about losing his political capitol over gun control. He’s not that petty is he? (snicker)

        1. toongoon Orangeone That is sooooo funny, em-bare-assed!  Rep Stockman said he will initiate impeachment proceedings if Obama does an EO on gun control.  Let’s hold his feet to the fire.

    1. He watched the whole thing in the breifing room with Hilary and Valierie and General Petraeus…oh wait that was a different guy.  Anywho wait for the photoop to be released in 3-2-1.

      1. Conservative_Hippie We don’t have to worry about it tonight Obama’s already in bed. Can’t interrupt his beauty rest (badly needed) with Muslims murdering Americans and then being captured. Oh Poop someone just said he’s going to speak. I’ll pass as usual.

      2. Conservative_Hippie LOL…did they have to drag his scrawny behind off the golf course this time too?

  25. I’d say let’s send in the Boston officials to see what they can do with that whole Benghazi situation.

  26. He should not be tried as a normal criminal, he is a terrorist. They should, once they give him medical treatment, ship him to guantanamo bay and be waterboarded and have enhanced interrogation techniques used on him, then given a military trial. NO MIRANDA RIGHTS!

    1. LouisLaGuardiaIII  Some commentator already said the Obama administration will not tolerate this and they’re right.

    2. LouisLaGuardiaIII 
       Keeping in mind that he is a terrorist, and he should not be tried as a
      normal criminal, he is not a lone wolf, he is financed by others. I am
      afraid this investigation stops with him. Nobody will go up against CAIR
      to find the rest of them.

        1. cabensg I don’t get why being under federal jurisdiction would be messy. I do believe justice will be served and he will be put to death.

  27. So, after we pay for his medical care, give him three decent muslim meals, bath him, make sure he’s all comfy and if they ask really, really nice I’m sure he will give up all the info the feds desire.

    1. badbadlibs  
      (If he lives), He will be read ‘his rights’ and he will be appointed a ‘high profile’ lawyer and his trial will cost the taxpayers more than the trial of Maj. Nidal has, so far. Count on it.

      1. tinlizzieowner badbadlibs And will take longer for resolution.  Perhaps they’ll have him share the cell of the other terrorist in NY

        1. Orangeone tinlizzieowner badbadlibs 
          I’ll be dead before this kid (or Maj. Nidal) get the death penalty. 🙁

      1. toongoon SheerPolitics  If we had someone other than Obama in charge I’d want him alive but with Obama in charge your right we’d all be better off with him dead.

        1. StevenValdez
          Are there really any questions that haven’t been answered, or that we even need answers to?

        2. toongoon Sure, are we for sure these two brothers were working alone? Can’t really answer that with if both brothers are dead..

        3. StevenValdez
          I’m sure we could make do. I think there was already a lot more known about them than they let on too.

        1. SheerPolitics Orangeone Well we know if they had anything from Fast and Furious or the Benghazi gun walking, we’d never be told.

    1. cabensg Someone in the article says, he was a “NORMAL POT HEAD”….great, the state I live in just legalized pot.
      Naturally whoever the idiot is that said it actually thinks that’s part of what makes it all so shocking this guy murdered innocent people. My, how some people think is enough to really make you wonder!

      1. badbadlibs Anyone who thinks legalizing pot smoking is an innocent reaction are sadly mistaken. Pot smoking and Psych drugs for normal malady’s like sleeping are the easy way to control the population. Yes we do need to defend the second amendment at all cost but ignoring that over half of our population could be under the influence of mind altering drugs is not good news.

        1. cabensg  The authorities around here are just stumped as to why there has been a rash of “dui” deaths since the start of the new year. No connection between legalized pot smoking…nope, can’t be that!

        2. badbadlibs Just like their stumped by the fact that all the mass shootings were done by people on Psychotropic drugs.

    2. cabensg Someone in the article says, he was a “NORMAL POT HEAD”….great, the state I live in just legalized pot.
      Naturally whoever the idiot is that said it actually thinks that’s part of what makes it all so shocking this guy murdered innocent people. My, how some people think is enough to really make you wonder!

  28. So Suspect #1 (dead) went back to Russia for 6 months, comes back, FBI is asked by another country to interrogate him, the FBI does and releases him, he becomes a citizen on the Benghazi murder night.

  29. So Suspect #1 (dead) went back to Russia for 6 months, comes back, FBI is asked by another country to interrogate him, the FBI does and releases him, he becomes a citizen on the Benghazi murder night.

  30. My FOX has Geraldo and O’Reilly on, said 3 people are in custody, none of whom are the suspect and just said a robot is being sent in to assess.

  31. Feds have executed a search warrant on a place and have taken 3 people in for questioning. This sounds like a place where he lived while he was going to college.

  32. With what now is appearing to be an ad-hoc Mumbai style delayed attack
    going on in Boston; I would like to suggest that police departments
    start getting on board with how the Israelis deal with thes types of problems.

    1)  Profile.  All Day every day.  We all do it anyway, it is what has very likely saved a few of us.
    2)  Shoot Bomber/Gunman/Crazy Idiot in the face…. at least twice.
     If still alive, shoot more in the face until dead, if possible, make
    these follow up shots from a safe distance.
    3)  Immediately deploy cell phone jamming equipment and shut down cell networks
    4)  Conduct area search for possible alternate triggerman–if found, see #1
    5)  Evacuate the area
    6)  Send in the Robot to disarm/trigger explosives
    And I might add, but this isn’t part of the TTP’s; bring a shop vacuum, a leaf blower and some rags for the mess.
    This is what the Israelis do when they deal with these types of
    attacks.  They do not arrest them, they do not Mirandize them, they do
    not hand cuff them, they don’t ask them politely to assume the position
    nor do they forcefully order them to get on the ground and put their
    hands up; they just shoot them and hose off the sidewalk.  This how
    existential threats are dealt with and how those in imminent danger are

    1. sDee  
      Hear, hear!

      Mirandizing. That is another reason why government cannot be the only ones with guns.

    1. Police scanner. FBI saying do not fire. Using a flash bang device. Not confirmed. From scanner.

    1. toongoon Beautiful! Now hopefully law enforcement will do the same to the other one and make them a matching pair!

      1. SheerPolitics
         I read that they weren’t sure whether he was killed by being shot by
        police, he blew himself up with his own bomb or when his brother drove
        over him trying to get away. Anyway, who really cares?

    2. toongoon Just in case you don’t know if you should look. Shows upper part of body from left profile. Eyes/mouth are open. There is red (probably mostly levity/bruising/internal bleeding) on the right shoulder and face. Some blood on the body. Two wounds on left side are blurred over.

      1. SheerPolitics
        I’m no expert but I think the redness might be from the car running over him.

  33. So they found more bombs, pipe bombs yet announcers claims heavily armed with guns. They have to make this about gun control.

    1. Orangeone  What are the chances the media covers this….I know, as soon as a very hot place freezes over.

  34. All that hullaballoo and they lost him?!  This kid may be smart, but I don’t think he’s working alone.  Somebody else is helping him or has helped him escape.  Now that they know who they are looking for have they looked beyond the two brothers for alliances?  If these two were allienated from their family, they who were their “friends”?  Where did they worship…that may be the source of the escape.

    1. notebene It’s all in his neighborhood.  He has ties to his radical mosque.  Mooslims will protect their own.

  35. Someone please help me understand this.  The two were in a car, the older brother got out. 200 rounds were fired, older brother dead, younger brother ran him over in car and escapes.  Some reason law enforcement couldn’t take out or dismantle that car with their “assault weapons”?

  36. The little slime is probably holed up in a secret tunnel under his damn house. We all know how much they’re like moles…always tunneling in the earth to hide…

      1. Orangeone JohnQueue My thought exactly!  Notice his local relatives denouncing them, but not a peep out of the followers of the religion of pieces!

  37. Yeah, one son is framed in a metal morgue box. We need the pair to do the Bostonians justice.

  38. Boston Bomber Could Have Been Deported After 2009 Conviction
    Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the 26-year-old killed in a wild shootout with police, was a legal U.S. resident who nevertheless could have been removed from the country after a 2009 domestic violence conviction, according to a Judicial Watch source. That means the Obama administration missed an opportunity to deport Tsarnaev but evidently didn’t feel he represented a big enough threat.
    Adding insult to injury, the other bomber, little brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was rewarded with American Citizenship on September 11, 2012 in Boston, according to JW’s source. The 19-year-old, who is still on the run, was granted asylum in Arlington Virginia on September 27, 2002, JW’s source reveals.

    1. SheerPolitics Domestic violence could mean anything. I’m not sure that’s worthy of deportation or not, depending on the situation. 
       It’s easy to say it now in retrospect, which makes me skeptical of it without more details.

        1. TIMERUNNERSC If you are a pedophile worshiper, you are already 51% guilty of a crime against humanity.

      1. therightscoop SheerPolitics In MN domestic violence conviction is sufficient to strip you of your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

      2. If the article linked below is correct, he should have been deported: ‘Conviction of a crime involving “moral turpitude” during the first five
        (5) years after being admitted to the U.S. carries a penalty of
        deportation. “Moral turpitude” crimes include theft crimes such as
        burglary and possession of stolen property, or violent crimes such as
        assault and battery. Even if a legal resident was not sentenced to jail
        time, they are deportable if the crime committed could have resulted in a
        sentence of one year or more in jail’ http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3009899/posts

  39. Chechnya: A Troubled Land
    Kelsey Harris
    April 19, 2013
    News out of Boston today has focused attention on the increasing
    extremist violence in Russia’s North Caucasus region, as two suspects in
    the Boston Marathon bombings have been identified as Chechnya natives.
    Russia’s Northern Caucasus is one of the most volatile, lawless regions in the world and http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2012/03/a-threat-to-the-west-the-rise-of-islamist-insurgency-in-the-northern-caucasus, according to Heritage Foundation policy expert Ariel Cohen.
    Eugene Chausovsky, a Eurasia analyst with Stratfor Global Intelligence,
    breaks down the history of the North Caucasus’ instability in the video
    Vid At Link

    1. http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2012/03/a-threat-to-the-west-the-rise-of-islamist-insurgency-in-the-northern-caucasus
      Ariel Cohen, Ph.D.
      March 26, 2012
      Abstract: The Islamist insurgency in Russia’s Northern Caucasus
      threatens to turn the region into a haven for international terrorism
      and to destabilize the entire region, which is a critical hub of oil and
      gas pipelines located at Europe’s doorstep. Neither Russia’s excessive
      use of military force nor its massive economic aid to the region appear
      to have helped. The U.S. and its friends and allies should keep a close
      watch on the region. In the meantime, the U.S. should work with
      neighboring countries to improve their border security. The U.S. should
      also encourage and work with Middle Eastern countries to stop the flow
      of cash to the Islamist terrorist organizations.

    1. colliemum Thank you for sharing!  This is a must-read everyone, especially the story of the man in the cowboy hat.  God always has a plan, we don’t know what it is but there is a path laid for us to travel on.

      1. Orangeone Totally agree! 
        We do find it hard to travel the path God has laid out for us – but that awesome man and pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer said in one of his books that praying and working towards being able to completely trust in Him, to let His will be done, even and especially without knowing what it will achieve, is what we should all strive for. 
        The strength for this will be given us – we only have to pray and ask.

  40. Mark Stein just announced about 30 minutes ago that this 19 yr.old Chechen officially became a US citizen 10 years to the day since the 9-11 attacks.

  41. http://ricochet.com/main-feed/Let-s-Hear-it-for-Uncle-Ruslan
    Mollie Hemingway
    With the caveat that this guy clearly didn’t know his nephews terribly
    well and hadn’t spoken to them in years, the bombing suspects’ Uncle
    Ruslan Tsarni is making for some interesting interviews. http://boston.cbslocal.com/2013/04/19/bombing-suspects-uncle-says-hes-shocked/:
    It’s worth remembering that most losers don’t kill 8-year-old boys and
    young women, or maim dozens. But he goes on to say that his nephews
    brought shame on the family and deserve death for their actions. He
    offered condolences to “those who’ve been murdered, those who’ve been
    injured.” He called on his nephew to turn himself in and had a theory
    for why all this happened:

    losers, hatred to those who were able to settle themselves; those are
    the only reasons,” he said. “Anything else to do with religion, with
    Islam, it’s a fraud; it’s a fake.”
    Ruslan told reporters that the two bombing suspects wasted an opportunity for a great life.
    “This is the ideal micro-world in the entire world,” he said of the
    United States. “I respect this country. I love this country; this
    country which gives chances to everybody else to be treated as a human


  42. If they are here to just kill people, why let the victim of the carjacking out at another gas station? And why has there been no public interview with this victim?

    1. cnote420 It’s a little hard for a person to talk after he has been thrown out of a moving car!  These aren’t nice and considerate guys…they are jihadist zombie killers!

  43. I hope the naked guy sues the SHIT out of the Police Department.  There is NO REASON they couldn’t have searched that poor guy in the cruiser.  But now, that dude has his ENTIRE body broadcast to the entire world…his modesty is now eliminated.  Everywhere he goes, people are going to be talking about him…how humiliating can things possibly get?!?  The Police Department have irreparably harmed this poor guy, and they simply didn’t need to.  They could have easily stripped him in the cruiser, safe from the prying eyes of the morally-degenerate News Media…but instead, they forced him to expose himself to the entire world, and for what???
    Next time, this could be us, or our kids, if we don’t put an end to this behavior NOW…

    1. BrianJones1 How safe would it have been if the guy had had a bomb strapped to his body?  The cops shouldn’t have to jeopardize their safety to do a search!  Let’s see a bomb going off in a police cruiser while idling and full of gasoline….oh yeah great idea!  NOT!

      1. notebene BrianJones1 And in the mean time, and innocent guy got horribly humiliated, debased, and degraded on LIVE, GLOBAL TELEVISION for all of the world to see his private parts.  HE WASN’T EVEN ALLOWED TO COVER HIMSELF!!!
        In this country, we are innocent until proven guilty…the police have NO RIGHT to do this to another citizen!  A cruiser can be replaced…that poor guy can NEVER be made whole again.

  44. Where is Stage9. Have you seen the latest picture released of white hat? Dead eyes (flat affect), just like we were talking about.

    1. SheerPolitics Yep. I mentioned this on anther thread. Now THOSE are the eyes you’re looking for.

  45. While CNN is crying it’s not Islam we have no idea what’s going on.
    Meanwhile ABC said the oldest brother was out of the country for six months. Both brothers changed their demeanor after that complaining about women professors at the college they were attending. They also said FBI was looking into a specific group that German officials had apprehended individuals from who were attempting to set off bombs in Germany. The group is considered a lesser group of Al-Qaeda.

  46. It’s really amazing to hear the MSM talking heads work so hard to not say ‘Islamic’ or ‘terrorist’. 

    Tragically, it’s remarkable the level of brainwashing these tools have allowed themselves.

    1. Las1 Did you notice where?  The very store with the video surveillance that captured them! Karma

  47. http://weaselzippers.us/2013/04/19/boston-thread-iii-chechnyas-islamist-president-on-suspects-seek-the-roots-of-evil-in-america/
    Update: Ramzan Kadyrov has been moving Chechnya rapidly towards fundamentalist Islam.
    http://blog.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2013/04/19/chechen_leader_on_boston_suspects_seek_the_roots_of_evil_in_america — Chechnya’s pro-Russian strongman leader Ramzan Kadyrov has just posted a statement about the Boston marathon bombing suspects on Instagram, his social media outlet of choice. Here’s the Google-translated version:
    The tragic events took place in Boston. The blast killed people. We have previously expressed their condolences to the people of the city and the people of America. Today, as reported by the media, while trying to arrest a Tsarnaea was killed. It would be logical if he was detained and investigated, found all the circumstances and the degree of his guilt. Apparently, the special services needed by all means to calm the result of society. Any attempt to make the connection between Chechnya and Tsarnaevys if they are guilty, [is] in vain. They grew up in the United States, their attitudes and beliefs were formed there. It is necessary to seek the roots of evil in America. From terrorism to fight the whole world. We know better than anyone else. We wish recovery to all the victims and share the feelings of sorrow Americans. # # Boston # bombing investigation.

    Apparently targeting, mutilating and slaughtering women and children falls under that category. Even the NY Times is reporting on jihad, but I am switching back between all the major networks and there is a complete disconnect to motive. Criminal negligence. The war is here and they continue to disarm the American people.New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/20/us/boston-marathon-bombings.html?hp&_r=0&gwh=CF66503C63DA59E5454F8D8539FBE167″Both brothers have substantial presence on social media. On Vkontakte, Russia’s most popular social media platform, the younger brother, Dzhokhar, describes his worldview as “Islam” and, asked to identify “the main thing in life,” answers “career and money.” He lists a series of affinity groups relating to Chechnya, andlists a verse from the Koran, “Do good, because Allah loves those who do good.” “

  49. I’ve been battling idiots on the Yahoo News this morning who still think these were white guys, and still think the ricin guy is conservative.  It is fun to tweek their feathers with the facts though.
    Prayers go out to those police killed in this.  Too bad we will not find out what mohammedan mosque turned these two into terrorists.

  50. I am SICK TO DEATH of these reporters, even on FOX who want to know *why*. Why would these nice young men raised for years in our wonderful country do this? Dumb as a box of rocks. It’s call evil. Evil exists and these men were groomed to infiltrate this country and then destroy it. These are the same people who think pedophiles can be reformed.

    1. SheerPolitics  Yup and a friend of the young suspect reports that he said “If the cause is just, it isn’t terrorism”.

    2. SheerPolitics 
      They just refuse to get it through their thick skulls that they hate us.  There is no why, you morons at FOX, except they want to kill you.  Personally, I wish the media would have been the targets.  I haven’t watched them since about 2009 because of their willful ignorance.

  51. So how many of our citizens are now locked down in their homes without the benefit of personal protection because of Mass. gun laws?

  52. HLN is interviewing a young man who was a friend of the guy their hunting right now. Looks like he didn’t open up at all about his personal life. They played video games together and were in school together ate lunch together but it wasn’t like a close friendship. 
    Back to regular coverage.

      1. cabensg toongoon Probably to slip him a note that it will be all okay, that Obama will cover for them and not to worry.

  53. Am I the only one that finds it hard to believe that these two acted alone?  They were activated by someone or group.  These events were set into motion by more than two guys.  It will be interesting to see if there is any tie between these two jihadists and the Saudi national reported about earlier.

    1. MontyRay I don’t think you’re alone in thinking this is bigger than just these two guys.

    2. MontyRay A federal agent has stated they were using MILITARY GRADE WEAPONS. That tells me there are others working with these two.

      1. SheerPolitics MontyRay Wonder if those military grade weapons could be traced back to the weapons that walked from Benghazi to Syria via Turkey or the Fast and Furious ones Obama and Holder walked to Mexico!

    3. MontyRay  
      No kidding! What makes an “angel” studying to be a doctor suddenly suddenly decide to commit mass murder? This was no doubt an activated terrorist cell. This will activate more too I fear.

  54. Son much for the media’s wet dream of a Tea Party conspiracy, huh?
    Wonder how they will spin the fact that these two are from Chechny ansd are MUSLIM TERRORISTS.
    And just another nail in the coffin of Obama’s claim that terrorism is not a threat. Lock and load, folks!
    We the People will have to defend ourselves AND the country with no help from the muslim-in-chief.

  55. According to Drudge, Suspect’s father is now saying..”if they killed him, then all hell will break loose.”

    1. JohnQueue  
      Idiot father! All hell broke loose when when his stupid sons put down the backpacks.

    2. JohnQueue And this is the same father that called his son an angel?  Oh..I get it…angel of death!  This is no angel…this is a demon!

  56. The tentacles of Islamist terrorism that the media has been trying to hide from Americans is being exposed.
    However, there are many more operations than we are seeing now.

    1. toongoon I fear that more sleeper cells may be activated now.  Weak president.  I pray we get on top of this but with this administration…

      1. JangoBear
        After the attack Barney Frank said that the government did such a great job that we should pay more in taxes so that they can do even better, or something to that effect. But listen, the American people did everything that accounted for success in the aftermath. 
        The police, the fire fighters, and citizens who were there did everything necessary to comfort and help the people who were hurt, provided information to the police and kept the situation under control. The federal government does not pay the local police or fire fighters.
        Here’s what the federal government is supposed to do and how they failed. Obama cut the bomb finding part of homeland security by almost fifty percent. They were supposed to stop bombs from going off. – FAIL

        The people of Massachusetts are not allowed to own a handgun, the FBI (federal government) took over the investigation and shut down the entire city of Boston and surrounding communities, with no idea where this SOB was. the people were told to lock themselves up in their homes while they scratched their butts trying to figure out where this guy was. FAIL
        Had there been concealed carry the Muslims probably would not have even walked away from the marathon, and likely wouldn’t even have attempted what they did at all.
        We might have a weak president but we have the American strength, we need to recapture it! we cannot allow the liberals to steal that away from us. Government is what keeps us enslaved, not free.

  57. I’m reading on TMZ that the older brother has a YouTube channel and has several religious videos including one entitled “Allah is the One”.

  58. Of course the guy has a suicide vest on!  Duh…don’t we get the mode of operation by now?!  Gracious these folks are dense!

  59. And now we wait for the upcoming news media  lecture on how we should treat the poor 99.9% of muslims who weren’t apart of this.
    Get ready for good muslims to be flashed on your screens everywhere. 
    Let the elite narrative commence!

  60. Very interesting that they went with Russian nationals. I suppose that this will work for them.

  61. Interesting that the country that come from is predominantly Muslim. Glad they got onto them so quick.

      1. I suppose the more politically correct way of saying that would be as WBZ 4 reported “in a kind of lockdown”

        1. SalvatoreAnelloValin 
          Telling people to stay indoors and Marshall Law are two entirely different things.  Marshall Law has a specific legal meaning.
          BTW today in 1775 the American Revolution began.

      2. By the way, I am not saying that what they are doing isn’t necessarily called for here. In fact, if I lived in the area I would absolutely comply at this point. Make no mistake, however, of what this is. I would comply with extreme caution.

  62. Update on http://hotair.com/archives/2013/04/19/one-boston-marathon-suspect-dead-boston-on-lockdown/
    Update: NBC now says that PD are looking for two other suspects:
    NBC News
    JUST IN :Police now looking for two suspects, according to authorities in Boston http://nbcnews.to/11JFhAP
    Boston on lockdown during marathon manhunt for white-hat suspect
    Maybe related to the http://hotair.com/archives/2013/04/19/breaking-pd-pulled-over-ma-car-in-niagara-falls/

    1. Update: Not much happening at the Watertown standoff at the moment, but
      the Niagara Falls story seems to be resolving itself as unrelated and no
      issue. However, PD have sent out an alert for a gray Honda CRV with MA
      plate 316-ES9 that may be heading to Connecticut.
      Update: The Connecticut state police have found the http://www.ct.gov/despp/cwp/view.asp?Q=523138&A=4226 flagged in the alert, apparently empty:

  63. So are these two guys Dark Skinned?    Are they muslims?  How did they get in the country under Janet Napolitano’s awesome DHS leadership?  Is Islam still our enemy??  Will pressure cookers be outlawed?  Will background checks be required at garage sales with pressure cookers for sale?   Will nails, BBs, ball bearings and pipes now require background checks before purchasing?  The following responses are yes indeed sarcastic but we know the folks on the left are full blown Bat Shit Crazy enough to demand these things.

    1. MadJack It really is a bad day to be a Liberal. Maybe they wake up about their gun grab efforts and loving all muslims and foreigners, but I somehow doubt it.

        1. MadJack OneThinDime  I said ABC I meant NBC which is doing a good job reporting about possible link to Muslim extremist. CNN still harping on the same bull crap (we have no idea who they are).

        1. SheerPolitics OneThinDime I’m now seeing 2011 (Obama), legal but didn’t say citizens, registered to vote.  Go figure, voting just like Rubio’s illegal aliens will be

    2. MadJack Not really dark, but yes Muslim. I actually came closest in our family to calling it. Hubby thought white hat guy was Iranian. I thought he could be Euro-Muslim. Media must be gnashing their teeth right now. Kept trying to say, “Oh look it’s a ‘white guy'” (meaning a non-muslim, tea party conservative).

  64. Gotta get ready for an appointment with the optometrist … that’ll be two hours before I’m back.

    I hope they get him during that time, and pray that none of the LEOs willbe injured or killed – and none of the civilians living in that area.

    1. maynardb61  Defeat the Gang of 8 when each is up for re-election, and defeat their immigration bill!

      1. Sandra123456 maynardb61 Don’t forget the Gang of 12 or so in the House, lead by none other than No Rule of Law Gowdy who also support massive amnesty!

        1. OneThinDime Sandra123456 maynardb61  Now more than ever it is very important we all call or write our Senators and Reps and tell them NO AMNESTY, period!

        2. Sandra123456 OneThinDime maynardb61 Makes me physically ill.  He spews about being tough, following Rule of Law and then says most SC people believe in a path to citizenship.  I hope the illegals take their filth, crime and welfare to SC and bankrupt them.  Between Grahamnesty and Gowdy, SC deserves what they voted for. He’s truly a disappointment.

      2. Sandra123456 Read the most interesting email from Number USA by Roy Beck. He wrote:
        is the leader of the Gang of Eight. He enlisted Sen. Marco Rubio
        (R-Fla.) to spend the winter and spring using the close friendships he
        has made with top conservative commentators to sell Schumer’s amnesty.
        This was news to me.

  65. The damn scammers are trying to get in on the act.  This report from my local PD website.  I’m posting it here because it’s about online scams and so could effect everyone and not just local people here in my town. 
    Historically, scammers, spammers, and other malicious actors
    capitalize on major news events by registering domain names related to
    the events. Malicious actors may attempt to exploit the April 15, 2013
    explosions at the Boston Marathon in this way. Some may use fake domains
    to take advantage of those interested in learning more details about
    the explosions, or target individuals looking to contribute to
    fundraising efforts.

    In addition to fake domains, malicious actors may also create fake
    social media accounts with similar intent. For example, Twitter account
    @_BostonMarathon was created shortly after the explosions took place.
    The account stated it would donate $1 for each retweet, and was crafted
    to closely resemble the legitimate Boston Marathon Twitter account
    (@BostonMarathon). This account has since been suspended by Twitter;
    however, the likelihood that similar social media accounts will surface
    remains high.
    DHS recommends that all persons looking to donate money in support of
    those affected by the events rely on official fundraising charities.
    Exercise caution when clicking on links or interacting with social media
    accounts that claim to represent the best interests of those involved
    in this incident. Additionally, when searching for updates on the story,
    it is safest to go directly to trusted news sources rather than
    conducting general search engine queries.

  66. So no Christian right winger nut cases involved who routinely use pressure cookers in bombings? And no women, babies, or eighty year olds? Damn!
    The Leftoids in this country are going to be so mad.
    Better hurry up and pass that Gang of 8 immigration bill, or this incident might scuttle it!
    Wonder how many gun laws these 2 terrorists broke?
    I live in NYS. Practically impossible to get a pistol permit. Supposed to have only 8 round magazines. Can’t buy grenades at Walmart, and these 2 have all this firepower?
    See how lawbreakers, foreigners no less, ignore the laws that the law abiding follow? See?????

  67. So no Christian right winger nut cases involved who routinely use pressure cookers in bombings? And no women, babies, or eighty year olds? Damn!
    The Leftoids in this country are going to be so mad.
    Better hurry up and pass that Gang of 8 immigration bill, or this incident might scuttle it!
    Wonder how many gun laws these 2 terrorists broke?
    I live in NYS. Practically impossible to get a pistol permit. Supposed to have only 8 round magazines. Can’t buy grenades at Walmart, and these 2 have all this firepower?
    See how lawbreakers, foreigners no less, ignore the laws that the law abiding follow? See?????

      1. Valin Sandra123456 Absolutely. We should pass more feel good laws.
        This is why limits on magazine capacities, etc are so ridiculous. Just like a police officer no legal gun owner wants to ever use his weapon to kill/hurt someone else but it just takes one incident, one unbelievable incident like this one, and one bullet and you could be dead. You should have the right to defend yourself.

        1. Sandra123456 Valin  
          Nah! Just call the police…they’ll be with in the hour…well maybe longer.

        2. Valin Sandra123456  Lol. Yup! Wait around for the police to put a chalk outline around your body and put you in a bag.

        3. Sandra123456 Valin  
          That’s why so many cops don’t like a lot of the gun control laws. 
          Quick story
          I was a Security Policeman (back just after the glaciers retreated) I was trained on the M-203 We weren’t given the ammo for it. We were told if we needed it they could get the rounds to us within 10 minutes. Told the NCOIC you can give it to me in Pusan…cause that’s where I’m headed. If I need it I need it 5 minutes ago.

    1. Sandra123456 And millions of them will soon get amnesty for all their violations and we the taxpayers will pay their lawyers to process their legalization paperwork.

    2. Sandra123456 Some jackass lib put up on another blog something like “look how they got guns and passed a background check” “more gun control, blame the NRA”
      I replied, they don’t do that (background checks) out of the back of a Chevys trunk on a dark corner some where.

  68. Heard Wolf Blitzer on the radio cautioning that “we don’t know their religion.” Funny, it didn’t stop them for blaming the so called right wing when they had no idea who did it.

  69. Heard Wolf Blitzer on the radio cautioning that “we don’t know their religion.” Funny, it didn’t stop them for blaming the so called right wing when they had no idea who did it.

    1. nosilasunny  
      They only say they don’t know the religion when they know it.  When they dont’ know it, they are praying to St. Gore that they turn out to be White, Christian, Sarah Palin supporting Tea Partiers.  Imagine their disappointment when the terrorists turn out to be foreign islamic instead.

      1. It was obvious that they are upset their right wing domestic terrorism meme has been taken away.

    2. nosilasunny 
      Well technically that’s correct. I’m going to go waaaay out on a limb and say they’re not Amish…Maybe   Presbyterian…They’re pretty radical.!

  70. ‘Something must have happened to them in the last year’ – yep, jihadi recruiters, who prey on young, fervent believers of their so-called religion, that’s what happened to them! It’s called ‘indoctrination’, and young people are prone to be taken in.

  71. ‘Something must have happened to them in the last year’ – yep, jihadi recruiters, who prey on young, fervent believers of their so-called religion, that’s what happened to them! It’s called ‘indoctrination’, and young people are prone to be taken in.

    1. colliemum Yes, and AQ has been seeking non-ME recruits to “get around” the profilers.  That’s why SE Asia was an area of concern a few years back.

      1. PhillyCon You mean like the white Grandmothers and 6 year old white girls they strip search at the airport, those kind of recruits.

  72. Been glued to the Boston Police radio scanner, which went off just now. 
    It is easier for one man to try and escape the police, who have to keep the safety of all innocent civilians in mind. Thus they’re hampered.
    I keep praying for the safety of the police officers, and SWAT teams, because the first suspect died not just from gunshot wounds, but also from explosive wounds – he may have been wearing a suicide vest.
    Let them be safe, one of them has already been killed, and one wounded.

      1. WolfieUSA Thanks, Wolfie – it’s doing my head in, all those talking heads! That scanner was great, together with twitter. Will find it again, I think …

        1. WolfieUSA  It’s this one: http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/6254/web
          It’s now asking me to ‘upgrade’ …

        2. colliemumWolfieUSA 
          Broadcasify must have been asked to pull it as I’m seeing this now: Feed Status: Offline   Listeners: 0  🙁

    1. colliemum I wonder if any of the suspects will remain alive.  Obama has no reason to have them interrogated.  Rubio and Gowdy and running to the scene to stamp AMNESTY in case they are illegals. /sarc

        1. colliemum OneThinDime Saw that too!  Just in time to vote for Obama.  Both were registered to vote.

  73. http://hotair.com/archives/2013/04/19/one-boston-marathon-suspect-dead-boston-on-lockdown/
    Update: The suspects’ uncle may have had no sympathy for his nephews, but their father called Dzhokhar http://bigstory.ap.org/article/apnewsbreak-boston-suspects-father-true-angel:

    son is a true angel,” the elder Tsarnaev said. “Dzhokhar is a
    second-year medical student in the U.S. He is such an intelligent boy.
    We expected him to come on holidays here.”
    I think we can cut Dad some slack here. What a horrible, horrible day it would be for an unsuspecting parent.

    1. Valin If he’s an unsuspecting parent and not the leader of the little cell of terrorists.  Cops better scrutinize this family from top to bottom and front to back.

    2. Valin hey, papa, they will be coming, nicely packed, like…..in coff?    😉
      Aren’t they happy to meet 72 virgins? Oh, college educated….really

        1. Valin john11111  
          Hmmm… Let me think about it… (puts on thinking face)…  Yeah, kick all the Islamic Terrorists out of the country, happy now?

        2. WolfieUSA Valin john11111 Along with all the other illegal aliens. They have proven they are anxious to violate any and all of our laws and are behind the disarming to make it easier for the to victimize American citizens.

  74. I hope they hold hearings on the “intelligence breakdown.”  Just like they would have done if this happened under Bush … right?

    1. PhillyCon 
      What is interesting (and many have pointed out) This is the 2nd case of mass terrorism since THAT DAY. So Law enforcement must be doing something right. Because people like  Zawahiri get a hard on just thinking about this.

  75. So Rubio and Odumbo…that whole DREAM act thingy…where we award illegals with the best education…the suspect at large had a scholarship to one of the finest private schools in Boston for grade school and then a scholarship for college!  Then he murdered our citizens in gratitude?!  Tell me again how that amnesty stuff is working?!

    1. notebene Oh it isn’t only DREAMERS, it is amnesty for 100% of the illegals and an open door for their 100 million family members to come here as well.

  76. Does anyone remember what these “Chechen rebels” (as they are called) did to a school a few years ago?  Sickening.

      1. WolfieUSA PhillyCon Thanks for posting Wolfie.  I didn’t have the time to search for it.  But we need to remind ourselves that terrorism is not isolated to the ME … its a global “movement.”  AQ’s goal has been to cast a wide net and attract non-ME followers.  That’s the literature since 9-11.

        1. PhillyCon WolfieUSA  
          Too TRUE!
          From what I’m seeing on Twitter, Liberals are focusing on the fact that the terrorists are WHITE, and completely ignoring the Islam angle!

        2. WolfieUSA PhillyCon What the heck does WHITE have ANYTHING to do with it?  It’s their “belief” system, and ideology.
          Geez.  Of course, it doesn’t fit into their ideological prism.  These people cannot think outside of their little liberal/identity politics box.

        3. PhillyCon WolfieUSA This is why they want to recruit citizens, especially white ones. Even women though they otherwise despise them.

  77. This seems like it belongs in a movie.  Crazy stuff.  In other news, I want to know what was going on with that Saudi.

  78. Hey, nobama………….
    How would your stupid assinine gun control laws have stopped these 2 murdering devil loving muslims????
    Just wondering…………….


        1. YoJoe Valin  
          AHHH! Well that makes a lot of sense. I see you have given this a great deal of thought,

  80. http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20692756,00.html
    Kristen Mascia and Champ Clark
    04/19/2013 at 08:30 AM EDT
    “These are my nephews! My brother’s sons!” their stunned uncle Ruslan
    Tzami told PEOPLE from his home in Maryland on Friday morning, just a
    short time after the two men’s likenesses and names were revealed.
    Tzami wept as he spoke of the brothers who emigrated from Tyrgistan in
    2001: Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, was born in Russia. Dzhokar Tsarnaev, 19,
    was born in Kyrgyzstan, is in possession of a Massachusetts drivers
    license and is on the run. He “wanted to be a doctor,” said the uncle.
    “It’s a big family … the parents are still in Russia,” says Tzami,
    adding a few are in Massachusetts. “They are from a hard-working family
    who ran away from Chechnya. A good family.”
    Tzami added: “This is terrible. I have no sympathy for them. I hate them – they murdered people!”

        1. Valin JohnQueue I simply feel it in my bones that Uncle was involved somehow… perhaps even the head of this little gang (cell) operation. My opinion only… And I have left room for doubt… 17.5 years in law enforcement has given me some instinctual read on people…

        2. JohnQueue Valin I am not in law enforcement, but the uncle’s declaration of hate for his nephews sounded over the top.  As in..” me thinks he doth protest too much!”

        3. notebene JohnQueue Valin  
          And we all know Muslim Terrorists would NEVER LIE to cover up their involvement…. Noooo… That NEVER happens!

        4. JohnQueue Valin  
          I knew I was going to regret it. 
          Opinions are like assholes…every body has got one..and most of them stink

  81. Hot Air
    Ed Morrissey
    Tamerlan Tsarnaev died in a shootout with Boston police earlier this
    morning, perhaps killed by bullets, his own IED, or the fact that his
    brother Dzhokar reportedly drove over him in order to plow through a
    police barricade after the shootout. He will live on in a photo essay
    taken when he competed in Golden Glove boxing, thanks to http://johanneshirn.photoshelter.com/gallery/Will-Box-For-Passport/G0000VQW7v6xWA7o/, linked by an alert http://www.slate.com/blogs/weigel/2013/04/19/tamerlan_tsarnaev_dead_bombing_suspect_i_don_t_have_a_single_american_friend.html
    a few minutes ago. The accompanying interview raised at least a yellow
    flag about the isolation of Tsarnaev from his community in the essay
    titled “Will Box for Passport”:

  82. Islamic terrorists…what we suspected all along.  You know this has to be part of a larger cell…we can’t trust these people.  I’m glad we took one out…we need the other one dead so taxpayer money isn’t wasted on this POS.
    RIP to the murdered MIT officer…God Speed for the other one fighting for his life.

  83. Let us not forget, these guys may be from Chechnya, but they are Islamic extremists for sure….sorry Chris Mathews, I guess the “right wing extremists angle is shot!

    1. zapper As someone else stated in another thread, Mr. Tingle probably soiled both sides of his pants.

  84. Yes, the Chechen people have a significant Sunni Muslim population…indeed. Somebody tell those Muslims they can stop holding their breath now and begin their celebratory preparations. I am sure that’s what will be going on anyway.

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