Boston residents say even the Lincoln statue bothers them, should be taken down

SINCE everyone is ripping down statues left and right, Boston would like to bring up something they’ve been meaning to talk to you about. It’s that damnable Lincoln statue!

…the Mayor’s office is considering what to do with the Emancipation Memorial in Boston’s Park Square.

The statue sits a block away from Boston’s Public Garden, nestled between the Park Plaza Hotel and the Legal Seafood restaurant. It’s a replica of the original statue in Washington, DC designed by Charlestown native Thomas Ball. It was built almost entirely with funds donated by former slaves.

It’s a statue that has bothered Dorchester native Tory Bullock since he was a kid. “I think the exact same thing as I did when I was a kid, that it’s ridiculously awkward,” he explained.

The statue depicts a towering Abraham Lincoln standing next to a freed slave kneeling at his feet with shackles on his wrists. It is sometimes called the Freedman’s Memorial. “A lot of people look at it like it represents freedom, but for me as a black man, walking down here, I don’t see freedom,” Bullock said.

Here’s the video:

And more:

“I don’t know maybe they should be standing equal to each other,” Tory said looking up at the statue. “Maybe shaking hands, I don’t know maybe wearing clothes and not chains,” he said describing the shirtless and shoe-less slave.

“It doesn’t make you feel good,” said Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards. Edwards, of East Boston told us she understands the artist’s goal was probably to lift people up, but she says for people who see it as a symbol of oppression, the message is lost. “It’s OK to see a statue in modern eyes. What was interpreted one way can be interpreted another way in the future,” she said.

I think this paragraphs says a lot:

We talked to a few people in the area. Two white men told us it should be taken down. But a man of color from Dorchester had to take a long look at the piece. “If it’s a sign of submission, I would be against it,” he said. “But if it’s a sign of conversation or appreciation or acknowledgement, that’s something else.”

It’s not really the normal every day black person who wants all this crap, it’s the extremist fringe that are invited onto MSNBC and CNN. And the woke white libs think this is every black person’s opinion and adopt it in order to ease their white guilt and show they’re down with the struggle. And we all lose in the process…

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