Bot in human form @RadioFreeTom doesn’t know what he’s talking about again after Elon Musk slaps Vindman..

So-called “expert” Tom Nichols, who at one time made pretense of being Republican (we’re told) but now he spends his twilight years with the Lincoln Project and MSNBC slobbering over dreamy Joe Biden and whimpering about Elon Musk in sad little tweet hissy fits.

But very old Tom’s expertise must be in spouting off at the mouth without bothering to find out the context of something, because his latest hysterical fuss over Musk’s tweet about Vindman is as ill-informed as it is embarrassing.

See, some white guy lib claimed last night that his virtue signal tweet was being oppressed by Elon Musk. He posted a screenshot of his genius and articulate words, which were subsequently tweeted by hundreds and hundreds of bots/human bots, idiots, dumbasses, virtue signalers, and Mr. All-of-the-Above Alexander Vindman.

Here’s the presumed original:

Here’s the idiot army:

One of which was Alexander Vindman — who spelled weird wrong in his first try and had to edit it. (Eight bucks well spent, by the way, Thirsty!)

NOTICE IF YOU WILL that Vindman’s version is slightly modified. And that the bots that came rolling gangbusters after him used HIS dumped up version of the dumb original.

Y’all with me so far? Take a break to adjust those reading glasses, Tom, if you’re having trouble.

So of course, with the kabillions of twits tweeting, Musk weighed in on the claptrap this morning. He wrote:

And added:

Meanwhile, the copy-pasters kept going. And going. And going. And going. And … well y’all get the picture.

So Musk continued, saying:

And then:

WHICH IS A LITERALLY ACCURATE ASSESSMENT. Although Vindman appears to have been virtue signal copy-pasting from the original and supposedly oppressed tweet, he also modified it and his version was copy/pasted ad infinitum.

He was in fact both puppet and puppeteer in the spam onslaught.


Musk also separately posted this helpful advice on Sunday which I think frankly most of us are going to helpfully ignore:

It’s that right friendly sentiment that triggered Tom into a crybaby spiral.

Read this in Droopy Dog’s voice for maximum accuracy:
“In which @elonmusk smears @AVindman and then an hour later calls for civil discourse.”

“Smears”? It’s only a smear if you have no idea what the context was or what you’re talking about in any way. And also not then, either.

But Tom got his virtue signal retweet-me dopamine hit off it. Because that’s what he is. An addict.

He contributes nothing to society or the discourse or democracy or any of those things he pretends to be super concerned about. He just tweets and sometime writes bad articles.

These are your elites, folks. They are frauds to a man. Or woman. Or 99 of their other genders. That’s why you are stuck reading about this stupidity. Because the media is full of Tom and devoid of truth tellers, thinkers, or people with intellectual honesty or character.

How embarrassing for our society.

Speaking of which, here’s some tweeps dunking on Vindman to brighten your day. Enjoy!


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