Both Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren just FLAT-OUT LIED about Ferguson

Both Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren flat-out lied about what happened in Ferguson five years ago, all to score political points on the left:

Murder? These two tweets are nothing more than shameless lies, because we all remember what happened and murder it was NOT.

Even Obama’s own DOJ dispelled the notion that it was even remotely murder, as David French points out:

Five years ago, a Ferguson, Mo., police officer named Darren Wilson shot a young black man named Michael Brown to death after an altercation in the street. False rumors about Brown’s death — namely that he was shot in cold blood while trying to surrender with his hands in the air — ignited violent protests in Missouri and revulsion across the United States.

“Hands up, don’t shoot” became a national rallying cry — until the Obama Department of Justice comprehensively and thoroughly debunked it in a lengthy report published on March 4, 2015. Writing in December of the same year, the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler called the slogan one of “the biggest Pinocchios of the year.”

Exactly. The short of it was that Michael Brown disregarded Officer Darren Wilson’s commands, tried to take Wilson’s gun in a fight in the car, and charged Wilson so that Wilson had no no choice but to shoot him. It was absolutely 100% self-defense.

For Harris and Warren to lie so blatantly about it is beyond despicable. Perhaps even Libelous, as French suggests.

But hey, I’m sure the MSM who loves to call Trump out when he lies will be on top of this like white on rice. Here’s looking at you ABC for the next debate…

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19 thoughts on “Both Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren just FLAT-OUT LIED about Ferguson

  1. Hands down! Don’t lie! These democrat presidential candidates are bonafide serial liars. The media is too busy pimping socialists too care.

  2. Those two are a couple of absolute slimeballs and could never get away with making up this crap if they weren’t liberals. Being a liberal means never having to say you’re sorry.

    1. This kind of lie goes way beyond the damage to Officer Wilson’s reputation. This causes much harm to the country as a whole and to individual citizens who get caught up in the hate it stirs up.

      1. No doubt about that. That’s par for the course for Democrats who don’t give a crap about the damage it does to the nation. Just like they don’t give a crap about the damage open borders does. It’s 100% about staying in power and screw the people and country.

  3. And THIS type of race baiting is all we will get if the Dems win in 2020. Obama set the the standard for tearing up race relations, and these two hags are wanting to continue his heritage.

    If Trump is a racist (and he’s not), then these guys are on a whole different level of racism beyond comprehension.

  4. But Scoop, I’m outraged TODAY. How am I supposed to remember the facts from YESTERDAY when I’m 100% committed to my oh-so-righteous emotional tantrum today?

    You know what I do remember though? His middle-school yearbook picture. What an adorable little cherub he was. The way your silly “facts” would tell the story, he was like some large hulking aggro beast or something. Not true! I remember the yearbook photos!

  5. How are these flat out lies allowed to continue? This one, and the Charlottesville one are such dangerous whoppers, it’s blows my mind.

    It’s not just about hurting one political side or one person (Trump). These lies TEAR THE COUNTRY APART! They are very destructive for EVERYONE!

    And Harris and Warren know better. The truth is not difficult to find. They should be disqualified for the damage they are knowingly doing.

  6. Their entire campaigns are based on lies, so why would we expect anything less? Based on timestamps of the tweets, looks like Chief Warren is copying Harris here.

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