Brad Woodhouse TOTALLY BUSTS David Vitter In Tawdry Love Affair

DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse is outraged, OUTRAGED I SAY. He has proven that Harry Reid is right about everything. For the smoking gun has at last been revealed. Sen. David Vitter says God Bless the Koch brothers.

You know, I used to think I was a Republican. I too drank the conservative Flavor Aid. But then I saw this video and IT CHANGED EVERYTHING. Now I realize that Democrats like Brad have been right all along. People like George Soros the Koch Brothers are ruining everything. I mean, obviously. They support conservative causes with money and everything!! They’re as bad as the Unions Hollywood Al Gore Tom Steyer the Unions Tim Gill Time-Warner China also the Unions Satan … um … Santa Claus?! Totally.

At least Louisianans now know that their Senator is pro Oil and Gas. Goodness knows the voters there HATE those industries!

There was a time I would have said “Amen” to David Vitter praising the Koch brothers. And that time was now.

God bless the Koch Brothers. Amen.

PS. If you have a chance, check out Woodhouse’s entire Twitter timeline tonight as he argues with @BuzzfeedAndrew and his brother Dallas, formerly of Americans for Prosperity. It is to laugh.

PPS. So, um. Can I get that check the liberals are going to accuse me of taking now?

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