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9 thoughts on “Bradlee Dean on the media’s real agenda

  1. Excellent video, 911Infidel. I visited his website too and will want to tune into his Sons of Liberty broadcasts when I can. His message is invaluable to our kids.
    Bradlee Dean is a hero for our time.

  2. Well, we all know that there is a vast liberal media bias in this country. The members of Congress need to speak with one voice and go on the offensive. Go on every program they can get on to, even those on MSNBC. It doesn’t matter that they will get shouted down by the liberal media. What matters is that the low-information voters out there see that Republicans are fighting back and answering the bogus charges made by liberals. You only win if you take the battle to your enemies. Being on defense never gets you anywhere in politics. Get some of our best and brightest people out there to make our case. The CPAC speeches proved that there are a lot of them out there and on our team, and we should use that as much as possible. We also need a small army of Andrew Breitbarts to go out there and fight the left-wing media on a daily basis as well. We know there is liberal bias out there. The question is, are we prepared to fight it on their terms and win?

    1. But then you get John Boehner with his Obama love fest, John McAmnesty and Lindsey Grahamnesty attacking Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul on the Senate floor.

    2. Libertyship46 I agree. I also think they should let the news viewers know the obvious biases. If on ABC with George  Stephanopoulos and discussing healthcare repeal. “The Democratic party wasn’t able to pass a government takeover of healthcare when as a senior advisor you tried under Clinton, the rammed it through with a super majority bribing Senators and not properly marking up the bill and this monsrosity is causing people to lose their healthcare, cut back hours and we’re going to repeal it. They also need to get Boehner off TV. He’s a disaster.

  3. Fantastic video. Gradual, methodical brainwashing of the masses by way of the leftist “progressive” movement and perpetuated by the degraded leftist “progressive” media.

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