‘BRAZEN’: Ted Cruz calls out Biden White House DEMANDING Facebook censor Carlson, Lahren

The Biden White House wasn’t just using Twitter to silence American voices and dissent against their evil plans, it was all the tech giants and social media platforms. The complicit mainstream media does not care one bit about it, so the story is getting no traction at all, but Sen. Ted Cruz points out that this is “brazen government censorhip.”

Take a look at the message they sent to Facebook to get Tucker Carlson and Tomi Lahren silenced.

That attitude is ridiculous. That’s the White House attacking Facebook for failing to properly censor Tucker Carlson and Tomi Lahren, with the haughty imperiousness of a boss dressing down a subordinate.

Facebook scrambled to comply:

The images come from Greg Price, who points out what a substantial violation this is.

Ted Cruz makes it even more plain.

And Christina Pushaw with the capper.

They won’t be called out by anyone, least of all the so-called press.

Just incredible. The vaccine regime, the covid powers — when they took them we said they’d never give them back. And here in the U.S., in Canada and abroad, they are fighting hard to keep them as we speak.

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