UPDATE: 4 DEAD, more critically wounded in series of stabbings in California

We are getting reports in of a series of stabbings in Orange County, California that have left at least 2 people dead and several others critically wounded:

ABC 7 is reporting 3 people dead:

At least three people are dead and a suspect is in custody after a series of stabbings in Orange County Wednesday afternoon, police say.

The Garden Grove Police Department said it all started at an apartment complex in the 12000 block of Jentges Avenue, where one person was stabbed to death. A second person was taken to a hospital.

The suspect was arrested near a 7-Eleven on Harbor Boulevard and 1st Street in Santa Ana. Paramedics there were seen performing CPR on a man believed to be a security guard. That person was also rushed to the hospital.

Another person who was seen laying in a parking lot next to a Subway also died.

Garden Grove and Santa Ana police were investigating at least eight crime scenes in the area.

Eight crime scenes. Wow.

UPDATE: Now we’re hearing 4 dead:

UPDATE 2: According to NBC Los Angeles

A man who allegedly went on a deadly stabbing spree in Orange County Wednesday was arrested, Santa Ana police said.

The suspected stabber went into a Subway restaurant in the 3800 block of West First Street and stabbed a person to death before going to a nearby 7-Eleven on the intersection of West First Street and Harbor Boulevard and attacking a security guard there, the Santa Ana Police Department said.

Police said they then took the suspected stabber into custody at that point, but the man is also suspected in a double-stabbing in Garden Grove on Jentges Avenue.

In addition, there appears to be another stabbing scene at a Chevron gas station.

UPDATE 3: It appears that 4 dead is sadly correct:

UPDATE 4: Confirmed, 4 dead, 2 wounded…

We’ll update you with more when we get it…

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33 thoughts on “UPDATE: 4 DEAD, more critically wounded in series of stabbings in California

  1. I urge bans on matches, lighters, and gasoline (used in arson), baseball bats (used in savage beatings), water (used in deliberate drownings and waterboarding), and all microphones (used by Democrats to spread vicious lies and propaganda).

  2. Sharpen your teeth. You’ll need them sharp to rip apart your meat after they come for your knives.

  3. Must have used a fully semi-automatic assault knife.
    Just goes to confirm disturbed people will continue to inflict harm on others and themselves.

  4. oh lord wont you buy me a Mercedes Benz, so I can stab people. its probably stolen, check the trunk

  5. Uh Oh, another mass stabbing. Time for knife control laws, knife buy backs, and banning assault knives. (that would be any with black handles and blades longer than the thickness of an avocado.)

  6. had any one of those business owners been armed with a gun, this man would not be in custody. He would have been ushered into the gates of hell where he belongs.

    1. And the citizen would in handcuffs and we would be reading about how the perp was turning his life around and had a rough childhood…

  7. Will the governor of California blame Trump for this? I’m sure he will find a way.

  8. Why don’t the Libs blame the CAR when it’s used by a lunatic to run over innocent people? Why don’t the Libs blame the KNIFE when a lunatic used it to murder innocent people? Why is it that only when a lunatic uses a GUN that the Libs blame the GUN?

  9. Let see if this massacre gets the attention, the others got… wait what happened to those stories? Oh they weren’t right leaning christain conservative Trump voters…
    No. They were leftist progs.

  10. Machete? Sounds like a supporter of muzzieomar. She needs to be hounded about how her hateful, anti- American rhetoric led to this terrorist killing these people.

  11. Because removing guns solves everything. People will automatically become nice to each other once the semi automatics are gone. And it’ll only get worse from here.

  12. Looks like the red flag laws will have to include knives. They had better cover bats, cars, hammers and small parts that may present a choking hazard.

  13. Gang Detail? Need to ban gangs immediately. That and mandatory background checks for anything sharper than a butter knife.

  14. I don’t want to be the Debbie Downer here, but 4 people are DEAD and knife jokes seems inappropriate.

  15. Obviously the only way sure way to save lives from this onslaught of tragedy is for Uncle Sam to keep each and everyone of us in our own individual padded rooms. He’ll provide for us and let us out for fresh air every now and then.

  16. Will the left start the news cast with “We need stricter knife laws. Trump needs to tone down his rhetoric.!”?

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