BREAKING: Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan under FEDERAL INVESTIGATION!

Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan is now under federal investigation for leaking the details of the ICE raids in June:

WASHINGTON EXAMINER – Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan is at the center of a federal investigation into the leak of confidential government information in late June that forced Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to call off a nationwide operation, three senior administration officials told the Washington Examiner.

Following the publishing of sensitive leaked law enforcement information on June 21, then-acting ICE Director Mark Morgan’s team followed department protocol and reported the incident to the ICE Joint Intake Center so they could investigate. JIC is an agency office that handles internal investigations of personnel misconduct, sexual abuse, staff neglect, or violations of responsibilities that may have contributed to such incidents.

“There is an ongoing investigation. An internal investigation has been launched,” one official said in a phone call Friday.

Make no mistake about it, this is huge.

But DC Examiner makes one point clear, that this is not a criminal investigation:

The investigation, which is not a criminal probe, is centered around the leader of the department’s 240,000 employees, as well as at least one aide, for possible involvement in the leak. ICE did not immediately respond to a request for comment. It’s not clear if JIC has referred the matter to the DHS Office of the Inspector General.

“Any investigation into the malicious, unauthorized disclosure of the operations is completely justified. Any causal observer would logically deduce that McAleenan’s dodgy response and coy behavior warrant additional scrutiny,” a second senior official said late Thursday.

A third official said the department’s decision to pursue the investigation of the acting secretary in itself was “very troubling.”

“It’s worrisome that it took days for the acting secretary to acknowledge and then deny the allegations, and it’s telling that he didn’t call for the investigation in the first place. More than anything, it’s unfortunate that people are even having this discussion at all,” the official wrote in a text.

We told you last month that Tom Homan accused McAleenan on Fox News of leaking the details of the raid:

According to the Examiner, McAleenan was also fingered by others as orchestrating the leak:

McAleenan was named by three senior administration officials and two former officials as the orchestrator of the leak, charging he wanted to sabotage ICE’s monthslong plan to find and arrest around 2,000 people who had been denied asylum and not left the country. McAleenan opposed the plan because of its potential to remove a parent from a household with children in it.

Three officials have claimed McAleenan ordered Morgan on two occasions in the two weeks leading up to the planned June 23 operation to not carry it out, orders that would have contradicted the White House’s support and approval. Morgan contacted the White House following McAleenan’s warning to try to carry it out, according to three current and two former senior administration officials.

“That’s our belief,” one official told the Washington Examiner in late June, when asked if McAleenan was behind the leak. “The secretary was not supportive from day one.”

Wow. If this is all true, this dude needs to go PRONTO. And then he needs to be prosecuted for leaking classified data. Man oh man.

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84 thoughts on “BREAKING: Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan under FEDERAL INVESTIGATION!

  1. I’d take 1 Hillary or 2 Wasserman Shultz, or 2 Podestas, or 3 Snipes over 10 Secretary Kevin McAleenans any day!
    But enough already, Let their bodies hit the floor!

  2. Make a example of him, bring the full weight on to him. It would be great if he could get jail time. Him doing this could have cost a ICE agent his life.

  3. I want to know why Tom Homan isn’t head of DHS? Are they afraid he will use the position for what it’s for? If it’s because he won’t get through senate confirmation, then appoint him when they’re on one of many vacations

  4. Why are we hearing the dates and times of the ICE raids? WTF is Trump doing? He said during the primaries that he didn’t think we should let everything be known..He was right then and so wrong now..It’s almost like he doesn’t want the border locked up…

    1. I’m getting pretty tired of Trump constantly promising to do something and then chickening out. Or sabotaging his own initiative as is the case here, giving the criminals the heads-up.

      1. I’ve been thinking the same . Either he just sits in that little room and says stuff and then After, they are all running around trying to stop the bleeding.
        He had better learn fast that this isn’t some game playing.
        I will never forget hearing him at one of the rallies in Nevada (?) during the primaries as all the people were cheering he said oh how I love the poorly educated, they cheered some more.
        So, all through this Presidency, I have wondered what his true motivations are. In other words, who’s side are you on?
        I hope I am wrong.

  5. The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.
    In the beginning was Sessions . Then was W.ay . Then was [ fill the blanks ] ………………………………….

    Now is the “excellent” Kevin McAleenan .

    Who’s in charge of selecting/vetting ? Ivanka ? Jared ? Javaka ? Obama ? Hillary ? Billy ? a Dice ?

    Why so many lemons are planted in/around WH ?

  6. Odds are high that AOC did what her main handler, Saikat Chakrabati, told her to do and say. He pulled her string and she yakked out that she wanted to be sworn in. He worked the other strings and had her stand with her right hand raised.

  7. What the hell is wrong with these people in the Trump admin? I can’t believe how many treasonous bas-turds we have working against our country..Send him to jail for treason then hang him..Make an example out of the little p-Rick.

    1. My biggest problem with the Trump admin. is that they didn’t do a clean sweep of those in Gov. that were working against him. Obama got rid of everyone who wasn’t on his page.

      1. You have to have an organized researched well thought of plan before you get there…..Ted Cruz had all his ducks in a row. The Trump campaign was an unorganized mess…And all Incoming Presidents have a plan…

        1. What kind of well thought out and researched plan does it take to just make a clean sweep of all of the leftover Obamaites?

          Believe me I donated more money to the Cruz campaign than all of my other political donations combined. I wanted badly for him to win. Fasttrack forward in time, Cruz would have been much more eloquent in how he expressed himself but, he would have fought in legalize where Trump has been a street fighter. At this time, who do you think has more appeal? I love Cruz and will always be a supporter of his, but the radical leftists would have eaten Cruz’s lunch, while Trump has been eating theirs.

          For me, Trump has been the right guy, at the right time.

          1. Same here. I was for Cruz voted for him in the primary. I was a NeverTrumper but voted for Trump over Hillary and he’s proved to me he could do what no other President has done. Cruz could not have withstood the on slot of what Trump has put up with. I will vote for him again in 2020. KAG 2020

            1. I’ve followed a similar path trouble06. I didn’t for in the presidential election in 16, but will vote for Trump in 2020.

              PS- I feel quite certain that Cruz has been a very important adviser to the president, and has helped to steer some of his decisions/policies.

          2. Cruz would have never gone for Legalize…he told everyone and continues to make sure laws were enforced. I do t know who he would have had for all the appointments but guaranteed, not much would get past him. The Loons and the Rinos were scared – – – -…s of him. And in order to have a clean sweep, you have to have names depts etc. and real good reliable and trustworthy people around you…and you have to know your enemies. Anyway, it’s water under the bridge. Trump is a very trusting man. He wants everyone to like him. I just don’t think he has people by his side who are on his side.
            Anyway that’s water under the bridge
            I am concerned with how fast this country is being destroyed…

          3. Damn, he has been absolutely amazing.

            How in the hell he suffers through the dirty fascist/Communist/Socialist/LaRaza-racist-loving/illiterate-illegal-alien-loving Democrats and their media minions has been beyond belief.

            His courage and love for our country is unbounded. We need to support him 100%. He is saving our country. We need to be WITH him all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. As I said Old Timer, Trump was the right guy at the right time. The Republican party desperately needed a street fighter willing to go to the mat with the Dems and their media echo chamber.

              As I see it, the left doesn’t have anyone like him, and unfortunately I don’t see anyone on the right that could do what he has done in 2024. How can you catch lightening in a bottle twice?

        2. What kind of well thought out and researched plan does it take to just make a clean sweep of all of the leftover Obamaites?

          Believe me I donated more money to the Cruz campaign than all of my other political donations combined. I wanted badly for him to win. Fasttrack forward in time, Cruz would have been much more eloquent in how he expressed himself but, he would have fought in legalize where Trump has been a street fighter. At this time, who do you think has more appeal? I love Cruz and will always be a supporter of his, but the radical leftists would have eaten Cruz’s lunch, while Trump has been eating theirs.

          For me, Trump has been the right guy, at the right time.

      2. 90% of the people in Washington are Democrats. They get on the federal payroll and never leave.

  8. There are lots of true patriots in flyover country, but the only people hired for these federal jobs are Washington Insiders. That’s a recipe for disaster.

    1. They’re probably leftovers from the Obama Administration. The government is full of them.

  9. I have a sign on the wall behind my desk that reads “Days without acts of treason”. The number has been “0” since Reagan.

  10. Prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. Or will he be another Washington critter elite that gets free in the two tiered justice system?

  11. In related news, if you look up ‘baffoon’ in the dictionary, you’ll find a sexist photo of a freshman Congressman from the 14th district in New York who kind of resembles the Democrat Party’s mascot when she smiles…

  12. Well, I called that one. The story about the impending action wasn’t all that hot. What was hot was the leak.

    Still it’s always better to wait a few days on *every* “breaking” story before committing to your Hot Take.

    The leakers need to be highlight reeled, and pay a penalty. Especially at that high a level.

  13. This is why we can’t have nice things! Really? The new ICE guy doesn’t want to enforce the law? UGH!!!!!

    1. He’s DHS which means he oversees ICE, TSA, Border Patrol and whatever other alphabet department falls under it. Hopefully, the actual ICE director isn’t against doing his job. Nonetheless, your comments applies and stands.

  14. He needs to resign or be fired. He has no business overseeing a dept whose mission he undermines. Now, is there anything that can be done about Congress critters giving advice about how to avoid being rounded up and deported, or does it even matter since there are warrants for them and orders to deport them? Also, can an investigation be opened into the staffers and Congress woman who are assisting illegals in how to defraud Border Patrol and Corey Booker who, according to him, personally escorted illegals across the border?

    1. So fire him because he is a never trumper? That doesn’t seem like grounds for it. He can be whatever he wants to be as long as he isn’t an insubordinate. In this case, that what he is – an insubordinate and should be fired for it.

    2. No one in their right mind should care what his political leaning are. He committed a crime against the state. End of.

  15. If those actions were putting iCE employees in harms way,why wouldn’t it be a criminal Investigation.Why,is the President hanging on to this loser?Damn he is slow in removing incompetent staff.

  16. Evidently this guy “leaked” because he personally didn’t approve of the ICE raids. What gave him the right to make that decision? If he thought it was so terrible and that it should be stopped then man-up and be a whistle-blower in public.

    A lot of the leaks are simply the inability of most of our elected, and appointed officials to keep their yaps shut. It’s the “Ooo look at me how big and important I am and the secrets I know and can tell” people who aren’t good for much but especially for an ability to just STFU.

  17. Been wondering if anyone was looking into this. Anyone beside me think he’s the one who leaked this weekend’s round up to the press also? McAleenan needs to be served with a pink slip and a criminal referral to DOJ with his name on it.

    1. You have a lot of high powered people that believe as you do SJ,including Tom Homan who vehemently believes McAlenan is the leaker. Homan is the one ICE members believe in and trust.Great job Tom Homan.

      1. I really like Tom Homan. Do you have any idea why he didn’t take the job Trump offered him?

        1. Great question for sure. The President liked him with the nomination,however he had to be confirmed by the Senate.Even though he would have had the votes I do not believe he respected the senate and did not want to go through that process they have of destroying someone.A very proud man.Just my opinion and what I remember.

          1. I would agree with that. McConnell and his footsoldiers are all COC open borders, cheap labor supporters. There is no question the COC funded would have had a major problem with someone who was tough on the border problems. Homan knew McConnell would not fight hard to get him confirmed.

            1. Thanks Pinecone,I really appreciate you picking up my explanation regarding Tom Homan and his reason[s] for not accepting the position.I believe SJ appreciates it also.I was reading your responses to Slantry.He and I never see eye to eye.You did a nice job with him also.

              1. I really like your all encompassing reply. Thanks bigsir. I love when Slantry tries to bring legal arguments, and admits he practices in the southern district of NY, and admits that it is a unique district. Isn’t that all anyone needs to know?

                1. Thanks pinecone,I noticed how up to date you are on politicians and other government officials.If you do not mind how about a comment or two on William Barr.Do you believe he will take the attempted overthrow of Trump to its conclusion or allow the clock to run out as Horowitz appears to be doing and we get no prosecutions.Only if you feel comfortable doing so.Thanks again.

        2. Because he was smart enough to know cheap labor Mitch McConnell would not work as hard to confirm him as he did for Kavanaugh. Bitch Mitch is controlled by the open borders, cheap labor lobby.

    2. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing prosecutable to this leak. Fireable, yes, but there’s no blanket prohibition on leaking classified information, assuming that this was actually marked classified to begin with.

      1. That’s a shame because I think it was probably him who leaked it this time too. He definitely needs to be fired.

        1. According to the article above he said that he was against parents being separated from their children. So does that mean that every criminal in the US that is sentenced to jail should not be sentenced to a jail term because the parent would be separated from their children. Should a murderer who has children not be put in prison because they have children.

          McAleenan needs to be fired desperately. He seems to be working on the opposite side of Trump, much as Paul Ryan did.

      2. I think you should seperate “classified intel” from classified-administration-plans in that statement.

        But even so, it seems the penalties are light in many instances.

      3. That sounds an awful lot like the defense James Comey found to say no prosecutor would find Hillary Clinton guilty with her private server, where classified information was exchanged.

        If there is no prohibition on leaking classified information it becomes a free for all with the intelligence community, no? Any nation secrets are up for publication according to your legal opinion. Do I have that right Slantry? If anyone wants to publish our nation’s secrets, they are welcome to do so?

        Yet you argue that you are not that far left? Haha

        1. … no, I was making a statement about the actual state of the law. There is no federal statute containing a blanket criminalization of the leaking of classified information (and this information was likely not classified anyhow, and there’s certainly no statute criminalizing the leaking of law enforcement sensitive info). The espionage act covers information related “to the national defense” which is generally limited to information regarding foreign countries, humint, and military secrets. This is the statute that they considered for Hillary Clinton. There’s also a prohibition on leaking classified sigint. Needless to say, planned ICE raids don’t fall into any of these categories.

          Maybe there should be a law against it. If you think so, may I suggest writing to your representative and senators?

          If you think it’s a lefty position to say that in the United States, we can’t lock people up for something, even something we really don’t like, unless we’ve declared it to be a crime, then I don’t know what to tell you.

          1. If McAleenan did leak info as to the when, where and how the Ice raids were going to take place, that puts all of the ICE agents at risk especially in the areas considered sanctuary cities. If true, he gave a shout out to those determined to protect the illegals, to let them know to hide out because those under his jurisdiction were coming for the illegals who have criminal records, and have already had their day in court, and were ordered by a judge to be removed from the country, that would be aiding and abetting the criminals. Trump isn’t ordering a house to house search for illegals, to drag them out of their residences, and drive them to the closest plane to fly them out of the US. He is looking to get rid of the worst of the worst who have no right to be here.

            Just crossing the border illegally is already the first crime the illegals have committed, but they are being removed because they broke the law in other ways when they were here already.

            You are claiming, even as a lawyer, one from the southern district of NY, which you already said has some “unique rules” that Hillary was not eligible for prosecution, based on Comey’s decision that she shouldn’t be prosecuted? because no prosecutor would bring that case against her, even with classified emails to back up her crimes? Come on Slantry, you can do better than that, even arguing from the left.

            1. 1) No, I’m not talking about Hillary Clinton. You are. I’m not entirely sure why.

              2) Pretty much every federal court has its own local rules. Every judge has his or her own rules too. These rules are all procedural. Here’s an example:

              What, in your mind, does this have to do with anything?

              3) That is not how accessorial liability works at all.

              4) Maybe you don’t get it, so let me try and make this crystal clear:




  18. I know the best man for this job. He was once my boss in Nogales, AZ. One of the most impressive I have ever met. Straight shooter and one of the most knowledgeable on all things regarding immigration and the border. Trump could not select anyone more competent than Ronald Colburn. No drama about this man. Just solid as a rock.

    1. Hell, write a letter, tweet if you have a Twitter account, and put the word in. We need someone good, that’s for sure.

  19. I don’t understand why people opposed to enforcing the law and deporting illegals even works for DHS. It’s all about defense and if they don’t care they shouldn’t be there.

  20. Wow, this guy is dropping like a scud missile. First, I hear from the right that he’s the best ever pick for border security then his nomination for DHS is retracted then this!? What’s up with this guy?

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