BREAKING: AG Barr OUSTS acting head of Bureau of Prisons over Epstein suicide

AG Barr has just ousted the acting director over the Bureau of Prisons, replacing him with a new appointment:

Here’s more:

AXIOS – Attorney General Bill Bar has ordered the removal of acting Bureau of Prisons Director Hugh Hurwitz following the suicide of alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein in the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Barr has previously said there were “serious irregularities” at the MCC and that the Justice Department will ensure that those responsible for the oversight are held accountable. Barr has appointed Dr. Kathleen Hawk Sawyer as the director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons and Dr. Thomas R. Kane as deputy director. Dr. Hawk Sawyer previously served as director of the Bureau from 1992 to 2003.

First goes the warden and now goes the Bureau of Prison’s director. And let’s not forget about the two guards who were put on leave over what happened.

Barr is making sure accountability for Epstein’s suicide is being felt up the ladder with quick and decisive action.

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22 thoughts on “BREAKING: AG Barr OUSTS acting head of Bureau of Prisons over Epstein suicide

  1. All smoke and mirrors, dog and pony shows. Until we have a “Tower Commission”, I’m not falling for the bait and switch.

    1. Meh. Investigations are generally conducted to find out what needs to be covered up instead of what actually happened, and methinks this’ll end up being the JFK Conspiracy for the Millennial Generation. I just don’t see truth coming out.

  2. Who are all these people in the background who always have these solemn looks on their face? The woman on his back left looks as if “you only THINK he committed suicide but twas Miss Scarlet in the library with the rope! And she’ll get away with it because you’re staring at Colonel Mustard. Bwuahhahahaha.”

    Don’t even get me started on the creepy stare from the guy on the other side. (Shudder) There’s a dead cat somewhere within 20 yards of his house.

  3. Nothing about the two guards on duty though but if they’re unionized I guess that’s why they haven’t been fired yet? From what I’ve heard there are more guards who have been refusing to cooperate. I’d fire all of them.

  4. Kabuki theater. I like Barr but for Epstein to have run a pedophile ring there had to be others. Rich and powerful types. Epstein wasn’t catering to nobodies. So his “suicide” just ends that line of investigation? Come on Justice Department, do something substantive.

  5. So far, nothing but low level people who are probably afraid they will be committing suicide soon.

  6. Let me translate into Swamp speak…We aren’t going to do anything. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

  7. Imagine how bonkers people are going to go when it turns out this guy is still alive and chillaxing in the Maldives or something.

  8. The federal Prison system does not breakdown over night.It takes years to reach this point.So why would Barr replace the current leadership with Kathleen Hawk Sawyer to the Federal Bureau Prisons.She was one of the previous Directors from 1992-2003 and probably helped make it what it is today.Totally inept and corrupted.Most of her tenure was under the leadership of President Clinton. Doesn’t the president have any kind of a selection Committee anywhere to fill these positions as they become available.No,its easier if we just appoint a past loser who filled the Position for 11 years.We were led to believe the President was the best at filling position[s] on the Apprentice.As the President, he appears to be lacking that talent or not interested.Get busy Mr.President and form that search Committee

  9. All that ever happens is someone gets fired. Getting fired is not punishment for a crime. Government people are immune from actual laws. That needs to end.

  10. I think Barr will be shown to be a rodeo clown. Why hasn’t Barr fired Wray….

    Federal Judge Orders FBI to Search For Steele Documents as Christopher Wray Fights to Protect Hillary Clinton and Spygate Coup Cabal

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