BREAKING: AG Barr to bring antitrust lawsuit against Google!

The New York Times is reporting that they are bringing an antitrust lawsuit against Google as soon as this month:

Here’s more from their article, which tries to spin hard that Barr is just doing this now because he wants credit:

The Justice Department plans to bring an antitrust case against Google as soon as this month, after Attorney General William P. Barr overruled career lawyers who said they needed more time to build a strong case against one of the world’s wealthiest, most formidable technology companies, according to five people briefed on internal department conversations.

Justice Department officials told lawyers involved in the antitrust inquiry into Alphabet, the parent company of Google and YouTube, to wrap up their work by the end of September, according to three of the people. Most of the 40-odd lawyers who had been working on the investigation opposed the deadline. Some said they would not sign the complaint, and several of them left the case this summer.

Some argued this summer in a memo that ran hundreds of pages that they could bring a strong case but needed more time, according to people who described the document. Disagreement persisted among the team over how broad the complaint should be and what Google could do to resolve the problems the government uncovered. The lawyers viewed the deadline as arbitrary.

While there were disagreements about tactics, career lawyers also expressed concerns that Mr. Barr wanted to announce the case in September to take credit for action against a powerful tech company under the Trump administration.

But Mr. Barr felt that the department had moved too slowly and that the deadline was not unreasonable, according to a senior Justice Department official.

Five negative paragraphs about how rash Barr is being, and only one little positive one about him believing they are moving too slowly.

And now it picks up again, with the Times essentially accusing Barr of doing this to help Trump win the election:

A former telecom industry executive who argued an antitrust matter before the Supreme Court, Mr. Barr has shown a deep interest in the Google investigation. He has requested regular briefings on the department’s case, taking thick binders of information about it on trips and vacations and returning with ideas and notes.

When Mr. Barr imposed a deadline on the investigation, some lawyers feared that the move was in keeping with his willingness to override the recommendations of career lawyers in cases that are of keen interest to President Trump, who has accused Google of bias against him.

The Google case could also give Mr. Trump and Mr. Barr an election-season achievement on an issue that both Democrats and Republicans see as a major problem: the influence of the biggest tech companies over consumers and the possibility that their business practices have stifled new competitors and hobbled legacy industries like telecom and media.

This is the same song and dance by Democrats and the media (one and the same) again. Barr is playing politics to help Trump! Barr is using his position to help Trump get reelected! BARR MUST BE DESTROYED!!!

And after all of this, they still aren’t getting into any substance. You can read the rest if you want, but I’m not going to waste any more time.

The good news is that Barr is going to attempt to hold Google accountable. Hopefully we’ll get more good information on this in the coming days and weeks.

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