BREAKING: Angry left wing MOBS are STORMING neighborhoods of Supreme Court Justices who were DOXXED

After the hysteria from people like Elizabeth Warren, Tiffany Cross, and Jen Psaki, the Democrats have achieved their goal of sending angry mobs to the houses of conservative Supreme Court justices.

Google was too late when they disabled the map on the website for the violent scumbags at RuthSentUs – a terribly named radical group claiming to be supporting Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy despite the fact that the late Justice said herself that Roe v. Wade was bad law.

The damage had already been done, and the groups are now storming the neighborhoods on the eve of MOTHER’S DAY to demand everyone who opposes killing babies be punished. Will they kill any Justices? Will they WANT to? Do they think it’s JUSTIFED?

You know the answers.

Video is coming out now.

The protest near Justice Roberts’ home was broken up by the police, thank goodness. But lunatic baby-killer mobs are also attacking Catholic churches in NYC already. Tomorrow it could be even worse for churches.

This will only get worse. Clarence Thomas was right: this is intended to bully the justices to put aside the law in favor of the mob’s will.

And he is also right that we cannot permit it. No matter what we have to do to stop them.

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